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  1. Script is working great! Haven't used it for a while and love how simple it is to setup now
  2. Also fyi its hard to make money off this script because if you have several thousand baskets filled youll have to sell them over a long time period. Check OSBuddy graphs and see that not that many get bought/sold per day compared to what you can fill hourly
  3. PM @worthy or add him on skype
  4. If you want, you could buy a private one from @worthy I bought one months ago and don't use it, doubt there is many other users for it
  5. I only lasted a week doing 6 hours a day with breaks every couple of hours. If you lasted a week 24/7 i'd be quite surprised
  6. Private scripts! I seem to get banned too quickly with every other script. Just lost a 104 cb account to Zulrah Slayer
  7. Go to Banking Settings tab. Locate 'Location Settings'. Change 'Use webwalking system' to Chaos Druids - Taverly
  8. Killer script. One and only problem I've seen so far is it managed to click the poll booth at bank and was unable to close it.
  9. New paint looks great! Still need some help getting sand crabs working, if anyone knows the trick let me know.
  10. I see. I thought Tribot CPU usage was substantially lower than OSB/Firefox/Official client. I gave up on LG personally, never really felt there was enough difference Kind of a hard topic to discuss its usefulness without proper proof
  11. Isn't the point of looking glass to use a more notable client? OSB/Official/Browser?
  12. @Starfox Teleporting seems to be having an issue. It will teleport a couple times, then the mouse will go off the screen (up or down) and go back to the teleport. I can record this issue if you don't quite understand