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  1. Doomed

    Kegging Bot

    I had a kegging script made for me about a year ago and received a ban extremely quickly. Obviously it could have been the script itself having issues, but it didn't even last 2 hours before a ban.
  2. Speaking from personal experience, I have always botted 2+ accounts at once (same IP). Any time one has been banned, the other continued going without being banned at the same time. I even ran two accounts goldfarming that were identical, running the exact same script and one was banned the other was not (until a few days later). Although, if you care about your main/pure I advise you to not bot. You could always start a new account to train by botting, or as pepsimaxl said you can use a proxy to protect your IP/other accounts.
  3. Doomed

    Banned after 2 days

    Didnt play for 4 months then botted for 7 hours lol
  4. Doomed


    A person not selling proxies here - I have botted many accounts on my main IP and have never had an account get banned that was not botting. Nothing to worry about.
  5. Doomed


    Try talking to the scripter that made it, he might compensate you. Although I much prefer the idea of 2 weeks of botting time vs the current system!
  6. Doomed

    i bought vip but hasnt done anything?

    Shows that you have it on forums
  7. Doomed

    PC BUILD FOR A 20-30 account farm???

    $490 won't get you much imo
  8. When I brought in overload, rock cake, and absorbs it rock caked below 50 and didn't drink overload (when using new guzzling method).
  9. Does this not work with overloads? Would you recommend super potions? Thanks for finally getting this implimented!
  10. Can't really use full void with 1 defence. However I would use blowpipe with mith darts. 5 overloads, rest pray pots. Unless you do prayer flicking
  11. @Tri Having troubles with Al Kharid Warriors. The GUI will show 'fight', but just stand in one spot until it logs out because of 5 minutes with no xp gain. Can't even seem to run it for more than 15-30 minutes
  12. Doomed

    Using proxy and still getting banned

    Not true. Find reliable scripts, reliable places to bot, and you will keep your accounts.
  13. Props to @Mute. Finished a private script in only a few hours and it is working fantastic!