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mafkees last won the day on March 25 2014

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  1. mafkees

    Constantly Banned

    most likely a flagged ip, or you bot the obvious
  2. mafkees

    [I] Advanced Fletcher

    why the fuck would you promote your script when you never fix any of your scripts. LOL at you.
  3. mafkees

    [I] Advanced Fletcher

    2. Randomize which log is clicked, 2-28(if log is clicked first, see step #1). use a bigger random value i just slam the numbers like this 4656' 498 698430 849185 61+58415 1=894+9461456 5846584
  4. lol are u still gonna run this xD ive ran hundreds of bots there lol, until they got hit
  5. mafkees

    Blue Dragons in Ogre Enclave

    noticed this aswell theres like 4 blue dragons out there
  6. mafkees

    How to interact with a floating item!

    /execute phaseshift
  7. does not work, just ends. bronze/iron/ smelting
  8. mafkees

    Requesting a soft clay maker script.

    you should stop posting
  9. mafkees

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    u dont have the data.
  10. mafkees

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    just used this on 2 accs, no errors