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  1. Rij

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    bro r u serious I been running this script for 5 hours daily no ban
  2. if ur buying this script, expect no response from the scripter, and he hasn't updated his script in 5 month so anti ban methods are outdated, u will def get banned if u run for a couple of hours
  3. greed never wins who you trying to hide from?

  4. Rij

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    amazing fucking job, best script out there by 10000 years good job
  5. ABCL 10, advertising anti ban, and script hasn't been updated, how hypocritical, ur script has no anti ban stop lying and stealing ur customers
  6. yes it does but only with dulling ring, Ive been waiting for @erickho123 response for a week now, in order to add the crafting cape teleport for extra anti ban, but he has not gotten back to me, try the free trial
  7. I hope your open for suggestion, thats why I suggested this hope to hear back from you since im really looking for a decent rc script
  8. Rij


    thanks so much for getting back at me @FALSkills, im learning to program my own bots, since the removal of lifetime scripts. I think the removal is great since I could learn to make my own scripts now which is amazing it self
  9. Rij


    Correct me if im wrong but when u say private boolean canUseVarrockTeleport(){ return RunePouch.getCount("Law rune") >= 1 && RunePouch.getCount("Fire rune","Lava rune","Smoke rune","Steam rune") >= 1 && RunePouch.getCount("Air rune","Mist rune","Smoke rune","Dust rune") >= 3; } isn't it suppose to be private boolean canUseVarrockTeleport(){ return RunePouch.getQuantity("Law rune") >= 1 && RunePouch.getQuantity("Fire rune","Lava rune","Smoke rune","Steam rune") >= 1 && RunePouch.getQuantity("Air rune","Mist rune","Smoke rune","Dust rune") >= 3; } Because u have no getCount method or should I make an extra one, or just use getQuantity
  10. does this script support lava rune crafting, with crafting cape teleport to bank? if not would it be possible?
  11. Rij

    Support Runelite for looking glass?

    Please @trilez this is must
  12. Rij

    Taking Premium Script Requests

    Lava Runecrafting script!!!!
  13. How are ban rates for Lava Runecrafting, using LG, and can you make the script use crafting cape perk, it teleports u to a bank instead of dulling rings and Poh glory, please make it do so, it will dramatically decrease ban rates, and if you can link me to your discord channel @erickho123, thanks and sorry for tagging u I felt it was important