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  1. Currently bugged big times. Just idles infinitely... bot might be broke, cant tell.
  2. adamhumphries5


    It just gives them more knowledge against us, and I feel it should always be minimized. you guys saw the graphs and info... that's about it though.. Anyways. My algorithm is generic pathing, think of it like a flashlight going out from the player. Can handle any area.
  3. adamhumphries5


    It's just distribution using human data. It's all in my anti-ban design process. Record human data. Record bot data. Compare. Find differences. Simulate those differences. The algorithm to do this "difference" is the key. What data you use to distribute with is the most important part. I spent 10 hours analyzing and drawing different methods to generate this, that random path outlier wasn't very important and only happend once. Notice how it still follows most of the patterns within the "Outliers" of the human range.
  4. adamhumphries5


    Just seemed like a bad idea in the end to share the details. You never know who's learning from it. Hint hint jagfux. If you're actually interested then there are other more private methods.
  5. adamhumphries5


    I have tweaked it a good bit since then, and its become almost mirror like. Randomness is not key... that's for sure. The one outlier path really never occurs I was just able to record it, but usually it sticks to the lower paths that you see continue to repeat a bit. Once I tweaked it was fully dynamic, with no outliers, just a good path structure to/from goal.
  6. adamhumphries5


    Yes, that would be correct, TRiLeZ.
  7. adamhumphries5


    Decided to take it down. This can be deleted. sorry all
  8. adamhumphries5


    I agree! This is why I am profiling every possible visual data source with human data so what they see can't be discerned from a human. Thank you for the compliment.
  9. adamhumphries5


    I would prefer to keep it on the down low for public eyes. I just took my RECORDED data and calculated differences and went from there. I just wanted to show an example that it can be done, and if you know the correct methods and what to look for.
  10. adamhumphries5


  11. adamhumphries5

    re-calc true?

    what does this mean under bot debug it just keeps saying re-calc true.
  12. adamhumphries5

    Uhh... Has anyone been banned lately?

    Not bad!
  13. adamhumphries5

    Uhh... Has anyone been banned lately?

    Just curious. It seems to be quiet.
  14. I have 2 scripts which have no use for tribot AI. I have tried setting useClientAntibanCompliance and setAIAntiban state to false in my run() and my main loop. Yet still the client moves the mouse and annoys the hell out of me while running my data collection script. How do I disable it?