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    AIO TRiBot Support Thread

    AIO TRiBot Support Thread If you found this thread helpful, please don't forget to like it! Table of Contents Useful Links Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How Much is One Credit Worth? What is Looking Glass? Why Can't I See Any of My Local Scripts? Help Guide A Solution to 99% of All Problems Opening the .tribot Folder TRiBot Won't Let Me Start My Script Upgrading From VIP to VIP-E How to Purchase TRiBot Credits Access to My Premium Script Has Disappeared! The Script I'm Trying to Use Isn't Working Properly Looking Glass Isn't Displaying Properly I Can't Open the TRiBot Loader Common TRiBot Error Messages java.text.ParseException: Unparseable Date Client-Side Error. Could not perform login. (Null Result) java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError java.lang.ClassCastException Instructions for if You Still Can't Solve Your Problem Useful Links Below you will find links to a number of existing guides that will help you with a variety of problems. If you know of any guide that isn't included in the list below, please send me a PM or comment below and I will add it! Fixing TRiBot Errors How to Fix TRiBot (Deleting hooks.dat) How to Resolve Mac-Related Problems How to Fix the "AccessDeniedException: java.policy" Error How to Ensure TRiBot is Using the Correct Java Version How to Submit a Bug Report How to Reduce Memory/CPU Usage How to Analyze CPU Usage How to Solve Many Common TRiBot Problems How to Revert to a Previous Java Version How to Open the TRiBot Loader Improving Your Botting Experience How to Bot Safely and Avoid Bans How to Bot Safely and Avoid Bans (2) How to Use the Break Handler How to Use the Client Starter How to Add Accounts to TRiBot How to Setup TRiBot With Proxies How to Setup TRiBot With TOR How to Change Your IP Address How to Avoid Getting Scammed and/or Hacked Rules/Guidelines TRiBot Rules and Regulations TRiBot Forum Rules TRiBot FAQ Black Market Rules Middleman Overview & Guide Threads by TRiLeZ (Owner and Founder of TRiBot) TRiLeZ's Scripting Tutorial Common TRiBot Loader Problems Ensuring TRiBot Uses the Right Java Guide to Implementing Anti-Ban Compliance (ABC) (Outdated) Guide to Implementing Anti Ban Compliance 2 (ABC2) Human Mouse Implementation Human Mouse Project [Data Collection] Reaction Timing and Other Playing Data [Data Collection] Looking Glass Introducing Looking Glass Looking Glass Information Looking Glass Progress Reports Other List of TRiBot Ranks and Titles How to Setup TRiBot With Eclipse API Documentation TRiBot Change Logs The Ban Discussion Thread Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Below is a list of questions that are frequently asked on the forums. Q: How Much is 1 Credit Worth? One credit is worth $1 when purchased from TRiBot. However, there are various credit resellers that charge a slight premium for offering various benefits. Some of the benefits of purchasing from a credit reseller (such as quickrsgp.com): You can purchase less than 5 credits. You can use additional methods of payment (including RSGP and PayPal). The credits typically arrive faster because you don't need to go through TRiBot's anti-fraud system. Q: What is Looking Glass? Looking glass is a TRiBot exclusive feature that allows you to use TRiBot through OSBuddy or a web browser. To use Looking Glass, you must have an active subscription to VIP Extended. To learn more about looking glass, go to the top of this thread until you find the Useful Links section. One of the categories there will be Looking Glass. There you will find links to threads related to looking glass. Q: Why Can't I See Any of My Local Scripts? To use local scripts you must have an active VIP or VIP Extended. If you are looking for a guide on how to setup and write local scripts, refer to this guide. Help Guide Below you will find answers to the majority of questions you might have about TRiBot. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please let me know! 1. A Solution to 99% of All TRiBot Problems 2. Opening the .tribot Folder 3. TRiBot Won't Let Me Start My Script 4. Upgrading From VIP to VIP-E 5. How to Purchase TRiBot Credits 6. Access to My Premium Script has Disappeared! 7. The Script I'm Trying to Use Isn't Working Properly 8. Looking Glass Isn't Working Properly 9. I Can't Open the TRiBot Loader 10. Common TRiBot Error Messages Still Can't Solve Your Problem? Fill out the form below, and someone will help you out as soon as possible. Describe the problem: Operating system (Mac OSX, Windows 7, etc): Was it working at an earlier time? (Yes/No): If yes: Approximately when was it working last?: What changed?: What steps can be taken to replicate the issue?: Screenshots (if relevant): Bot/Client debug (if relevant): What steps have been taken by you/others in an attempt to solve the problem?: Additional information (Provide as much as you can):
  2. Live updates for Tau Script Maker have been temporarily suspended. Development will continue behind the scenes, but these development updates will not be posted to the repository. You can expect these updates to be posted sometime in February. Until that time, the current version of Tau Script Maker will remain free on the repository for those who wish to use it. Tau Script Maker BETA Click Here to join the Tau Script Maker development chat! Important Those who are interested in actively contributing to the beta test can send me a PM, and depending on your level of contributions, will receive a discount when the script is released. If the script that you are working on requires a feature that you can't find, please ask for it! What is Tau Script Maker? Tau Script Maker allows you to easily make your own scripts. All you have to do is pick from the constantly growing selection of blocks and drag them onto your script. It's that easy! Here's a quick example of how you can easily make the script click a tree: Click Here For Image This might seem complicated, but it's not! Below you can see a preview of an entire, fully functional woodcutting script with banking! Click Here For Image Demo Video Features Clean, high quality modern GUI Easy to use drag-and-drop interface Simple but powerful blocks Customizable in every way Automatic antiban built into blocks Custom and unique antiban blocks Make incredibly advanced premium quality scripts easily yourself Never have to pay for a private script again! Features in Development Fully customizable paint The highest quality antiban available (see below) Script repository Tons of new customization options And much more! Blocks in Development Combat Magic Chartering Teleporting Camera Even more advanced antiban (see below) And much, much more! Antiban All blocks have antiban features automatically coded into them. You don't have to do a thing to have antiban that goes above and beyond ABCL 10, and I'm constantly adding more features to the antiban to blocks. All you need to do is look at the change logs to see all of the antiban that is being added! That's only the tip of the iceberg. You can add your own, custom antiban in a bunch of different ways. One example of this (there are many more) is antiban blocks. These blocks allow you to place antiban actions into your script, ensuring that your script is as human-like as possible. Are you running a farm? No problem! Antiban blocks change based on the account that is running them, so you can rest assured that all of your accounts will be unique. Change Log Most recent changes are at the top.
  3. TacoManStan

