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  1. After a month of using this i finally managed to run it overnight (9 hours)
  2. I'm in! This would be awesome to win!
  3. Please make failsafes for the walking.. if the bot missclicks and for example doesnt move, it will just stand still and if i manually move to where it tried to move to it will continue
  4. I've seen a mixture of both. I'd say a dds for low stats and d long for high stats. 70/65/60, d long or dds?
  5. What's better ddp++ or d long?
  6. What location is that in? How many magics per hour? xp/h divided by 250 (xp per magic log) = 95~ /hour
  7. Thanks for all the comments! And i did put on more muscles when i lost the fat! I did less cardio than most people do when they try to loose fat, and did more muscle workouts I've always hated working out and playing sports, for my entire life (well, almost). One day i decided that no one's going to help me, i need to take care of myself, and therefore i started working out at the gym on my own. What people need to realize is that they can't compare themselves to other people, only to themselves. My goal was first to lose fat and gain muscles to finally be able to get girls etc. Today i don't have the same goal, my goal as of now is to feel good and be happy. As of today i've lost 30kg, and gained a lot more muscles. I used to be home at least once a week from school because i was sick very often, and very lazy. I've also achieved my old goal, being able to get girls. In 13 days my and my girlfriend have been together for a year
  8. No one knows how good the other one is. It has not been released, no screenshots have been released, and no videos have been released. It's leaning towards this one for sure, i prefer buying from individuals rather than the 07 site
  9. I'm not sure whether to buy this GDK or the other one.. is it unclear which one is better or are they similiar?
  10. Ill buy one! added your skype!
  11. 99 fletching. thanks!
  12. Just thought i'd share some motivational pictures, of myself - - - Lost about 30kg in a few months If anyone's got any questions, please do ask!
  13. how much xp would you get per point @ 73 strength?