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  1. A banking preset? Don't you mean the ability to fully customize this script? I mean the path to and from, and the banking. This would allow us to actually bot in the secluded places that avoid bans. It would also make it more possible to allow this bot to cover ANY areas that other bots may to fairly good accuracy. Of course, if it was paid it would also have to manage to be ABCL compliant which is obviously a wanted feature. @Tri please
  2. pkedyuh

    How do I set Breaks?

    I bot all of my bots overnight, and 24/7. Breaks are useful, but don't think that too much time online will affect your chances. Likely the only time it will is if a moderator is personally checking your account, in this case you're likely fucked anyways. Bot smart, and you can bot as much of anything as you want.
  3. @Tri Make a script for custom paths, sell it on the side as an add-on feature, make profit, make happiness. . Charge 10-15 for it and I would still buy it as it would allow the customization levels to reach maximal heights.
  4. It varies upon time of day etc. My most cash made is from the hungry guy who keeps staking me 5+ times regardless of losing. I am sure if you level'd more it would help with stakes, but I find I still can profit from the low levels, maybe just not as quick though.
  5. @Matt2k15 I use about a 55-65% win rate as my stats are enough to secure a bit of luck regardless (following a few set rules of leveling up before staking). I don't recommend low amounts of gp to stake, I now only do 1m+ stakes as they come so rarely anything below that is kind of a waste. Take them for what they have and leave them with nothing . I do recommend setting a max loss amount though. Also if you stop the script, also exit the log, then the script will stop.
  6. Once you find a good method it won't matter, spit of gold here and there to keep the ole farm a runnin.
  7. You'll just have to buy credits off other members. There is no fix nor are they going to attempt to fix yours. There are tons of us who can't buy, and have to buy off others. It is easier if you just accept this fate and go look in the credit sales sub-forum.
  8. pkedyuh

    Purchasing VIP

  9. All it does is stand there till it finds someone to stake. The autotalker feature can be set up as well. Then you wait. Patiently.
  10. pkedyuh

    Can't seem to get looking glass to work...

    Before you do that delete hooks.dat found in %appdata%/.tribot/settings
  11. pkedyuh

    cant run scripts because....

    Turn off your internet/comp for 5 minutes and try again.
  12. pkedyuh

    None of the scripts are working correctly

    Make sure you're in fixed mode.
  13. pkedyuh

    range guild bot

    I was getting 32k exp/hour with Tri's free range guild script, definitely worthwhile for non-hp training. The account has 77 range on it (mostly from the script) and no ban yet. That was a couple of months ago though, not sure how it stands now.
  14. pkedyuh

    Whiling to pay someone to help me set up my gold farm

    Depends the method, how many player reports, etc etc. There are a lot of factors that play into being banned so it is hard to tell..
  15. pkedyuh

    Ban question

    If you bot on the same IP it could cause both to be banned if the pure is caught. This is arguable and there is no way to tell. If you want your main safe, don't bot on him and don't bot on the same IP. Also your friend is just lucky or used a better script, he will likely be banned as well as botting typically leads to that (hah).
  16. pkedyuh

    Best alcher?

    Don't alch, make tabs. You make profits + great exp. Of course, this is simply a suggestion, Tri's script provided above is excellent though. Usa has a nice script for tabs which has very low ban rates due to being remote from other players (a good way to get banned). If you have any questions feel free to hit me up, but tab running will make you a bit a cash while training sufficiently.
  17. @Tri Can you make it to where there is a check box for Rare Drop Tables? I set a save up as a template but I feel as if it would be a nice addition for people who move around to a lot of different NPC's. Also do you think you'll ever be interested in adding a "Loot over X value"? Thanks! Making some nice levels and profits with this script! Edit: Also progressive magic support perhaps? Like if we have Water/Earth/Fire runes in our inventory, and it is using wind bolt, simply have it progress up to fire bolt and stay there. Not a biggy as obviously it is easy to work around on lower levels due to the leveling rate but hey, might help. Or simply have the option to switch in the training manager (rather than having Location Monster (Fire bolt), Location Monster (Wind bolt), etc in saves). Edit 2: Wish I got this profit haha, actually only got around 90k.
  18. pkedyuh

    Looking for runescape client For looking glass

    I can probably check this out via teamviewer, just pm me your skype or the teamviewer info. Shouldn't take long.
  19. pkedyuh

    hacked for 120m, on virmach VPS

    Only happened on one of the macs . And that was a rare occasion haha. I continued to do the same thing on the other macs with no issue, just a slight problem with that one. From what you say your's isn't virus filled so I doubt anything has made it into the boot files, if so you would have already noticed a slow down and lots of pop-ups etc. YOLO that shit (or SOCKS it) and run the scan, then change your passwords, etc.
  20. pkedyuh

    File won't open

    Go to java.com and download the newest JRE. Then try again.
  21. pkedyuh

    Hit Predictor

    Neat, may try it out with pking depending on lag..
  22. pkedyuh

    hacked for 120m, on virmach VPS

    Download/run avast. If it breaks your computer don't blame me, it typically has no issues but I had one experience where a virus had gotten into the boot files and upon removing it, crashed the whole computer.