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  1. I have been trying to find someone to code a working auto typer bot on RS3, but no one is able to program it for me. Is there anyone on here that is ranked that can write it? Would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. the bots putting all my items in the trade screen and putting them out and in constantly until the other person declines. Was wondering why nothing was sold. Awesome script otherwise besides that and what I posted above.
  3. i'd just buy vip they're not fixing so you buy vip lol thats why
  4. ran the bot, it put my entire cash stack in and almost accepted. It's done this twice, and cancelled at 2nd trade. Is there any way to fix this? I'm scared if it ever accepts the trade. Thank god it did not give the my entire cash stack. EDIT: I was watching more, and its putting way more than it is supposed to. It was supposed to be a buy for 300k, and it puts 1035k, goes to second trade, and declines. Is this some sort of anti ban? Because its doing it alot and its wasting money =/ Very good script otherwise
  5. Hello i've bought that yesterday but it doesn't work for me i can't add zybez posts http://gyazo.com/0dff906a64758c3dff199c45f001b393
  6. I just read the terms and saw that I cannot receive updates if I bought this. I want to buy the $100 one, will I not receive any updates? I think that is not very fair if not. Hoping I can still receive updates if I buy it.
  7. Does anyone have problems at the login? I keep getting stuck at log in
  8. Yes, 07 please. Thanks for reccomendation bro, appreciate it Cheers Can't it just use one? Or are you saying its going to get banned alot
  9. Hopefully it does. It's just going to be posting in my friends chat.
  10. Everything is done in friends chat -Input lists of ranks -detects in fc if user has posted win/loss and is ranked - if the user is ranked/on the list, if its a win add to their win streak and make loss ratio to 0 -if the user is ranked and it says loss, make their win ratio 0 and add 1 to their loss ratio -then the bot says "# Win/Loss Streak @ 'Host's name'" - if the user says @reset, it resets the wins and loses to 0 without saying anything Please lists prices for the bots, or pm me them.
  11. Hi there, I was looking for anyone who has a scripter rank who could make a bot like this for our fc. It bassicly has users type in the item that they want, where it then grabs it from zybez and tells people in the fc. Could you tell me the price it would be for this? https://tribot.org/f...e-checking-bot/ Thanks
  12. Thanks bro for fast response. I added my accounts and everything, but it gets stuck at log in and keeps auto typing the lines, so it will just keep putting incorrect password.
  13. is it possible to fix it for the 6 hour logout? keeps getting stuck at login after 6 hour login
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