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  1. Hey, i've been running bloods on this, anyone know the best settings? Also it seems to keep getting stuck, as it comes back from a trip, it stands by the two dense essence rocks just after the shortcut and just pauses then eventually shuts down. How can i fix this? Thanks (edit) seems that if i play around with the "other" settings, it runs quite smoothly so that's great thanks! Have you thought about added crafting whilst running with the chisel for bloods/ souls as its far more realistic? (edit) Hey, second edit. ran this for about 3 hours with breaks and have just received a ban.
  2. Hey, Every time that I load up the client, i get the message in the log that "it couldn't load human mouse data", and that it couldn't find it because the encryption key was not found. Was is this exactly, am i missing a crucial piece of antiban? Thanks
  3. Just letting you know I got banned yesterday for uysing this script. Only script that ive used on my account in last two weeks and only on evenings weekends. Using osbuddy and looking glass! Luckily only 2 day ban!
  4. is this working for iron ore in yanille? ive been tryingv to get it to work, but second i start it up it doesent do anything? thanks
  5. refund please battlestaff doesent work
  6. Hey guys I am having some issues with looking glass. Whenever I start using a script on looking glass i instantly go from 50 fps to between 1-10 fps? Anyone know what may be causing this? Thanks
  7. Hey guys, im having a problem with the script. It works for about 2 minutes, then stops and gives me this message>?>
  8. Thanks, but for some reason I dont appear to have an appdata folder?
  9. Thanks, but for some reason I dont appear to have an appdata folder? ahh found the stuff under roaming thanks! I shall try again now.
  10. Hi, anyone else having issues with tribot? Its saying things like "Null ids" and retsart jagex cache. Also world hopper isnt working and taking breaks isnt? I have deleted my cache. Also using looking glass. thanks
  11. Hey, cant seem to get it working. trying to get it to buy soda ash and buckets of sand. What settings should I be using? its buying lobster pots and seasweed instead? thanks.
  12. Also need helps on traps and breaking. Normally when it breaks it doesent always pick the traps up and then i lose traps?
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