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  1. I'm sure it's to prevent someone from going into your account and changing you from ironman to regular.
  2. 5% of my plans can be accomplished without making a new API or Framework, that's cool. At least when I finish my framework, I can code things quicker without having run into errors, and flawlessly integrate more and more tasks together, which play like me, and pickup playing after I stop playing. The code I'm making is used to run code alongside the tasks for the player to do. I think you're missing that wastedbro. It's not just a call to the api in some thread just because, it has to do with the task itself. The skeleton will be straightforward and very involved, not just do this and that repeat. Say you want to use states and such, but you also want to do some sort of state for moving the mouse, but you use it very often and it's not just moveMouse(position), it's change an item's position in your inventory, and then drag it back to where it was. It would be handled before continuing the tasks, rather than having all of these states to track where you are in the task. Without while loops or anything. And as far as I know, when using the walking methods, all other method calls before the walking is complete, will not be processed until. So......? Multithreading is fine. But this would also add to simplicity, essentially doing the same thing, without adding a thread.
  3. I'm talking about things like closing gates just because. Picking up an item not specified in the script as something to usually loot, and then puts it back on the ground to make space. This stuff you call antiban already in the api? It's just 1 type of input initiation, nothing more. Sure, checking skills is done, whatever. I'm talking, while doing an agility task, "messing up" the timing on obstacles and starting all the way over, or w/e. Not just, oh, I'll randomly have the script sleep here in terms of task execution, then just run the task. Click a tree, if inventory is full bank, if not, click the next tree. Awesome, that's easy. .... What about timing on bird's nest drops, waiting until a point to "notice" the bird's nest. Banking before the inventory is actually full. Deviating the duration/load size before banking. This is just a more immersed layout of the bot than the API. And also, I'm working on a way to integrate me playing alongside the script while it's running, and the script tracks how I'm playing, and emulates me while I'm not paying attention. I'm just separating points in the code and categorizing which is what and when so that my code can adapt to me playing in real time and know which objects to interact how I am, when, and how. Not just me moving the mouse randomly, or moving the camera. (and also adjusting the angle and pattern of my mouse, so no more sharp mouse angles with no arc.) I'm also paranoid jagex is tracking everything clientside, and sending the data to them while my player is not logged in. So I'm always trying to stay ahead without triggering them to flag me.
  4. Sure thing dude, was planning to make it open source. It's more of a high level api similar to how TriBot's api is, except it does most of the stuff like swap item slots, bank in a customized manner (can be configured) or using parameters to set the style of banking. Parallel human emulative behavior (could be antiban) run during states and points in the task that won't obstruct the flow of the task that can be defined by the scripter. So say you are wanting to chop trees, and while chopping, you have a boredom/add class that just throws RNG until it thinks it should click somewhere on accident (rare enough and chanced a certain way to allow alot of deviation between everyone using the script), while chopping the tree. That would be certainly possible. Or while banking, you could tell the framework to omit an item(s) before going back to the task if it were to require multiple items. Then upon reaching the task, tell the framework not to go back unless the item was a key to get into the task area, or detrimental to the task. So like, if the player were to "forget" to bring pure ess while running nats or law runes, this would be some sort of antiban so it throws jagex off if they look for this at all. I really like the idea of users be able to configure how the camera moves while the player walks at specific locations, what position they put their mouse when playing legit, or what objects they move the mouse/cam to. Would be cool to see a script that could be customized up to the point of frequency by the player (the script would avoid doing it 100% of the time though, based on numbers the user punches in). I could brainstorm on this stuff all day and put in more and more implementations of it.
  5. I'm still putting mine together. I've been working this whole time on it btw.
  6. *scratches head* Well I'm off to play some poker tourneys at the start of next year. Then playing cash games with the winnings, rinse and repeat. I guess that's my sign.
  7. I don't have to know anything about the tribot API (But I do). Using booleans and if statements isn't that hard. What does the API of tribot have to do with how you come up with a skeleton? Just because I don't implement my code the same way you do doesn't mean anything. http://pastebin.com/JytBYqZJ http://pastebin.com/YpN2vfKt http://pastebin.com/K3qvUGQ5 http://pastebin.com/B2wX8EQd http://pastebin.com/yVuhuK1A http://pastebin.com/FzFcTiK2 How much of tribot API matters with my skeleton? The only code I use within my Utilities class (which holds most of the functions that hold calls to its actual API.) Uses calls to the API. Am I stupid?
  8. um no...you can separate as much code as you want between any classes you want. It would be better to go even further, and make a framework that does the actions for you in scripts you code later on, instead of typing up all of the code required every time you want to do something. Like Walking from Point A to Point B going a certain path, using the map a certain way at a certain position, you would define how those would be dealt with, make an update handler and when you are executing walking, you put those variable objects in. Like Make a path of tiles named bankPath and a path of tiles named taskPath, or something. When you want to walk to the bank, you would say, scriptClass.walkTo(bankPath,Area'to use the minimap, or only tiles on the screen') And you can also have the script update manager interfere with the script depending on whether it's banking/traversing/doing actions for the task, and do some really cool stuff like meandering around for no reason to throw jagex off your trail.
  9. It would be a nice addition in both versions of rs. Considering it's the only form of input that isn't used when botting...So it would be easy to distinguish between those using a mouse and those not using a mouse (But singling out those who switch between never using the mouse wheel for a botting session, and then use the mouse wheel when playing legit).
  10. It scrolls by using the left mouse button. I'm talking middle mouse wheel. That'd be easy for jagex to pick up on. Any accounts not using the middle mouse wheel, (using it between botting, and playing legit) You might wanna be using the middle mouse wheel sometimes.
  11. I saw that I couldn't use the mouse to scroll in the bank, quests, wherever there is a scroll bar. Will this be implemented anytime soon?
  12. Getting your IP flagged doesn't affect just other accounts on that IP, it affects the character flagged as well. If you have 10 accounts, and 1 gets flagged, if you log that character back in, you're also going to flag that IP.
  13. This doesn't seem like a good idea to me. When using these methods, the bot is going to directly interact only changing the pace of the mouse/the click timing and such. I honestly think there should be alot more to this, like mouse movement patterns that occur before the mouse moves to the actual point. (Like if you want to interact with an object, instead of going directly do it, the mouse determines what path to take that isn't directly to the object and does something like curve how I move my mouse, and lands on the point with or without accuracy, and then interacts.) There are different kinds of mouse movements scripts require to perform efficiently. Direct (Mouse goes straight to the position/object) which is good when chaining together instructions that need to be done in a timely manner. Indirect (Mouse takes a path like a human would move (Not instantly changing directions as it currently does which is almost not possible for me to replicate without doing it on purpose), and then lands on the object/position) Direct mouse movements would be used when you don't/can't waste time moving the mouse. Indirect mouse movements would be used when the player is doing something and is waiting for an action to complete and may take a while, or set in random occurrence, but makes it look like fluid human movement. For camera moving, you can easily do this manually. Use the mouse.Press, mouse.Release (middle mouse button) in combination with moving the mouse directly/curved to a position taking into account how much x/y difference of the current mouse position is needed to increase or decrease the cam rotation and angle. Simple stuff, don't use constant values to determine how long the press/release lasts, you want to make that seem human or else you get caught quick. (I would know, that's how I got one of my accounts banned to test my private scripts, I forgot to randomize the timing of the mouse press/releasing.) Got banned within 6 hours (wasn't even botting, I was just testing functions, and then running to see it without breaking the script.
  14. That depends on the script, and how players think you play in-game.