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  1. Managed to snag this bot a long time ago and have it for life. I use it on and off, bot farmed on it... And I must say, one of the best scripts on tribot. No main I've used has ever been banned, not even a 2 day. Currently been randomly running 24 hour bot sessions, sometimes longer. No breaks at all. Still no ban. I don't even play RS, just sometimes leave it on to sell the gold for fun. Great job. EDIT: One thing that is wrong with it, it once got stuck behind fishing guild for a few hours. Was perplexed how and why it happened, started it in varrock and it got caught at gate once.
  2. Every free woodcutting bot is garbage but this one. Thanks!
  3. The amount of things wrong with this script is staggering, but it's free so I can't complain. It messes up on anti-santa to the point of never completing it and just running back and forth to ladder. It messes up once completing everything, and just randomly going back to the kids. I could go on and on.
  4. buy fast message me
  5. And that's worth it? You're not taking into account the investment. I used to pull in ~20M a day via 20 bots, but making them over and over and the hassles. It's profit, yeah. But it's garbage.
  6. Rswalmart mostly, gives best prices.
  7. Botting is simply not worth it anymore, take it from someone who's botted since ~2007 as well. Sucks so much now.
  8. Really depends, if f2p or p2p. The ban is inevitable though. The timing is not.
  9. Good luck with your goal, bud.
  10. For future reference, check the rules before you post a topic doing something illegal via Forums.
  11. I have an account with 4B on it, half is yours on unban. PM me if interested.
  12. Uhhh, you should be banned. LOL I guess they're giving you another chance. Or you're perma'd on log-in and troolololo'd.
  13. He's not the owner of the site, so I wish you luck.
  14. This is legendary. LMFAO Even if you can't get their copyright, just change a letter. The point is still there.
  15. It's mostly luck whether or not you're banned, the longer you do it the higher the probability of being banned. As of now, it's a high risk.