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  1. yea but mine shows of her unique personality more :D <3
  2. haha im glad you think it should be me as well..interesting idea tho i like it lol
  3. to me it is..i just dont have the time to spin 200k flax
  4. i always ready the comments before i try any script and almost all of them have issues+ most havent been updated in a while..also id rather pay for a premium one with a less chance of being banned
  5. can any of the lovely scripters make a premium script that will spin flax at lummy/seers with good antiban etc etc..willing to pay for one because there dont seem to be any decent ones as far as i can see
  6. i will but im already on to another skill so if i do get banned i wont know if its from this script or the new 1 im using
  7. any issues with spinning flax? thats the only thing i want from this script
  8. i didn't had any settings tbh..i used no breaks and i botted up to 20 hours a day..some times i even botted for 2-3 days straight..i wouldn't recommend it but it worked for me
  9. got me 99 agility in about 15 dayss..cheers m8
  10. been waiting for over 20 minutes and still haven't received my credits @erickho123 edit: been over an hour now..i thought this was automated?
  11. this script "fails to load prices then logs out and sticks at the world hop screen" edit: reloaded script and haven't happened since
  12. does this spin flax?
  13. any issues with this script ..i've been browsing the comments but it seems everyone has an issue..if so have they been resolved..i really want to purchase this script
  14. yes u can purchase this script for 14 days for 2credits ($2)