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  1. Currently bugged big times. Just idles infinitely... bot might be broke, cant tell.
  2. Bought credits hundreds of times, never once had an issue with this card. Now it is being declined. Yes I have plenty of money, and no it is not expired! Any idea what could be causing this? I set up a savings account on my account with my bank but theres still 100 dollars available, don't see why this should cause issue?
  3. Nevermind, remembered you can use paypal! Sorry.
  4. why

  5. why

    It just gives them more knowledge against us, and I feel it should always be minimized. you guys saw the graphs and info... that's about it though.. Anyways. My algorithm is generic pathing, think of it like a flashlight going out from the player. Can handle any area.
  6. why

    It's just distribution using human data. It's all in my anti-ban design process. Record human data. Record bot data. Compare. Find differences. Simulate those differences. The algorithm to do this "difference" is the key. What data you use to distribute with is the most important part. I spent 10 hours analyzing and drawing different methods to generate this, that random path outlier wasn't very important and only happend once. Notice how it still follows most of the patterns within the "Outliers" of the human range.
  7. why

    Just seemed like a bad idea in the end to share the details. You never know who's learning from it. Hint hint jagfux. If you're actually interested then there are other more private methods.
  8. why

    I have tweaked it a good bit since then, and its become almost mirror like. Randomness is not key... that's for sure. The one outlier path really never occurs I was just able to record it, but usually it sticks to the lower paths that you see continue to repeat a bit. Once I tweaked it was fully dynamic, with no outliers, just a good path structure to/from goal.
  9. why

    Yes, that would be correct, TRiLeZ.
  10. why

    Decided to take it down. This can be deleted. sorry all
  11. why

    I agree! This is why I am profiling every possible visual data source with human data so what they see can't be discerned from a human. Thank you for the compliment.
  12. why

