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  1. @Aropupu this is also just started to happen to me today... I did what I normally do (delete the hook folder), but it has not fixed the issue.
  2. Hi all, when I tried blackjacking the biggest problem seemed to be when trying to exchange notes for food. I.e. if my char was in a house with the curtain up it would struggle to first open that curtain and then leave. Instead it would just spam click the note merchant. Also, when avoiding combat it runs wayyyyy to far away, does not seem normal/ neccessary. Has trouble luring and bringing bandits\ inconsistent @laniax
  3. @Tri Hey man! Script is running real well, haven't checked in for a while. I would say what 3x said would be awesome, adding the ensouled heads, and just checking on why the bot has that issue with clicking occasionally. Other than that, spot on per usual
  4. Hey all! Just getting back into osrs and got the script again! @Worthy it was great back in the beginning of the year when I used it... now it seems even better. Well done. Edit: For anyone just getting into the script, do a little research/ read what worthy posts about how the script works/ LG if you use it. The answers are there and the script will run very well. Sometimes it takes some tinkering, and you will die, but once you get past that you will see how flawlessly it runs for long periods of time. Edit 2: @Worthy the only time I seem to die is when my char. stops attacking during a phase or two, or does not recognize the jad phase. Any advice, is there something I can change on my end? Just had a pretty good proggy of about 4 hours with 30 kills and 7 deaths. the debug is below [17:19:37] Incrementing phase count 3 -> 4 [17:19:39] [Cam Thread] rotating [17:19:40] [Cam Thread] lowering for dist:13.0 [17:19:46] [ABC2] Right clicked [17:19:49] Incrementing phase count 4 -> 5 [17:19:51] Random phase encountered! [17:20:03] TRIBOT ERROR in Combat#selectAttackAction ignored - using alternative method [17:20:18] Incrementing phase count 5 -> 6 [17:20:33] Incrementing phase count 6 -> 7 [17:20:46] Incrementing phase count 7 -> 8 [17:21:00] [Cam Thread] rotating [17:21:08] Incrementing phase count 8 -> 9 [17:21:08] Jad Phase Counter started [17:21:12] Jad Phase Counter updated 0->1 [17:21:14] Jad Phase Counter updated 1->2 [17:21:15] Jad Phase Counter updated 2->3 [17:21:17] Jad Phase Counter updated 3->4 [17:21:19] Jad Phase Counter updated 4->5 [17:21:21] Jad Phase Counter updated 5->6 [17:21:22] Stopping Zulrah Tracker thread [17:21:22] Stopping Jad Phase Counter
  5. Good deal man. We both want the same thing here
  6. I'm not helping Worthy at all here. I'm just watching this thread and consistently see people flame the thread b/c of their inability to do a little research and understand how the script works. The script has its flaws, which I have posted before, but for the most part it is wonderful and runs very well. ERRORS DO HAPPEN, THAT IS A FACT, worth knows this and obviously I do too. My point is that instead of flaming and complaining, be productive. As far as you calling me an omnipotent and omnipresent human being, or whatever backhanded insult you are trying to insinuate; I just pay attention and use the right avenues to fix my problems. My character dies heere and there bc of problems. What do I do? I skype worthy, I give him pertinent info, I work to solve the problem. What I don't do is spend 20 minutes to create and edit a post trying to critique someone who is trying to help everyone here. Albeit, I may be a bit harsh but most of the answers truly are on the main page...I am also a paying customer who wants the best out of the product, but I do empathize with the person trying to give support to over 100 people. "Customer service 101" is not about being walked over, it's about solving the problem, simple. EDIT** Olipachi and others, let me emphasize this. I understand that random deaths happen and can happen a few times in a row. Whether it be to what you stated above or something even more ridiculous. That is something that still exists in the script / that I go through as well.I have almost the same exact stats as you as well . Both of us are not in the most optimal tier for stats but we can get around 10-12 kills an hour depending on if we have any of those random deaths, which over time evens out pretty nicely. The last thing I am trying to do here is pick a fight with anyone in the thread. I am just saying to some, make sure that you do your due diligence before coming in with an uninformed opinion. You most definitely have a great understanding of the script and see some flaws that do exist, but I would be willing to bet that even with our low stats and those aforementioned flaws, this is still an unbelievably profitable script. Worthy really seems like a good scripter that is doing his best to make sure any real flaws are hashed out while also looking into any QOL pieces that he can tweak.
  7. You are running the script wrong bud. You being too lazy to look into how to do this correctly does not permit s refund. If you would like to understand how to run the script correct there are many people that don't mind helping out but please read the instructions first.
  8. GUYS READ THE FIRST POST. If you are complaining about deaths post something other than you complaining. I.E. Your levels, set up, have you read the first post. Just posting aimlessly does nothing.
  9. Hey man! What I would recommend is to the read the first post thoroughly and make sure that you have the setting correct (I.e. Mouse movement and speed). If the problem persists the contact worthy through skype or come post again. But, reading your problem, this sounds like a user side error more so than the actual script.The banking never takes that long for me, and when there was a problem it just stops on the bank. It will not continue to after x amount of minutes like mentioned above. Check your cpu usage as well, and try using light mode. This could be a lag issue !
  10. @Worthy for some reason the banking issue is happening again this morning haha! Hmu on Skype and we can talk. edit** all set ended up being a glitch not showing that I was missing recoil rings XD
  11. Great, working well now!
  12. You are the man. Appreciate the work on a Friday my friend! edit** Still happening to me atm good sir. Added you on skype, we can chat whenever.... still the man tho
  13. Clearly there's a banking issue here. Let worthy respond, I know he was attempting to rework it last night. Stay put!
  14. On the Tribot website, go to the repository and then to the bot panel. From there you can see any instances (in your case a glitch) currently running and then shut them off.