    [FREE] [ABCL 10] Tau Herblore

    Tau Herblore Features Task System w/ Loop Support Does Drudic Ritual Automatically Potion support Unfinished potion support Cleaning support with fast clean option Automatic stopping w/ stop cause debug Simple, easy to use GUI ABCL 10 Works Flawlessly with Looking Glass GUI How to Setup Adding Tasks Select if you want to add a "Mix Potion" or "Clean Herb" task by clicking either "Potion" or "Herb".Enter in the type of herb or potion that you want to make.If you are making a potion, select how you want the potion to be madeAlternate: The script will make an inventory of unfinished potions, then use those to make finished potions, then repeat.Unfinished: The script will only make unfinished potions.Finished: The script will only make finished potions.If you are cleaning herbs, choose if you want to use the "Fast Clean" option (WARNING: Fast Clean does not use ABCL 10).Enter the amount of the herb you want to clean or potion you want to make. Enter 0 if you want to run the task until you run out of ingredients.Click "Add Task".Options Loop Tasks: When enabled, the tasks will be looped until no tasks can be executed (out of ingredients).Do Druidic Ritual: When enabled, the script will do the Druidic Ritual quest to get you level 3 herblore (and access to the skill) if you have not yet done the quest.Custom Antiban: When enabled, the script will use a set of customized antiban techniques that go beyond ABCL 10 (ABCL 10 will still be used as well).Logout on Script Stop: When enabled, the script will logout when the script ends. Note that this only applies when the script ran out of tasks, not when you manually stop the script.Note The Following If you run out of ingredients before a task can complete, the script will automatically go to the next task.If you run out of ingredients for a task when on "Loop Tasks" mode, the script will not try to execute that task again."Fast Clean" mode for cleaning herbs does not use ABCL 10, and it is not recommend that you use it for an extended period of time.Once you've done the above, add all the tasks that you want, set the settings you want, then press Start Script! Change Log
  4. TacoManStan

