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  1. Dreaming

    First Script

    Just upload all the src files to the repository. (.java files)
  2. Dreaming

    First Script

    Regardless of its quality, its a script and your first script for that matter. You will always improve. Congratz on this release and many others to come
  3. Dreaming

    rogue's den cooker

    Nobody will write you a private script for $10... the hard part is making sure it consistently runs and scripters are usually busy. Try buying a premium cooking script instead.
  4. Dreaming

    Is there any scripts i can purchase with RS07 GOLD?

    In the black market section, purchase credits using osrs gp and then buy any script you want using those credits. There is no way to directly buy them other than buying credits with the GP.
  5. What is life?

  6. Dreaming

    Buying RS3 Autotyper.

    removed, thebat is makin one
  7. Dreaming

    Need a Private Script - Paying well - easy job i think

    Your "battle" isn't going anywhere haha.... we should have some kind of scripting competition tbh
  8. Need help? Just send me a message :)

  9. Fair Enough. The words you use are important but ill look through your point.
  10. Do you even know what biotechnological means? Because "bio" doesn't refer to the kind of technology you are talking about.
  11. Dreaming

    [FREE][60-70k exp/h] ShadowWarrior Killer

    Upload the .java source files in a zip folder that has the name of the script.
  12. Dreaming

    [FREE][60-70k exp/h] ShadowWarrior Killer

    If you would like more people to use/test this script. upload it to the repo. That way people feel safe using the script and are not worried about malicious files.