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  1. Found out it works well... great job. Only problem I seem to have now is that it does not repair my dharoks set when its degraded. Please add this soon? Did not yet try to have more dharoks sets in my bank, would it switch to a new set once the one you are wearing is broken?
  2. Just bought the script, I was just about to ask this same question... I hope it kicks in after a dream has finished. But I am worried it does fuck up. @erickho123
  3. CoinDozer

    [B] Looking for experienced scripter for private script!

    What is your skype ?
  4. CoinDozer

    [B] Looking for experienced scripter for private script!

    I got my methed, just need a scripter who knows what he is doing....
  5. Hey scripters, Im looking for a private script, sent me a PM. Only experienced scripters who know what they are doing. It has to be a script with a low ban rate!!
  6. CoinDozer


    Hey scripters im looking for a good private script, serious bussisness... Add me on skype: rygrybfx
  7. CoinDozer


    Let me know when reaction timing got implented, will be defenitly buying this script then
  8. Explain to me why I got banned for macroing. I got banned after 15 minutes of gameplay, made a fresh account, tutorial island by hand, I DIDN'T EVEN START A SCRIPT. And no my ip is not flagged. Even if it was flagged explain to me why other legit account still alive...
  9. CoinDozer

    Looking for a private scripter! (Easy Script)

    I always wonder why people say its very easy to make when they are requesting someone else to make it
  10. CoinDozer

    [Snippet] Asynchronous Camera API

    Nice one Thanks wastedbro
  11. CoinDozer

    Need private script for woodcutting [Paying]

    Goodluck to not get bans on woodcutting in f2p