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  1. Hey man I was wondering if you can make this train magic easier. I was trying to do magic with the bot but after I die it will not allow me to auto cast the spell anymore resulting in my account staff bashing. I was wondering if you can add a part where you can just reselect autocast the spell before you go into the mini game again. This will make magic training possible thank you.
  2. was running rogues den safe cracker and after it runs out of food and stands there and does not bank but everything else runs great can you please fix...
  3. hello, im am here today to suggest a premium range guild script. Me and i bet a lot of other people would love this script considering the 2 that are free don't work very well. please get back to me on this. drizzy out
  4. i just purchased this script i set the script up and then when the bot opens up the bank and the second the bot opens the bank the script stops, what should i do ?
  5. when i downloaded tribot and i went to open it it did not work i got stuck on (updating: "substance.Jar) what should i do ?
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