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  1. Anyone tested power mining granite w/ humidify recently? Been looking for a new spot to train my 90+ base stat main account.
  2. Other scripts do use it? Sorry, I don't really understand the nuances of ABC2 dropping
  3. A couple of things... 1) There has been an unwritten and ENFORCED rule that if you sell a 'lifetime' script, you must provide support for at least 6 months. 2) It seems the reason for this change is to target gold farmers. Then why the hell are you revoking my 1-instance lifetime Agility script? I purchased this because botting 1-99 agility takes over 250 hours (assuming you always get 50k + xp/hr which you don't). To keep it safe for my main account I have to bot it slowly over a long period of time (>1 year). Why not just cap the lifetime auth count per script? So if it really is big botters that are a problem, change the max auth count to 3 or 5 for lifetime purchases.So if they want to run 100 bots at a time, they have to buy 20 copies of the script... I think you can see the general consensus from users is that this is a shitty change for us, even if you are updating our subs for 1 year.
  4. Beautiful. Last question (i swear :P) What order does it drop logs in? <spoiler> Horizontal 1 Horizontal 2 Vertical 1 </spoiler>
  5. Absolutely. Would love to see $10-15 for 6 months/1 instance. I am trying to bot to max stats but I try not to 'grind' a skill 1-99. I like to vary between skills
  6. Quick question. What order does the shift-dropping work for logs? Does it do vertical, horizontal, etc?
  7. @Druid any chance you could update the shiftdropping method? Shift dropping is great, but the path/order the bot shift-drops is super botlike. It would be ideal if there would be options for a vertical and horizontal drop order. Other scripts such as aMiner do this and it looks more human like. In case that description was unclear, I made a graphic: Current Drop Order: (botlike) Proposed Vertical drop: (very humanlike) Proposed Horizontal drop: (moderately humanlike)
  8. Would love to see a slightly-cheaper lifetime (1 instance/single user) option. When shift dropping what pathing does it use to drop all the logs? Horizontal, vertical, etc.?
  9. Negos

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Youll have access to the human mouse movement because you are VIP-E