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  1. Can't buy VIP

    A user needs <=v4 addresses simply to use the website? I was able to successfully bot, just not able to load the content on the purchase page
  2. 1st time tribot user suggestions

    For the uneducated, what's LG?
  3. Can't buy VIP

    I was charged, yes. $8 and $1 (not sure why). My account shows as having 8 credits however like OP said, when I click on any purchase link nothing happens* *blue overlay with no content tested on Chrome, Firefox, and mobile chrome
  4. Can't buy VIP

    same problem here, you're not alone!
  5. So the first problem was the client said I had multiple instances running which wasn't the case. Verified with Task manager. After restart I received the same error. So I purchased VIP since I was planning on doing so anyway. Now the transaction was approved, however apparently I was double charged? I'm not concerned because it's only a dollar but it's sill a little frustrating. The main problem is that it shows my account has 8 credits but I'm unable to purchase VIP. When I click "purchase" after the "get started" portal, the screen turns to a blue overlay without any content. Tried in Chrome and Firefox (win7). I'd appreciate any help, thank you!