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  1. Let me on it.
  2. Yes, bans are occuring now, but botting is still running well. I have had over 3 accounts running above 20 hours a day all on the same ip without any bans. You need to stop using scripts that 5000 other people use. Try investing in some private scripts and or premium scripts. Yes, bans are inevitable; but you can change the way you bot to reduce your chance of getting a ban. Regardless botting is a risk we all take.
  3. I think you mean to say 100 posts. Unfortunately, you need 100 posts to conduct credit transactions here on TriBot. Until then, you may not sell credits.
  4. Just upload all the src files to the repository. (.java files)
  5. Please use the bump button instead of manually bumping your thread. Thank you.
  6. Regardless of its quality, its a script and your first script for that matter. You will always improve. Congratz on this release and many others to come
  7. if you want to see what they are, you can click them yourself and see. However, they still do not have access to your account details.
  8. Well, he cant do that as of now. He needs 100 posts to be able to do so.
  9. @Buck Could you please place all your screenshots in a spoiler instead of having them all lined up. As you get more and more orders it becomes tedious to see every one at that exact moment. Thanks in advance.
  10. Nobody will write you a private script for $10... the hard part is making sure it consistently runs and scripters are usually busy. Try buying a premium cooking script instead.
  11. add me skype.
  12. In the black market section, purchase credits using osrs gp and then buy any script you want using those credits. There is no way to directly buy them other than buying credits with the GP.
  13. Try updating the java version and then deleting all other old versions.
  14. We can only handle it here on tribot when he does so.
  15. Go to %appdata%, dlete your .tribot folder, and restart the client.