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  1. Not sure if tribot has fixed banking, but last week runescape's updated more than just hooks. Banking interfaces were changed which caused every client I know to push a fix for it. As far as the client update log goes, I only see hooks being updated, not interface components. Meaning, if there are banking issues with any script, rest assured its most likely because of the last runescape update - Tribot developers will almost likely be looking at it if this is the case. - Also, if they've actually already updated it all, delete your hook.dat file and relaunch Tribot after closing every instance of Tribot and runescape.
  2. You might wanna delete that quote lol... Yea no, It took me a total of 2 minutes to list 3 potential accounts, with 100% certainty that his account is in that list lol...
  3. Yes, I've tried mutliple times, on different days, on different computers. It gets the demon bulter and uses him correctly for the first few times, then just stops. Edit: Ill give it another shot in that direct order. Give me a few minutes Edit: It seems ok now after I reset the hooks in that order. Just strange as I had reset them plenty of times while trying to get it fixed myself. Thank you
  4. Hey, I'm quite stuck at the moment. Everything works fine, bar 1 part. I used phials until I could use the demon, which works. Problem now is, using the demon works for about 2 minutes, until it gets stuck "Pressing yes" with no planks in its inventory. I cant supply debug at the moment as its getting spammed with paint errors too.
  5. A day or two old proggy, but still a great one!
  6. wede333

    LG Error

    Thanks, that worked out well
  7. wede333

    LG Error

    Ok, i'll go ahead and try that. Ill report back soon
  8. wede333

    LG Error

    Hi, I've been running LG on my main pc for a while now, but decided to switch to my laptop for portability. Only problem is, it isn't detecting any client. Tried normal and osbuddy. I've tried using both JDK 32 bit and JDK 64 bit. Ive had them installed individually to just to test. Don't know where to go from here.
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