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  1. @FALSkills Unfortunately it is still happening. It's a bit random and sometimes you would need to let it run for a while to notice. It stops exactly when you're trying to remove the larder and the butler appears. When you're removing the larder, the butler is hidden in the game client and only visible when you leave the menu. I suspect the bot detects he returns but gets bugged because he cannot see the butler and is still in the 'remove larder' menu. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you want a few more screenshots
  2. Awesome, thanks! Trying it out now, will let you know soon. Only thing I noticed when doing dungeon doors and using dungeon;butler;pouch is that whenever the butler leaves to go to the bank, my character keeps clicking the 'call servent' button, which makes it look a liiiiittle bit fishy. Is there a way to disable this when leaving to fetch items at the bank? Perhaps a rule of IF previous action fetch items = call butler null. Dunno how it works but you get what I mean.
  3. Just to confirm, bot still freezes every 2-4 minutes or so. It just stops on the screen to remove an oak larder. I noticed it happening when it sends the butler away and if it is removing an item and the butler is returning (butler will only show once you leave 'remove oak larder menu', it just freezes until it logs you out
  4. Running it with butler;pouch , seemed to be running fine but then noticed it kept randomly freezing on removing the Oak Lardar (on menu). I'm not 100% but suspect it has something to do with the butler getting money back from the pouch.
  5. Got a temporary ban a few months ago. Really finding it difficult to grind here. How does looking glass hide the the client id? Jagex can whitelist runelite, rsbuddy and their client and just investigate all others. Where does looking glass fall into play here? I guess the main question is, can I bot with LG and get away with it?
  6. I'm not that surprised the bot isn't working properly. I've reported issues with the magic feature on Feb.11 and that's only when I tried it for the first time, it wasn't working. Lunar spells don't work, issues with simple alching causing the bot to repeatedly spam click inventory, risking a ban. Almost 3 weeks later and it hasn't been fixed. Definitely not worth $10 a month, glad I didn't purchase it but feel sorry for those who have.
  7. Tribot is failing to load quite a few of my scripts after the recent osrs birthday update. The client opens and loads properly and I'm able to load some scripts, but not the ones I intend to use. Details: - JDK 1.8.0_45 - Windows 10 There are people having the same issue and I've asked a few scripters and they told me it's a client issue. Just wondering if this is being looked at. Thanks.
  8. Enjoyed the trial. However I would get this for half the price since there's a popular free alch-stunner-tper .
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