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  1. booyax

    8 years.

    @asher roth nice $5 donation LMAO scruffy cunt also get that shit off your avatar, you aint getting anything like that you most likley fat prick HAHAHA
  2. booyax

    8 years.

    This is it guys, I'm officially done ! 8 years across different clients, powerbot, nexus, Scar, tribot, osbot, rsbot. Ive made as much as I can. I hope everyone achieves the outcome they want from botting. Botting will never be the same, if were all honest, jagex have got there system or whatever down to a T and they are making it look easy. Maybe ill see one of you guys on the news " first person to make $1,000,000 off MMORPG, runescape". GOOD LUCK Have Fun, and remember LIFE -> RUNESCAPE/BOTTING/GAMING.
  3. Ring of duelling and fire runes, it just clicks teleports back and fourth to the duel arena and castle wars, it doesn't click the fire alter either.
  4. I like this idea, I don't see why not.. Aslong as you have a good computer.
  5. brilliant post, INB4 " wow I paid a HUGE(little) sum of 8$ for this, I want refund" SUCK ME OFF YOU CRYING FAGS
  6. booyax

    Botting logic...

    To the guy who said something about jagex suing nexus, 100% correct, no offence to any other clients etc. They are and will be for a long time, shit compared to that client. IMO, I cant believe that jagex' anti bot software hasn't been leaked yet, someone must know lmaoo.. I don't think they really have any, I just think they have a system that collects data of mouse movements, IP's, playtime and client, cause lets be honest, no one plays for over 24 hours straight.... people get banned on accounts from tutorial island its a load of shit and there bot detection is a fucking farce its pure guess work on there systems part if you really think about it, how do they know you are botting really, unless your making a serious error like clicking something over and over? Since then the quality of scripts is shite and always will be until scripters realise that quality is better than quantity. man, I wish perfecticus was still scripting, I would pay him a wage to come script for 07.
  7. booyax

    Boosting NOW!

    Impossible. ive said this on a different post, I don't think people realise how stupid bronze, silver and even gold 5-3 is, ridiculous. You certainly wont be getting anyone to gold from a division less that silver 2 in a night, and even if they are silver 2, you'll be lucky.
  8. If you can get most of the useful quests on here, for instance, the quests required for mith gloves and then that part of the RFD. i would legit hands down pay 25$ a month for it, and im sure i wouldent be the only person.
  9. Do you bot during UK work hours, 7.30-5.00 GMT.
  10. lol, i laugh at this, you ever been in elo hell bro?
  11. I notice after like 3 hours of botting, that whenever it opens up the bank it clicks the first tab before withdrawing, im superheating iron bars kind of anoyying. edit: it does it somtimes and somtimes not, but i cant tell if its acctually clicking it or not maybe its just mouse movement. edit2: yes it does click the first tab for some reason, the one that has the infinite sign on so weird.
  12. Erm i dont use looking glass, also its hard to explain, but the area thing isent working for sure unless i try restart client, ill get back to you.
  13. Its not coming up when i try to use it :/ like the black painted squares. and then even if i try and blind use it it says i havent picked any tiles.
  14. Hi, can you fix the logic maker please? also, is it possible for you to add special attacks?
  15. If you're not taking the piss this is huge, this means that they go off IP when you first get caught your IP is done forever. stating the obvious i know, but no one has ever said they havent botted anything in a different country and still been banned lmao
  16. Ok, i had a problem and im lucky i noticed it sooner rather than later, Looting bag, my combat and stats are low, so when i need to use it a dragon is already attacking me, it will just spam the loot back over and over even thought a dragon is attacking me so the interafe wont show. Maybe add an option for a safe spot to deposit items into the looting bag when you have no more room in your inventory?
  17. Will you add a safe spot option for hopping worlds? yeah i ended up finding the entity tool aswell
  18. Ok, ive bought this script. This script is good howeveer, this fucking logic thing is anoyying, all i want to do is bot in varrock sewers. and no mattewr how many times i check you tutorial it doesnt work for me, the door in the sewers has no ID. I cant belive it hasent been added to the web yet tbh, i tried witho9ut logic but it runs off out of varrock and heads to that daft place with the slayer tower.
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