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  1. Wow thats amazing u must have made billions lol. Howmany computers do u have or are u running them all in 1 computer? And is it true if 1 of ur accounts gets caught then all of ur accs in the same ip will get banned?
  2. I just bought it and its not working well for me, could i get a refund please
  3. I still havnt got my answer, how to i fix it from tabbing 2 times in a row? It was good before and i havnt done anything with that computer that im using this script
  4. just the tab yes, id doesnt lagg anywhere else only when its about to tab then it crashes for a few sec and after that its in house and still clicks on the tab again what exactly should i change to 512 the initial size or maximum size? atm i had these: initial size - 768 maximum size - 1536
  5. How do I increase its RAM? And btw im not doing anything else with that computer and thats the only bot im using, its just a shitty pc i have Oh and I havnt had this problem before until today
  6. yeah the script increases my pc performance too, specially when its tabbing then it laggs and uses 2 tabs everytime, im not making profit like this please help
  7. ive lost like 80 home tabs now for 1500 runes, im not making profit like this, why does it spam on teletabs??? could u make that it only takes 1 tab instead of 5 tabs everytime?
  8. yeah i have the ' banking for food ' problem too and i just bought this script again lol i cant wait for this to be fixed
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