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    Let me on it.
  2. First Script

    Just upload all the src files to the repository. (.java files)
  3. Please use the bump button instead of manually bumping your thread. Thank you.
  4. First Script

    Regardless of its quality, its a script and your first script for that matter. You will always improve. Congratz on this release and many others to come
  5. Help?

    if you want to see what they are, you can click them yourself and see. However, they still do not have access to your account details.
  6. rogue's den cooker

    Nobody will write you a private script for $10... the hard part is making sure it consistently runs and scripters are usually busy. Try buying a premium cooking script instead.
  7. Is there any scripts i can purchase with RS07 GOLD?

    In the black market section, purchase credits using osrs gp and then buy any script you want using those credits. There is no way to directly buy them other than buying credits with the GP.
  8. Lenovos are typically pretty good quality. Id say that in terms of quality, Lenovos are durable and last quite some time. If you are looking into a good alternative, I would also look into Asus laptops. They are cheap and they get you the best bang for your buck.
  9. What is life?

  10. I would suggest a Lenovo G500s. They are relatively cheap and are really good quality. I payed about $500 for mine and its running really well and has a pretty solid i7 processor.
  11. Don't do the obvious thing..

    and it would be a relatively low startup cost. Regardless, jagex expects bots, and no matter how hard you try to stop the expansion of bots into f2p, its inevitable.
  12. Buying RS3 Autotyper.

    removed, thebat is makin one