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  1. IN UNKOWN BANK MESSAGE This is an issue with LG Aka Worthy cannot change. We are waiting for Trilez to fix it, he is aware as Worthy mentioned
  2. @blitz.tb yes, 72 agility recommended too. Works flawlessly. Summer pies I know it 100% does
  3. Set-up Disable middle wheel mouse zoom and fully zoom out! Set up a preset following the documentation posted below Select the preset item which you would like to make and fill out the rest of the GUI Empty your inventory Start with hammer and saw in Inventory Only if using Servants have coins in Inventory too. Only if using Phials Unnoting have noted planks in Inventory too Only if using RoD/Tele Banking have house tabs in Inventory too Only if your item is underground, make sure to use a staircase, not trapdoor Those two threw me off man, i was a little quick to draw. But that's why It was misunderstood.
  4. Yea I read the first post. Just very deceiving when it says to have nothing in your inventory first man, thank though. Figured it out.
  5. How do you save a preset? Sorry if thats a dumb questions, I followed the instructions and put the hotspot/ interface name in correctly and hit search. No Preset is being made/ I know this is a simple solution - sorry!
  6. @NinjadGuy/ @Azuz53487 nice proggies! Mind posting gear? I'm always curious to see what everyone's using. I've had some pretty good proggies myself, using a mixture of gear haha Thanks!
  7. @bobbyozan go to the repository from your computer and kill any instances that are showing up under the instance manager/ restart tribot as well. That usually helps me!
  8. @I turm ye I gotcha, let's bring that to another thread then. Always like to keep good/ productive posts for a great scripter like worthy. I don't disagree with you at all in the sense of the owners response time to be clear.
  9. @I turm ye shit happens. Simple as that. Worthy does everything he can to ensure a great product but outside influences can change what he has control of. 3 days lost, you'll still make you're money back with ease.
  10. No problem @Worthy, you are very good at what you do/ very attentive to your scripts. I know this is completely out of your hands. Appreciate the response.
  11. @Worthy Any idea when Trilez is going to fix? Will be buying the script once we have a resolution. Thanks!
  12. Is @Tri still active here? Haven't seen him post in the past month. Just curious at this point. @Usa @Mute
  13. @Aropupu this is also just started to happen to me today... I did what I normally do (delete the hook folder), but it has not fixed the issue.
  14. Hi all, when I tried blackjacking the biggest problem seemed to be when trying to exchange notes for food. I.e. if my char was in a house with the curtain up it would struggle to first open that curtain and then leave. Instead it would just spam click the note merchant. Also, when avoiding combat it runs wayyyyy to far away, does not seem normal/ neccessary. Has trouble luring and bringing bandits\ inconsistent @laniax