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  1. Why does the bot click on the bellows and then the toad? Is there a way to change it so that it just clicks the toad to inflate? Otherwise it keeps misclicking on a bush
  2. - Special attack option isn't working. Set to spec after 100% and switch to Dragon battleaxe for spec. It switches to the Baxe but doesn't spec and just keeps hitting with it. - Option to hit spinners/portals actually causes the player to stay in the center for the first 15 seconds hitting shifters then progresses to portals. Is this intentional?
  3. Is there a logout feature on this? Just want to run it for a few hours and then log out automatically.
  4. @HeyImJamie Or even better, if the bot could just summon the dragon at the same spot (chosen spot) that would fix the issue.
  5. Nothing in bot debug and client debug. Simply put, if you start the necromancy mode without being near the altar, it just won't start/walk there. Getting to the actual location, it tries to summon the dragon/monster, even while in combat it might try to do it. And it will repeatedly try to summon in even if there isn't space. Ideally this should require the player to walk a few steps back or to a spot where there is space to summon the creature.
  6. I suppose I'll have to wait for someone else to reports on this while doing dragon necromancy. Or if they've found a way to prevent the bot from being stuck when there's no space to summon. Not buying the script beforehand.
  7. Sorry can't do that. I would suggest reviewing that part of the script for specific zones of summoning, as some areas can't accomodate summoning. If the character summons a few beasts and ends up moving out of the restricted area, he can just move back in the area.
  8. @HeyImJamie Necromancy doesn't seem to work properly. It'll summon 1/2 dragons and then say there's no more space to summon more. Doesn't detect it needs to move for there to be space to summon it.
  9. It says: [14:48:01] TASK: Type=Make item, First supply=Jug of water, Second supply=Grapes, Product=Jug of wine, Amount=Undefined, Stop level=Undefined [14:48:07] INFO: [14:48:07] Cooking interface is not valid.
  10. @Beg Thanks for the free script. Do you know why it ends after doing a batch of wines? It's almost as if it can't do consecutive tasks, just stops after 1 task. Unless I'm missing something or an argument for it to be recurring.
  11. @Encoded any chance you can add hotkeys, like 'space' to cook? If it's simple that is would require less mouse movement and it's a lot more realistic since no one really drags their mouse to enable cooking for every batch.
  12. Script goes a bit nuts every now and then, right clicking the jug of wine back and forth like it's broken. This is at ardy knights, wearing a dodgy necklace too.
  13. Motherlode option doesn't work. Not sure if I'm missing something, but my char just keeps clicking towards the edge of the map, even with different settings. However on my client it's showing V2, is there a V3 version and do I need to re-activate the trial or something to update it?
  14. Is this supported yet?
  15. Wait, does this script not allow me to pickpocket the most popular ardy knights in bank? It keeps moving me to the marketplace....no one really pickpockets there
  16. @FALSkills Unfortunately it is still happening. It's a bit random and sometimes you would need to let it run for a while to notice. It stops exactly when you're trying to remove the larder and the butler appears. When you're removing the larder, the butler is hidden in the game client and only visible when you leave the menu. I suspect the bot detects he returns but gets bugged because he cannot see the butler and is still in the 'remove larder' menu. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you want a few more screenshots
  17. Awesome, thanks! Trying it out now, will let you know soon. Only thing I noticed when doing dungeon doors and using dungeon;butler;pouch is that whenever the butler leaves to go to the bank, my character keeps clicking the 'call servent' button, which makes it look a liiiiittle bit fishy. Is there a way to disable this when leaving to fetch items at the bank? Perhaps a rule of IF previous action fetch items = call butler null. Dunno how it works but you get what I mean.
  18. Just to confirm, bot still freezes every 2-4 minutes or so. It just stops on the screen to remove an oak larder. I noticed it happening when it sends the butler away and if it is removing an item and the butler is returning (butler will only show once you leave 'remove oak larder menu', it just freezes until it logs you out
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