    Tau Grand Exchange Script

    I can clarify this situation for everyone. As some people know, I have been suffering from several severe mental health issues over the last 2-3 years. I won't go into it because the specifics aren't really relevant, but what is relevant is the impact those mental health issues have had on my ability to handle my position as a Premium Scripter on TRiBot. As @Netami pointed out, this isn't the first time this has happened. He knows better than most, as he used to be on my support team, and used to use Tau GE. Yes, the script does, in fact, work exceptionally well for most. From an administrative perspective, this is not acceptable. As TRiLeZ recently pointed out to me in a discussion, TRiBot needs to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible, just like any business. If a script is broken for 5% of users, 5% of users will be dissatisfied. That is 5% dissatisfaction before the script is even started, which when you think about it, makes perfect sense to avoid. I have had a long time to ensure the script works for all users, yet for reasons I explained above, I failed to deliver. I openly and regrettably admit this. The last thing I am going to address is the future. Most of the aforementioned problems have been taken care of, and I had planned on getting back into the thick of things starting at the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately, this lined up exactly with when the script was disabled and my demotion from Premium Scripter. Nevertheless, I am still resuming my activity, both on the forums and scripting. The reason I bring this up is to clarify that I am NOT becoming active again to get my rank back or anything like that; I have to wait 6 months before reapplying anyway. I know I am going to be accused of this, and I wanted to out of the gate clarify that this is not the case. If anyone has any additional questions for me, please feel free to shoot me a PM, and I'll be happy to reply. @NinjadGuy
  5. TacoManStan

    need java help

    You can run 32bit programs (including Java) on a 64bit operating system.
  6. TacoManStan

    need java help

    It looks like you downloaded the jdk as a zip folder. You can do this, but it is much easier to download the .exe. Use this link. Make sure you download the .exe:
  7. TacoManStan

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    Seems like you already have this in mind, but I will say it anyway: I strongly recommend doing what my GE bot did, and never offer undercutting as an option. I had that in my script for no less than a week, and the damage to the RS economy just from that was visible, especially on commonly traded items. That aside, the script looks great! Good work!
  8. TacoManStan

