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  1. not sure if its the script or clients fault but seems like this script never works with randoms...been in like 3 (food lady, jkeyll, and lighting the things) and the script failed to solve all 3...never used to happen, hopefully its fixed asap
  2. Probably one of the best scripts ive ever used...every now and then it has trouble with trading people, but I think thats because the people im trading with sometimes have problems with their bot, and it doesnt act like ive given them any money...aside from that really good. I get about 130k an hour, had to do a few things during the time i was running this which is why the exp/h is down, but still good. (I also got 99 str so i switched to attack after 24h) Don't even use piety either.
  3. Anyone know what the best style to use is for a main? Im using full str with initiate and getting around 104k exp an hour and making a bit of money...Just wondering if its worth it to use dh or even piety?
  4. Purchased this bot and I'm yet to get sent an auth code to the email I used on the paypal.
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