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  1. Yeah, mine was doing the same, I just restarted TriBot and it started working. If I have the Varrock mine dig clue and I did as the rat attacks me, it doesn't register that it got the next clue. It just keeps digging in the same spot. I'm also walking down the the thieving area and standing still for a while, without the status changing to sleep. I'm not sure if that is intentional but that it should be noted.
  2. I've restarted the client, I'm not sure what happened. Starting today I also get a pop up about your magic script and see a CrimsGold thing above the paint. Idk when you added that but it just started showing up on mine today. Edit: The "Willow" option on the GUI for cut is actually "WilloW" now. It's working now, idk what happened but I'll update this post if anything changes.
  3. Ever since today the script doesn't do anything, it just stands there and eventually stops giving "Reason for stopping: n/a"
  4. Why when I try to set up my 2nd instance on the auth it keeps running to the spot on the first auth. On one account I am catching red chins, on the 2nd one I am trying to catch birds atm. Even with it set up to catch birds and only has the formation on the tiles I am going to use it says not near traps and keeps running away from the location trying to get to red chins. Edit: I found out the problem, it's not updating my position when I click to add my current position to formation. I'll post a bug report, does anyone know why it would be happening though?
  5. I started with 10, it kept stopping and losing 2 traps at a time. I have 4 now. I'll try it again tomorrow, I'm about to stop botting for the night.
  6. I'm currently working on my first script, it runs fine but it spam clicks everything so I'm doing a rewrite. I'm currently working on walking back to the bank and am trying to get it to only click the stairs once. This is my script. private boolean walkToBank() { if (Player.getPosition().getPlane() == 1 && !Player.isMoving()) { //Go Downstairs final RSObject[] stairs = Objects.findNearest(10, "Staircase"); if (stairs[0].click("Climb-down")) { Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(250); // Add this in to reduce CPU usage return true; } }, General.random(750, 1000)); } else { stairs[0].click("Climb-down"); sleep(10,50); } } else { //Walk to Bank }This is how I feel it should run. Check to see if we are upstairs and are not moving Find the nearest stairs Check to see if we are clicking the stairs, if so then sleep If not then click stairsSorry if I'm an idiot
  7. I just started using the trial before I purchase the premium edition. I'm hunting tropical wagtails and the bot stops after like 5-15 minutes and says that I don't have enough traps. I can only lay 2 traps and I only have 2 tiles selected, I also have extra traps in my inventory. I'm not posting a bug report because I figure I'm actually setting it up wrong so does anyone know why it would be doing this?
  8. Thanks guys, idk if you'll see this Tri but your sig says to click the banner above for you scripts and it's below it.
  9. Hello guys, I'm Tankd. I'm just getting back into the botting world and figured TRiBot is the perfect place to start. I'm looking to slowly start up another bot farm. Around 2012-2013 me and my friend started out own bot farm and ended up bringing in about 100m a day for each of us. I'd like to get back to that point in a few months. I'm also trying to learn to script, I have my first bot up and running but it spam clicks everything and has a few bugs with no antiban. It's still a work in progress.
  10. When I add loot to to the bot I can't start the script, does anyone know why? It also doesn't pick up my bone bolts when I set it to loot ammo, it was working with any other ammo I used though.