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  1. I didn't notice tbh but I was botting nature runes through abyss so it might be different.
  2. Got banned on 2 mains with very high stats (2 days bans tho I don't care), just wanted to test this script and it's working very well but I only managed to use it for 2-3 days botting 8-10 hrs a day. I really didn't expect to get banned so quick with these kinds of accounts knowing that I can survive weeks and sometimes months with suicide bot farming accounts with other scripts/skills ... is this a really high ban rate method or was I just really unlucky? I'd like to know your experience with that script I'd really appreciate it guys!
  3. Can you disable tournament worlds ? The bot gets stuck on the login screen, and even if it managed to get in, we would be able to runecraft as these worlds are designed for clan wars only I think. Thanks !
  4. @Starfox Can't start script again today :/ And I don't think this is a client issue I can start any other script with 0 problem except this one.
  5. @Starfox This has been happening for the last 3 days and as I mentionned on my post, I even deleted the whole .tribot folder and installed a fresh one, still not working and this seems to only happen on your script and I doN't know why, bot and client debug aren't showing any errors.
  6. @Starfox Love the script but I seem to have a problem getting the script to start. It usually normally starts about 1/3 of the time. HWn I click start the bot stands there doing nothing forever and I hve to manually stop the script and restart it over several times for it to finally go on. This can get pretty frustrating especially when you have a lot of bot to start. I tried deleting the .tribot folder and downloading again and it didn't solve the problem.
  7. @Aropupu The custom powermining isn't working for me, I select the rocks properly but when I start the script it doesn't do anything. Sometimes it will hover over the desired rock but won't click. I tried restarting client and all but notihng seems to work. pls halp
  8. @elloello123 I don't get how you guys gets such a good K/D ratio. I Think I have pretty decent stats for zulrah and I die about 1/3 of the time... Here's my setup: I am also using full void w/ trident of the sea and rune c'bow with diamond (e) bolts. What should I change ??
  9. @Worthy This bug is still sometimes happenning to me
  10. @Worthy bot debutg doesn't really say anything and this doesn't happen every time but pretty often.
  11. @Worthy This started happening a lot today: bot often gets stuck just after arriving to the island. He just stands there and doesn't move to the ''optimal possition''. I have to manually click on the minimap or click on the ''click here to continue'' message for the bot to continue properly. This results for the bot to just stand there for a very long period of time and eventually log out or die.
  12. Bot just hovers the mouse over zulrah and doesn't right click > attack.Tried restarting bot/client multiple times but nothing working. Basically my character is just standing in the zulrah and waiting to die. Status shows: Attacking Zulrah.
  13. @doogiegreen My bots are working fine
  14. @TacoManStan Still getting the same issues in the telekinetic room by the way. Bot often gets stuck when "walking to statue".