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  1. l0l0l0l
  2. they do
  3. most likely a flagged ip, or you bot the obvious
  4. never said anything about good, lol.
  5. ive reached 93 mining on sigma his motherlode script, 117 hour proggy.
  6. yeah proxy support is very poor
  7. then either walk there manually or try another spot.
  8. why the fuck would you promote your script when you never fix any of your scripts. LOL at you.
  9. 2. Randomize which log is clicked, 2-28(if log is clicked first, see step #1). use a bigger random value i just slam the numbers like this 4656' 498 698430 849185 61+58415 1=894+9461456 5846584
  11. noticed this aswell theres like 4 blue dragons out there