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  1. Alright thanks for the response mate Is it even worth it still botting?
  2. So a few years ago I bought a premium lifetime script for 60$ from a premium script write who became very inactive. The script has since discontinued and is not present in the repository anymore, also it doesn't show in my bought scripts. Can I take any possible action? I bought a "lifetime" script and spent pretty much money on it. Essentially I could only use it for a few weeks since the ban waves were incredibly high, and now the script is not accessable at all.
  3. I think it were 9 slaves. Single nats. It was from a while back. Seems like the profit has reduced a bit. 205 ea rune instead of 215. Just now: edit: suggestion The master often has to right click the slave 3 times cause the stone is in the way: I'd suggest you to turn the camera a bit to the left so it doesnt have that problem. It'll be a bit faster!
  4. Iamgod

    Bat Account Creator

    Edit: The "Email seed" does that have to be an existing email you made? Or only the validation email? Id use a 10 min email as validation email and a hotmail one as email seed, but do they both have to be validated? For now it doesnt change the registered emails.. Edit2: It did after me helping a bit, but it doesn't save the info in a file?
  5. Will do, it doesn't happen often anymore though. 3 out of 10 accounts had it. Luckily not the master. Once, my master dropped my whole inventory (natures, runes, money) due to him not being able to talk to the NPC, luckily I was babysitting then. Ill make a recording to catch the right moment next time. EDIT: SUGGESTION!! Make it the slaves trade the master more often! mostly the master is busy when trading causing the slave to wait. Once the trade is finished the master only trades the slaves if it received a trade from the slave. I think the interval is like 4-5 secs atm before the slave trades the master again, meaning it has a 5 sec wait. It's not that long but counting it up for every trade, you get a lot of time extra. I'd suggest to lower it down to 3 secs. Master trades quicker, and it's not that fast that it declines trade everything cause of accident double trade during trade EDIT: I get this on all my lvl 3 chars. Would 20+ HP help a LOT on this?
  6. 7.99 for unlimited accounts per month 20 for one account per life.. Not very fair imo Also shit. Just 5 min ago I bought 60$ version of unlimited script for just master/slave
  7. same edit: After every single trade, the master goes back to this tab, puts sound on and off and waits there for a few sec before trading the waiting slaves. Its super obvious as it does that every single trade. Go to the tab, put sound on and off, wait, trade slave. It slow down botting a lot and its very not human like...
  8. Iamgod

    Feedback Removal

    I verify that this user has paid me back.
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