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  1. Added. TBH, i have a talent for finding problems without fixes online, feelsbadman
  2. When I try to open Tribot inside my new VPS, this happens. https://gyazo.com/0a6b71a37ce10c96bdab3590e2f4a465
  3. https://gyazo.com/0a6b71a37ce10c96bdab3590e2f4a465
  4. @Montreal
  5. This has been happening to alot of people I know lately. What the hell is happening.
  6. Get your phone back l0l. Contact customer service
  7. i'd look into https://tribot.org/forums/user/292534-mrflyyy/ Dude is honest, and will do the job right.
  8. Looking Glass and proxies
  9. It actually is supposed to reduce CPU usage!
  10. @Montreal on here sells good proxies. I would hit him up. I'v bought from him before and he's ideal to work with.
  11. still happening /: really need this resolved. contsantly at 100% CPU usage. Bots freeze every 2-3 hours. Updated JDK to the latest version.
  12. I'v used Murgee's auto clicker ($5 after first week) and never been banned.
  13. So, came back today with all 4 accounts logged out, one of my bots dead because it walked to dark wizards with 2M in inventory. Luckily, i came and picked it up but I need a solution for this.