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  1. I get all my accounts to 82 in f2p and so far I’m at 96 fishing 10+ hours a day
  2. so to confirm this does work? anyone have some proggies they want to share?
  3. snozzie

    half decent smithing script

  4. snozzie

    Auto Smither

    does this have abcl10?
  5. snozzie

    half decent smithing script

    title says it all would love to see one
  6. bot keeps on withdrawing and depositing ring of dueling and repeating that task? @Worthy?
  7. im wanting to use the dh training method can anyone please send me a screenshot on best invo setup
  8. Managed to get all my accounts to 82 with the shit drop with not a single ban man currently 93 fishing and going strong
  9. would love to see one of these!
  10. All come's down to how lucky you are with your hit's. i recommended 75 defence for the serp helm
  11. Those stats are just fine if you want more kill's p/h get 70+ defence up to you bud's
  12. I'm averaging 360k an hour at 91 fishing seems to be good Try re start your client