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  1. is this script working?
  2. Once again thank you for replying I did ask if it was a client issue with the looking glas was just curious because I've used this script a lot and never had these problems
  3. No threats coming my way ..if you look I asked if this was a looking glass issue as to why it's slow..? Was only questions that I asked
  4. Have you tried running it without lg to check? And if so does anyone know when it's getting fixed
  5. is anyone else having problems with lg ? does script work fine without it?
  6. so i ran nmz bot over night @erickho123 and i only gained 28k range exp? the bot spent more time "sleeping" than actual training lol the whole "we are now sleeping for how ever long" is a joke slows the bot down a tone. really considering getting a mod involved to get a charge back if nothing is done sorry mate script use to be good now its so slow/bot like
  7. title says it all.
  8. any bann's recently scared to use this script lol lost my pure a few weeks ago was almost maxed
  9. perm banned first offence on my pure there goes 95 str 60 atk 90 range 94 mage lol