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  1. You're asking pretty much mate
  2. Let me know when reaction timing got implented, will be defenitly buying this script then
  3. Explain to me why I got banned for macroing. I got banned after 15 minutes of gameplay, made a fresh account, tutorial island by hand, I DIDN'T EVEN START A SCRIPT. And no my ip is not flagged. Even if it was flagged explain to me why other legit account still alive...
  5. Damn, a friend of mine might be using this technique which he wont tell me since he is running a big botfarm. I think your talking some real shit here
  6. I always wonder why people say its very easy to make when they are requesting someone else to make it
  7. Probably you need to install java onto your vps, normally fresh vps's arent pre-installed..
  8. Loser, je gaat sowiso gebanned worden
  9. Nice one Thanks wastedbro
  10. N'uff said
  11. We know we can't trust you
  12. My 2nd year tomorrow
  13. Yeah, its a good update, but it only took me like 30 seconds on rs3 anyways...
  14. High ban-rate