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  1. Where do I even begin? Never thought of trying to do it myself.
  2. Request: Create an incense burner bot for POH's. Description: Every 2-2:30 minutes, it lights the incense burner and when the bot is down to 4 marrentil, it trades the specified player, and accepts the trade request. (doesnt matter what is traded). it avoids standing behind the altar so people don't misclick on me. I'd prefer that it idle underneath everyone training prayer so less people notice me. Payment Amount: Willing to talk price since don't want scriptwriter to feel underpaid Time: Preferably asap Additional: I can provide testing and basic information you require for creating the script.
  3. You ever find someone to make this for you? I been looking for a script just like this!
  4. You don't even need to make it free! I, as well as others have been looking high and low for a dicing bot. You put it up for sale and I can tell you it will take off quick! :D:D:D:D
  5. I said the same thing, but when I went to the gym and came back, I had made 10m in just 2hours! There was no way I could turn it off.
  6. Has to be hands down the best money making script I have ever used. However I did happen to get a 2-day ban after starting this bot 3-days ago, but I botted for about 6hours at a time and took maybe an 1hour break in between. And did this for about 30+hours. Once you start to see the all the bank you make, its so hard to turn the bot off. So take my free advice my fellow botters, even though the bot is so freaking amazing and so freaking great that I tip my hat to Mr. Worthy, don't forget to take breaks like a normal person! Happy botting! and thank you Worthy for making such an amazing bot!
  7. You're too awesome, thanks for that speedy reply and it was super helpful. I found it all Thank you so much!
  8. I just bought a Proxy from Virmach. I see what the IP is, but how do I find out the Port, Username/Password so I can use it on Tribot? I'm very new to Proxy/VPN as in I never used one before so any help would be appreciated
  9. i would differently buy a firecape bot lol
  10. Do you have any plan on updating the script with today's runescape construction update?
  11. im also looking for a tab maker. I want it to be able to pick my house or a friend, and different types of lecterns. I added your skype
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