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  1. Got a temporary ban a few months ago. Really finding it difficult to grind here. How does looking glass hide the the client id? Jagex can whitelist runelite, rsbuddy and their client and just investigate all others. Where does looking glass fall into play here? I guess the main question is, can I bot with LG and get away with it?
  2. I'm not that surprised the bot isn't working properly. I've reported issues with the magic feature on Feb.11 and that's only when I tried it for the first time, it wasn't working. Lunar spells don't work, issues with simple alching causing the bot to repeatedly spam click inventory, risking a ban. Almost 3 weeks later and it hasn't been fixed. Definitely not worth $10 a month, glad I didn't purchase it but feel sorry for those who have.
  3. Tribot is failing to load quite a few of my scripts after the recent osrs birthday update. The client opens and loads properly and I'm able to load some scripts, but not the ones I intend to use. Details: - JDK 1.8.0_45 - Windows 10 There are people having the same issue and I've asked a few scripters and they told me it's a client issue. Just wondering if this is being looked at. Thanks.
  4. Enjoyed the trial. However I would get this for half the price since there's a popular free alch-stunner-tper .
  5. @Optimus Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news for such a nice script, but it's not running perfectly. I don't have an account for testing but I know what the issue is with plank making. It's assigned a value of 26 and/or keeps trying to withdraw 26 logs when there's only 25 spaces available. The 3 spaces are for 2 sets of runes and cash stack. Spin flax doesn't work at all. If you set it to spin flax on 'Flax', it withdraws 26, changes to the spellbook and just stays there doing nothing. I would recommend changing the value to 25 and not 26 since it spins flax in sets of 5. In order to profit and make the most out of Spin flax, you shouldn't be wasting a spell to spin 1 additional flax in your inventory. Hope the feedback helps and let me know if you need any additional info. I'm keen to get the bot mainly for magic training, hence why I've been checking this regularly
  6. @Optimus Good overall script but Plank make isn't working properly. I need my cash stack and runes to cast it, leaving only 25 spots for the logs. The bot tries to withdraw 26 logs and keeps spam clicking logs in bank to withdraw an extra log even though inventory is full. Please can you fix it to set it to 25 logs per inv. Thanks.
  7. @adamhackz Yet there are no scripts in the market and there seems to be some demand across the web, especially after the Runelite jad helper plugin got removed
  8. Hi, Is anyone aware of a script that can help with pray flicking on JAD? Just something to detect and indicate which pray to use based on his attacks.
  9. @Encoded Hey, it doesn't seem to be showing any settings. Just a blank white screen at script start.
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