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  1. Love you bro, thanks for this script
  2. Quick q boys; Friend use to get banned under 2 hours, swapped proxy + VPN + human mouse movement now is doing 15 hours? Is he fluking it? or is human mouse data that important?
  3. i will lick you, slap you one two times and youll still love me.
  4. 105kg fat wattery and on i think Hormone replacement levels of test (so like 250mg testoserone a week). 116kg below, thicker on like 500mg test and 5iu GH. I use to jab massive amounts before hand (like 20-30mls a week was no probably, i never came off), it fried my brain (think your gf at that time of month 24/7), so had to drop down doses, after a while your body adapts, and youll grow regardless. My biggest part are probably my legs (quads and hamstring), but was naked there. So couldnt post pics (no homo). I grew up before the time of the zyzz bras, so yes im old,
  5. This script works wonders, but takes the same path all the time to house, just do not run it like i did for 7 hours straight because i lost a 75 99 1 pure on this. LOL. Thanks for the script bro, works wonders.
  6. how much have you actually won off this (genuinely)? i lost over 3000$ AUD in 1 week buying rl gold staking (yes i got gambling problems), but how can you garuntee this wont be as big of a stuff up assuming i put say $500 into it?
  7. Hey brother, beautiful beautiful script. I hope you keep this energy up with other scripts and youll win the community over. Thanks bro. Also bro forget to add: it freezes or delay time after reaching a level before it restarts cookign again.
  8. USA, i must say brother your name represents every aspect of the word. I just came back to RS from like 3-4 year layoff, i remember when you just started out, so your name rang a bell and boy oh boy did it ring a bell when the script started working. Gw my bro, thanks again for all your suppourt.
  9. ^^, happened to me aswell bro. Otherwise its a beauty. Thanks again for this freebie bro, we owe you though. Much appreciatied
  10. Also bro i forget to ask you, if your doing Ghouls with the AIO script, what do i need to do for banking? can you take picture of the bank set GUI? as im confused with that. Also bro what is your skype? Thanks again. PS: http://imgur.com/2MDQuF2[/img] Just woke up to this bro, i didnt have banking activated, just fighting distance '15' and no safe-spot activated. How did it end up here? all it was doing was logging in/logging out.