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    Just a 25 old gamer who like to play some rs...

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  1. thank you so much! no lagg anymore !
  2. Hi there, lately since 3 day's or so i got huge lagg when i try to run bot on my account. even if i play legit i still got this lagg,has it something to do with the client?i trye other worlds even then still same problem. If i play on rs website it self i got no lagg anymore.. i got 91mbs/s & 20upload/s 20ping can i download something that i wont lagg anymore?
  3. Hey there,first of all ty for the script just bought it but i got one issue, Im mining at runite but when it hop worlds it also takes in deadman worlds... how can i avoid this? lmk grtz also it runs bit wierd at neitiznot to the bridge sometimes missclick or run other side
  4. pluke89

    B> 12 creds

    T/c Bought from Yoho <3
  5. pluke89

    B> 12 creds

    pm me need to be trusted or be used of Midlemen
  6. pluke89

    selling credits 1m ea

    u cant sell ffs & who ever buy from this ask for middlemen!
  7. Lol he just gave me a feedback -1 Today, 07:10 PM Very Sketchy User, Lies, Begs, Trys to scam Would not deal with him! is this guy dumb or what? or does he believe hes own lies
  8. he wont respond m8,since he know what he did but he act a fool...
  9. i really hope he get blocked,banned what so ever,i mean i was talking to him 30mins before & in this topic he say who are u ? its like wtf man we just talked u scammed wtf ... https://tribot.org/forums/topic/59453-dont-trade-validatedhe-just-scamed-me-1m-for-1-cred-omg/#entry669590
  10. yeah next time i check BEFORE trading ANYONE what hes background is ...
  11. thats the proof that he chatted with me,here he saying WHO ARE YOU here he pretend he doesnt know me https://tribot.org/forums/topic/59453-dont-trade-validatedhe-just-scamed-me-1m-for-1-cred-omg/#entry669590 : scroll bit down ull see i dont got screens of me losing the 1 mil But he do got the 1 mil on hes account called Figi... in the end it isnt the end at the world i make a mil in 1 hour BUT he doesnt deserve it!
  12. Scammer' Validated Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/79174-validated/ Describe in detail in your words what happened:he pmed me saying he sells,so we trade ingame i trade him the mil he gos offline,then in chat he saying he cant transfer etc etc that hes skyping admin to get more limits etc in the end no response,no cred,no refund ! Evidence**:i got a file but cant seem to upload it not permitted to it
  13. Credits Validated Sent Today, 04:29 PM New Botter Registered 100% Positive Feedback 2 0 0 48 posts I am speaking with an admin of the forums on skype and he is telling me to wait a moment and I cant send you it If you are looking for the following please contact me! RSGP (07) Runescape 1 Month Membership Pins 1.5m Each Also Selling BigBoiBet Chips! Reply Report pluke89 Sent Today, 04:35 PM Botter Registered 100% Positive Feedback 1 0 0 59 posts 0 warning points trade me again in lumbridge church world 383,give me back the one mill u cant get more limits its all depended on your post count. if u aint come now i gotta report u for scamming. come now
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