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  1. ok, after i waited a few days, you have been busy keeping it updated well done! just quickly, home tele tabs > ornate pool > jewellery box to G.E would be best way to go. Can we also get it to use a rune pouch instead of fire/natures seperately?
  2. love the script mate. Few little things i have noticed in the first little stint.. It will try and walk to the GE from anywhere to buy items, instead of using a varrock teleport. It will use an amulet of glory to bank, instead of house tele > use pool > jewelery box ( would be a get add-on). will post if i find anything else
  3. does ardy knights still have to be used on the specific world? if so, can you make it so its whatever world you choose to be on...?
  4. is there a way to stop it wanting to hop to w378? i want to be able to use it in any world with splashers. currently it detects im not in 378 and stops..
  5. Thanks for the work around, Can confirm, none of the plugins are downloading/ installing on the Shaded OpenOSRS client
  6. It is working fine now, i just needed to speed up the antiban and it works a treat!
  7. mythical capes tends to get stuck (or very delayed) on getting more planks from the butler. also, is there anyway to remove the paint? Thanks!
  8. you are a legend!
  9. any idea of how to open it? Should i look at installing a different version of java?
  10. Thanks for your reply! I have downloaded the cross platform version, but as im a mac there is no .dmg to install that version of OSB
  11. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has worked out a fix to use LG on OSB for MAC? I know the last update works with windows, but nothing for MAC that i know of?
  12. anyone able to get OSB working with LG? connects and stays black or me
  13. still cant get OSB to work with LG, just sits on a black screen
  14. Thought i'd check after the trial restarted to see if anything changed, It has not, however a bit of insight to the issue, it will constantly try to empty the pouch that has just been fixed because when its decayed it can't hold the same amount, the script thinks there still more ess to come out of the pouch, and instead of porting it keep trying to empty the pouch
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