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  1. All fixed. My issue is that I did not run OSbuddy before tribot. Make sure OSbuddy has loaded and is still open before you open tribot.
  2. I have all java uninstalled except 8u112 (x64 bit). Still the same error. I downloaded OSBuddy64.exe, and I am running Tribot x64. Still the same error. Tribot:
  3. In my post I stated that I downgraded and I still get this error.
  4. I keep getting this error: "No Runescape client was found" I've made sure all clients were 64bit, ran 64bit os buddy. Also java x64 and x86 v102 Still does the same thing.
  5. You're stupid if you think you can get ratted by using a proxy.
  6. Alright thanks, I'll keep my eyes open for that.
  7. Thanks guys. How would you know if a proxy is working?
  8. Are there specific requirements that a proxy must meet for it to work with Tribot?
  9. The pic in OP shows the the log of what happens. And it's quite funny how it takes a dispute to get OP to login after a month. The script is unreliable.
  10. I see. Are you/other mods unable to process a refund?
  11. @Usa A refund so I can buy another script that isn't buggy and the owner of it comes on the forums regular would be a nice resolution.
  12. @Mute Issues have not been fixed and I want a refund. I don't want to wait any longer and I want to bot already.
  13. Issues persist. I've also tried unticking X players but I have no clue why it's still hopping.
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