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  1. Thanks for helping me! i will send it to you in private message
  2. I just opened another client to double check, i didnt change anything and it says this:
  3. Hi, ive been running this bot for a week or 2 now for a few hours a day on 2 accounts. I put in the settings that i want it to rest for 15-45 minutes in between games, but i never really checked if the bot really did that. Now i wanted to run the bot for just one single game, and i set the game limit to 1 in the game configuration. Now i just came back home and i saw that the script was still running for quiet some hours... i looked at the client debug and it said: [00:54:38] [Debug] We should leave the current game because we are out of overloads [00:54:40] [nNightmare Zone] Zone stage changed, in the zone: false [00:54:49] [Debug] MOVE_TO_DOMINIC [00:54:52] [Debug] TALK_TO_DOMINIC [00:54:55] [Debug] CONVERSE [00:54:55] [Debug] Attempting to select game mode: Automatic (0) So it didnt stop after just one game and it didnt even break in between games... Is this a known issue? and what could i do about it? Because i want to be able to trust the bot to do just like 2-3 games when i am at work. I really dont want to get banned, so i dont want it to run it constantly, especially without it taking breaks
  4. So... the title says it all. I'm looking for a script to alch from 71 to 85 mage, I've tried a couple but most dont seem to work (good). What script do you guys use to alch? Thanks!
  5. To be honest, I don't know how to do that haha... I babysitted the bot for a while today and found another bugg. When a power surge came up the script said 'activating powersurge' but it than walks to a random place and spams the minimap. Restarting the script solves this problem. Thanks again for the script! I'm about to hit 90 str haha:D
  6. Thanks for the script.! Sadly it aint working:( When I start the script, it simply just doesn't do a thing..
  7. I had very good experience with this script and it got me from 80 to 87 str! But now the script crashes reguarly. So I wanted to let you know. It cant seem to find the powersurge locatie and is just clicking many times at the minimap. Another thing is, it doesnt switch prayer on automatically anymore when you enter the zone. This made me die a couple of times. If you switch it on manually however, it will drink pots and work like it should be. Thanks for the script! It helped me out alot
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