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  1. You can, they go for about 80M each BUT: 1. It can get recovered/banned before you make your money back 2. Sudden change of IPs may be suspicious 3. The mods can detect if an account was purchased if they investigate, so it probably raises ban chances I don't have experience buying accounts, but I assume this is all correct from what I've observed.
  2. Perma banned after 10 hours running. However, this account also had a 2 day ban from this same script from January 2017. Am I just unlucky or is this script detected real quick? Hopefully it's just bad luck because setting up an account for Zulrah takes a long time.
  3. Why is the GUI freezing when I click start?
  4. You should add better support for cleaning grimy herbs on the inventory when it messes up and makes tar. Currently I bring the 4 clean ones + 4 grimy ones, then sometimes he randomly cleans one grimy after messing up. That totals 5 herbs, which is sometimes not enough, after like 10 hours all of them are gone. Hell, I'd say add Herb Sack support even, although most people won't have that. But you have Iron Man mode, so.. it would be nice (: (for red chins obviously). Otherwise, great script for red chins.
  5. That's what I figured. I imagined that the script would be smart enough that if a certain item wasn't buying for a long time, then it would conclude it has hit the limit.
  6. Question: If i restart the script to mess with the settings, does it know it already achieved the 4 hour limit on certain items he flipped before i restarted it?