    I would prefer to keep it on the down low for public eyes. I just took my RECORDED data and calculated differences and went from there. I just wanted to show an example that it can be done, and if you know the correct methods and what to look for.
  13. CURRENT STATUS: ON SDN. Name : Xtreme Grind Recorder Awhile ago if some of you rem ember I posted about a script which would watch you play and record aspects of your game play, then recreate it when you thought it had recorded enough data. I for some reason got the bright idea to randomly delete it one day, and lost all my work and progress and just gave up on it for a good amount of time, but lately i've really wanted to rewrite it to be better than ever and I have! It's much cleaner, more efficient, and bug free and i'm quite proud of it. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Click the stage 1 button, then click the objects in the environment which you would like the script to chop/mine. If it doesn't print the object id the first time you select that object, click it again. 2. Click stage 2 button, and click the object(s) in your inventory you would like it to drop. Once again, if it doesn't register the first time, click it again(Rarely happens but just incase.) 3. Click the stage 3 button, and play as you normally do for 1-3 inventory loads. Mine, drop, prehover, just play like you usually do! It will pick up on most of your gameplay habits. 4. Once you think it has obtained enough data(I reccomend at least 1 - 2 full inventory loads worth of observation) click the "Play like me!" button and watch the script reenact how you play, with the same delay, accuracies, afk, and prehover tendencies as you used! In it's current state it can either powermine or powerchop, and will record these aspects of your gameplay: Reaction time between your animations ending and the next action you perform Delay between right clicking an item and clicking drop/fletch Delay between switching the items you're interacting with Item clicking offsets Object clicking offsets for specific object id's, so you don't overshoot or undershoot an object with a larger or smaller model than another object with a different id or model. Much more realistic than my first method. If you prehover, and the delays and offsets associated with such. These are the basic things I wanted to record and re-enact but I plan to add(Number = priority, lower = higher priority): How often you afk and for how long 5 (This has a slightly lower priority because I'm going to have to experiment with client methods to figure out how to detect when you idle.) How often your mouse goes off screen and how long 3{ These two are next on my list, should take a couple hours max to implement and perfect. where your mouse goes off screen 3} Saving your data to a file so you dont have to calibrate the script every time you run it unless you want to switch skills or objects/areas. 10` Once I add all of this and perfect it, I will move the script into the last stage which will make it capable of banking and more advanced actions The more advanced version should be released in a couple of weeks with banking and more intelligent behavior recording. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I hope to help bans decrease with grinding skills by having the script play just like you. Thanks, I'll keep you all updated! DISCLAIMER: My script in no way shape or form is trying to copy RID's idea or bot, I am doing my own experiment and this is strictly for education and research/learning purposes. Please enjoy. RID's bot is a beast of its own and uses completely different, much more advanced methodologies. Current complete non-experimental release date: 2/8/15 Current experimental release date: Script has been released on SDN, Test away.
  14. My research has gone great and my account has yet to be banned after 2 months of botting with 07's new anti-bot technology which seems to be pretty agressive, banning within 3 days max. First, a simulated microbreak system which has a different profile for each botter for how each of the 3 levels increase and how often, and the levels are water, food, and fatigue/rest(could use fatigue system to get current fatigue to check if it should take a nap "break" or not.) it would take varying breaks of varying times depending on the type of microbreak, like a nap would be 1 - 4 hours, eating would be 20 min - 1 hour, and drinking being 5 - 15 minutes. It would take one of these breaks once one of those levels is past a certain profiled threshhold. I believe this is one of the big reasons I have yet to be banned. Next, the fatigue system has already been added, but I think it needs one or two more additions, like object clicking accuracy also varying over time due to fatigue, and misclicks/clicking the wrong item due to confusion. Not too high of a rate, but enough to be human, and of course this level would be different for each botter. Lastly a system which randomly moves the mouse off screen and unfocuses the window for anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes, or a random amount that is generated for each botter... it could also have a boolean system so that if its "chatting" with someone on facebook or something, then it will start running this antiban, and it has a random chance to go into chatting mode where it still bots but gets interrupted. The rate and chance will be random and different for each botter. Also, one last little thing would be slight camera movements to help get objects in viewport, but I think this is best saved for scripters to handle. If these were implemented + abcl I think scripts would stop getting bans. I know mine have. It would definatly stop popular scripts from getting banned and profiled. Let me know what you think, and i'm most interested in your opinion trilez! If you're curious what i've been doing... 24/7 oaks at a very popular ban-crazed place, and also 24/7 m1d1 iron mining at a slightly less popular place. I think I definatly am figuring out how to fluke their (now that I realize) shitty systems. They are good at profiling until these variables are added in, then you can get reported and such but still maintain an extremely low banrate due to extreme realism.. Yes I know this is basic human ai but I think it does wonders for anti-patterns and I don't think jagex will be able to get around this.
  15. what does this mean under bot debug it just keeps saying re-calc true.
  16. Just curious. It seems to be quiet.
  17. Not bad!
  18. I have 2 scripts which have no use for tribot AI. I have tried setting useClientAntibanCompliance and setAIAntiban state to false in my run() and my main loop. Yet still the client moves the mouse and annoys the hell out of me while running my data collection script. How do I disable it?
  19. Despite all my scripting knowledge I have never used multithreading due to the fear of dead-lock or messing up tribot, but I really need to multithread one simple thing for a script of mine, walking/running. How would I multithread if run energy is above a point or if im in combat, start running? Please share a snippet or something thanks!
  20. Nevermind.
  21. I did what I normally do, make a project for all my tribot scripts, and have it export to bin. That wasn't coming up, and I noticed there was a new folder called scripts so I had it export the .class files to that folder. Still not showing up. Do I have to export as.jar now? what am I doing wrong?
  22. Nevermind figured ito ut
  23. I have a script which runs perfectly fine in the normal tribot client... but as soon as I try to use looking glass the script just goes nuts and nothing works at all. Is there anything that might cause this? EDIT: And for the specifics, it is a local script.
  24. Hey guys I have a couple ideas but I was curious of your theorys/methods on how you'd spawn clusters of ore together like terraria or like 2d minecraft, on a 2d array of tiles. Right now I have a system but it groups them together wierd, I'ma try some other things but I was curious of how you all might do this, spawning clusters randomly correctly?