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  1. oh crap.. looks like i posted on the wrong section..Sorry and thanks fellas. close please
  2. Not looking to get merched please.. skype: pelhamtribot
  3. Can only do PayPal/Western Union as of right now :/
  4. Can do PayPal or possibly Western Union **ALWAYS Ask For a PM ** Paying $1.2/M Skype: Pelhamtribot =]
  5. skype: pelhamtribot your 1m 07 for my 5M rs3
  6. Title says all Post offers or Skype me @ pelhamtribot Thanks!
  7. Still Looking ! Skype : pelhamtribot
  8. Welcome !!
  9. hi

    Welcome !
  10. Still Looking ! Skype : pelhamtribot
  11. Talking:)
  12. Title says all. Post or Pm offers. Skype: pelhamtribot
  13. Maybe you should find a new dealer
  14. God damn.