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  1. blindsniper

    nvm not vip

    How dumb is it that you need to be VIP to sell your credits... How greedy.
  2. Easily the best bot on OSRS. Minnows works flawlessly, basically everyone currently fishing here is using this bot and it's pretty obvious if you're watching. Been botting it for 12 hours a day for the past 2 weeks with no issues. The only thing I'd say that needs adjusting is randomizing it. Having the bot sometimes take the shark would make it look a lot more legit for the legit fishers here that probably report. Will update when the account is banned.
  3. It's an amazing idea - not an amazing script. The ban rates on this are obviously very high + you need to babysit it or it's 100% ban. That isn't what botting is about. This will take months if not years for you to not need to babysit it. And that's only if he's continually updating it. Your account is 100% flagged btw
  4. Minor problems/glitches in script is the difference between getting banned and not getting banned. The entire thread is people posting bugs and there are 10,000's yet undiscovered. Beta testers were saying they can finish every quest yet for others they can't even get the skills required for the quests. Sounds shady to me.
  5. How are all the people who were in beta saying this works flawlessly when there is no possible way it does currently? This is a HUGE project and they're saying it works flawlessly in beta? No fucking way it does. A bit shady with the fake reviews and I'll wait another few months while everything gets fixed before purchasing.
  6. I have no other TriBot instances open. I've restarted my computer to make sure it's not glitched out. But no matter what I do I can't use a script because it's saying I'm using a script when I'm not. I've reset my password in case I was hacked. It's done nothing. What do I do? As of now I've gotten a trial of VIP to bypass this but I shouldn't have to do that for the client to work.
  7. How does this not have banking? Once you run out of food, you simply die with no fail safes. How does this not have any fail safes? Why don't you put up a warning: don't buy this if you're a pure because I didn't bother to put a fail safe or banking. The free script is better than this, I used it with no issues. I've now watched the script die 2 times with food in the invent. No reason why, just 2 crabs on me and for some reason it won't click the food. It randomly just freezes and stands still and needs to be reset. It'll just log in and logout every 10 minutes basically getting your account banned. This happened overnight and logged in and out for 7 hours every 6 minutes. It needs to be babysat often. This script is basically a perfect way to get banned. tl;dr Script is very broken currently and needs to be babysat. Account is now banned. OP is not active on the thread and could honestly give 2 fucks about it as it seems. Script has been broken for awhile. @Mute
  8. Managed to snag this bot a long time ago and have it for life. I use it on and off, bot farmed on it... And I must say, one of the best scripts on tribot. No main I've used has ever been banned, not even a 2 day. Currently been randomly running 24 hour bot sessions, sometimes longer. No breaks at all. Still no ban. I don't even play RS, just sometimes leave it on to sell the gold for fun. Great job. EDIT: One thing that is wrong with it, it once got stuck behind fishing guild for a few hours. Was perplexed how and why it happened, started it in varrock and it got caught at gate once.
  9. Every free woodcutting bot is garbage but this one. Thanks!
  10. The amount of things wrong with this script is staggering, but it's free so I can't complain. It messes up on anti-santa to the point of never completing it and just running back and forth to ladder. It messes up once completing everything, and just randomly going back to the kids. I could go on and on.
  11. buy fast message me
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