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  1. Rij

    Taking Premium Script Requests

    Lava Runecrafting script!!!!
  2. How are ban rates for Lava Runecrafting, using LG, and can you make the script use crafting cape perk, it teleports u to a bank instead of dulling rings and Poh glory, please make it do so, it will dramatically decrease ban rates, and if you can link me to your discord channel @erickho123, thanks and sorry for tagging u I felt it was important
  3. why does it not work, would it be possible to do so, in the upcoming future?
  4. Hey btw, does the bot only hop, if the other player is within the level range???
  5. eternal glory docent work with this script w0t?
  6. Rij

    TRiBot Release 9.400_0

    Looking Glass Broken RIP
  7. are you that pathetic???? u could run it your self and see the misery all of us going through with it... best advice for u is to 86 the script, get rid of it, save what little of reputation you got left.
  8. Rij

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    depression dude I smoke a pound since this
  9. Rij

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    @Encoded the bot its having a problem when right clicking after the update, a good example is when it right clicks a plant and dosent harvest it, it just freezes, and therefore makes all the plants die and nothing harvested please check this out and thanks alot for this amazing script
  10. If someone can link me to the original post of the changes for unlimited scripts please and thanks!
  11. I purchased like 6 unlimited scripts in the past, and it says they expire on 5 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0000, does this mean they will expire or will they stay permanently?