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  1. Stun/alch with Sigma Magic. However, I recommend not doing ridiculous hours at a time.
  2. Just started doing a new goldfarming method. First day did 8 hours with breaks every 2-3 hours. I'm on my 4/5th day now and doing 5 hours botting, 30 minute break, repeat. Only stopping to collect resources. Quite surprised neither account has been banned even botting overnight (which I usually do not do). Also, 2 accounts per proxy
  3. When I brought in overload, rock cake, and absorbs it rock caked below 50 and didn't drink overload (when using new guzzling method).
  4. Does this not work with overloads? Would you recommend super potions? Thanks for finally getting this implimented!
  5. Can't really use full void with 1 defence. However I would use blowpipe with mith darts. 5 overloads, rest pray pots. Unless you do prayer flicking
  6. @Tri Having troubles with Al Kharid Warriors. The GUI will show 'fight', but just stand in one spot until it logs out because of 5 minutes with no xp gain. Can't even seem to run it for more than 15-30 minutes
  7. Not true. Find reliable scripts, reliable places to bot, and you will keep your accounts.
  8. Props to @Mute. Finished a private script in only a few hours and it is working fantastic!
  9. I purchased this a year ago and noticed that it says unlimited auths for lifetime, but I can only run two accounts at a time. What do I need to do to run more accounts? This is my favorite script by far I have made some insane accounts with it
  10. Thanks ill try that now. Appreciate the quick response!
  11. @Worthy Having an issue where the GUI won't load. The script shows "waiting for firewall prompt". Have already ran it for a few hours today then it just randomly stopped. Tried reloading the client, but no luck. Thanks!
  12. I for one will be buying it whenever he gets time to implement it That would be a great feature for accounts with lower than 22 pray. I bet a lot more people would start using this script
  13. Sorry about that should have checked where it was posted:) Wish I could help but I'm a noob
  14. Hmm I'm not sure if I agree. I have been using a simple AFK script and when it is ready to break it does not move away from combat.