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  1. Just purchased 50m osrs. Quick and smooth transaction.
  2. In the process of purchasing 50m osrs
  3. Got this error after following documentation. After entering 'Chair space' and 'Crude wooden chair' in their respective spots, no preset or anything comes up for me.
  4. I was going to add a quick edit to my post adding that the account must been about 5-6 months old. Also I don't bot more than one account or goldfarm. Just use bots to grind things I prefer not grinding for hours on end. While I'm at it, @dankbank, from my experience, macro minor is a first warning offence normally with a 2 day ban while macro major is the second offence and permanent.
  5. Last location before getting banned?: Lunar Isle Skill botted?: Runecrafting Breaks or no? n/a If so how long?: n/a How long did you bot per day?: ~1 hour sessions twice a day for 2 days Banned before?: Yes Type of ban?: 1st macro minor and this recent one macro major (perm) VPS/VPN/Proxy?: No Scripts Used? erickho123 Other Bots Used?: No How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: May 27, 2015 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Playing legit for 2-3 days then started botting a small amount After having one of my mains banned, I took about a 3 month hiatus from rs. About 5 days ago I start playing again on another account of mine then 3 days ago do some short 1hr or less sessions of astral botting with @erickho123's ExRunecrafter script. It has always worked great for me and still did, however I got the second and permanent ban after this. Knowing runecrafting is highly watched I kept my botting times down while also playing legitimately on the account. Is botting anything profitable these days just suicide?
  6. The prices are going to crash more
  7. Bought 15m. Transaction was fast and went smoothly. Couldn't ask for a better service!
  8. Astral and/or Lava Crafter? Astrals: Lavas: or Castle Wars dueling ring tele would probably be best for lavas. I could probably do the hard diaries if you were interested in that method, though.
  9. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/59375-deleted/page-2 You should probably deal with any issues before continuing to sell if you aren't intending to scam. You either have an impostor or are scamming from what I've dealt with so far.
  10. gangsta69


    What I don't understand is that I pm'd you here on Tribot asking about the pins and I haven't publicly posted my Skype anywhere, so an impostor couldn't have know to contact me unless someone else has access to your Tribot messages.
  11. gangsta69


    Contacted Validated through Skype about the pins. Bought 3 pins for a total of 4.4m. He sent me the three pins and none of them worked. He asked if he could have the account info so he could try. I sent him 2 accounts of mine to try adding the mems on himself which still didn't work. I suggested that he trade me back the gold and I'd buy from him when he had working pins again as he was in a rush. He agreed and signed off Skype without trading me back my osrs gold. He mentioned he was in a rush and that he's taking a break from rs marketing for 3-4 days. I asked him to contact me when he was available. So far he has 4.4m of mine and I got no working pins. I'll update when this changes. If everything works out, he's been helpful. If I end up without the pins, then I'm out 4.4m unless he trades it back. Validated, contact me on Skype when you're available. ------- Edit/Update: Below claims he didn't deal with me. So this either means he has a Skype impostor or is scamming. I PM'd him directly with my Skype username which I haven't posted publicly anywhere and didn't post interest here about the pins, so unless someone else has access to his messages it's a scam. I don't know how an impostor would have known to contact me and I received a Skype message from the possible "impostor" a few hours after pm'ing Validated, so I don't really know how it could be anyone else. If there's something I'm not understanding correctly, please fill me in, @Validated.
  12. @Usa Tabs are a lot more expensive now, I think. Glory to edgeville from equipped slot would save time and gp/hr. Also, is there a way to toggle the avoiding player feature? I'd like to see how that affects the number of runes per hour. Maybe add a "Stamina Doses Consumed" counter and maybe only tp to safety if damage is taken from another player. I delete everything in the "avoid players wearing" section, but it still tabs out and relogs into a different world when someone is around my combat, which is great, but I'm ~lvl80, so it might trigger "false positives". Just some thoughts I came up with. Overall still loving it though. Thanks!
  13. Is there a way to use this without the need for house tabs or runes? So after it crafts the runes at the alter it goes to the equipped tab and uses the charged glory amulet to tele back to edgeville? I tried selecting the glory (4) option, but it continues using house tabs. Not sure if I'm setting something up wrong or if this is how it is supposed to work.
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