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  1. I have a problem when it gets to the trade screen, it just stops and doesn't buy the item. I double checked the ID's with the debug and it is correct. Any insight?
  2. nvm, script's shit.
  3. It seems like it is working for fire runes? A few bugs here and there, could use some work, but I'm going to test it tonight and hope it runs all night.
  4. I legit hated this script when I bought it because I was a noob. Took 2 days of botting to get my stats up to par and now I'm in love with this script and would like to make a love explosion on it.
  5. What cb level would be recommended to run this script for hours on end?
  6. Trying to buy now, but I can't seem to get a hold of you.
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just got 99 fletch botted from lvl 1-99 with this script. Amazing. I was able to run it over night constantly, with just 1 mishap.
  8. Kai Greene is a huge inspiration to me. He came up from being in foster homes and not having a solid support system to being one of the top body builders today. This is a video that I found to be very motivating and helpful. With bodybuilding, we not only train the shit out of our muscles, but we also train our mind.
  9. Very nice man, you've got a well developed back. Didn't see many leg poses, but I got a glimpse of your calves, and from that I assume you train legs too haha. But good shit dude, keep up the hard work and stay motivated. You'll only get bigger.