    need java help

    That looks like the folder that is created when you install Java. I'm not sure why it isn't in one of your Program Files directories, as it should have been put there automatically.
  9. Tau Grand Exchange || Clicking the button above will NOT charge your TRiBot account. What is Tau Grand Exchange? What does it do? Tau Grand Exchange is a money-making script that uses the Grand Exchange to buy items at a low price and then resell them at a higher price to make a profit. This process is called "flipping" or "merching". One of the great things about flipping is the more GP you start with in your inventory, the higher your income rate is going to be. This means that as the script runs, your GP/hr goes up! To make money with Tau Grand Exchange, the only thing you need to do1 is tell Tau Grand Exchange which items you want it to flip for you. Tau Grand Exchange's advanced AI (artificial intelligence) will handle the pricing, offering, cancelling, item choosing, and everything else for you automatically. Why Use Tau Grand Exchange? > Low Ban Rate 1 < > No Account Requirements < > Scaling Income Rate (More GP = Higher GP/Hour) < > Incredibly Easy To Use < > In Addition to Merching, Tau GE Can Also Sell Items For a Higher Profit From Standard Goldfarms < > Active, Friendly, and Helpful Support Team - Paid directly by me, TacoManStan, to ensure you get the best botting experience possible < Primary Features > Automatic buying/selling (flipping) of items < > Trade unlimited items at once < > Automatic Item ID searching < > "Aggressiveness" modifier, which allows you to change how fast the AI trades items < > Automatically adjusts to market prices and price changes < > Optimal gold/item management and distribution < > Intelligently chooses the most lucrative items 2 < > Artificial Intelligence (See Below) < > and much more! < Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tau Grand Exchange comes equipped with a powerful AI that controls most aspects of the script for you. Below you can see a list of some of the things that the AI does/controls for you: > Logout times 3 < > Item prices, based on current market < > Item trade timing < > Item trade quantity < > Offer abort timing < > Loss mitigation < > Crashing and/or unstable item evasion & management < > Optimized item offer selecting 2 < > Dynamic Anti-ban < The AI uses a plethora of variables and formulas to try and find the absolute best way to trade each and every one of the items that you add to the script. The AI is constantly being improved and adjusted so that you have to do as little work as possible when using Tau Grand Exchange. GUI Preview Using Tau Grand Exchange via Script Arguments (Commands) Most goldfarmers will find script arguments not only incredibly useful, but a borderline necessity for an efficient goldfarming experience. You can start Tau Grand Exchange by using TRiBot's integrated script argument system instead of using the setup GUI. All you need to do is use the GUI once to create an options profile, and then you can load that profile via script arguments instead of having to use the GUI every time you start the script. List of Available Script Arguments: i_prof: The name of the item options profile you want to load. This value is required and cannot be omitted. ai_start: Type true if you want to start the script using all AI options. Type false otherwise. If omitted, this value is true. rec_sig_data: Type true if you want to record signature data. Type false if you do not. If omitted, this value is true. low_cpu_mode: Type true if you want low CPU mode to be enabled. Type false if you do not. If omitted, this value is true. ignore_checks: Type true if you want the script to ignore error checks. Type false if you want the script to stop if an error is encountered. Use only if you intend on watching the script. Enter script arguments using the following format: key1=value1 : key2=value2 : key3=value3 Example script argument usage: i_prof=low prices : rec_sig_data=false : ez_start=true Dynamic Signature What is a Dynamic Signature? A Dynamic Signature is an image that will automatically update to display information related to your usage of a particular script, in this case, Tau Grand Exchange. You can put this image into your TRiBot forum signature to show off your progress to other users! Getting Your Own Personalized Dynamic Signature Copy and paste the following into your signature. Replace "Your_Username" with your TRiBot username: [img=http://www.sigmatribotserver.com/users/Your_Username.png] If you are VIP or VIP-E, use the following link instead: [url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48580-up-to-1mhr-abc2-level-10-tau-grand-exchange/][img=http://www.sigmatribotserver.com/users/Your_Username.png][/url] Capital letters will be shown in the image (IE, "users/Your_Username.png" will display differently than "users/your_username.png") Tau Grand Exchange User-Submitted Progress Reports Current Best Progress Report Some More Progress Reports Tau Grand Exchange Account Requirements There are virtually no requirements to use Tau Grand Exchange. The script will attempt to walk you to the grand exchange from anywhere in Runescape using webwalking, and then will start merching the items that you have listed. For the safety of your account, it is now required that you manually walk to the Grand Exchange. It is recommended that you start with at least 3m-5m when using Tau Grand Exchange. That said, any amount will allow you to make some amount of money. For example, I managed to make 50k/hr with only 100k as my starting cash stack! 4 However, generally speaking, you should aim for around 0.75-1.5% of your gp stack per hour. So for example, if you are using 10m, you should aim for 75k-150k/hr. If you have 20m, you should aim for 150k-300k/hr, and so on. You can make less than that with a poor list, and much more than that with a good list! If you aren't in that range, keep refining your list and you'll be there in no time! How to Make Money with Tau Grand Exchange Making money with Tau Grand Exchange is easy! Since its release, the AI has improved dramatically to the point where it can make decent money with even sub-par item lists, and amazing money with good item lists! All you need to do is add items, enter the correct buying limit, and press Ez Start! That's all there is to it! Note that various settings might increase your income rates further if you know what you're doing. However, I always recommend using Ez Start for new users. ---> Change Log (Click Here) <--- Upgrade Policy & Instructions Unfortunately, TRiBot does not currently provide an easy way for Premium Scripters to allow their users to upgrade their payment plan, such as switching from the Monthly Auth to 3 Month Unlimited payment plan. However, as I believe my users should have this option, I have devised a workaround, outlined in the upgrade policy shown below. Please CAREFULLY read the following information CAREFULLY before submitting your upgrade request. (Yes the double-carefully was intentional) Rules, Terms, and Conditions Yeah, I know, rules are annoying and boring. However, these rules are going to save you some money, so you'd be wise to read up! You must have purchased the script within the last 10 days for monthly plans, or 5 days for bi-weekly plans. Before your original purchase is refunded, you must first purchase the plan you are upgrading to. Each user is allowed 1 upgrade every 6 months. Upgrades cannot be used to take advantage of sales. In other words, if a sale was not active during your original purchase, your upgrade will not be eligible for the sale either. Failure to follow the upgrade instructions properly may result in your original payment not being refunded. Instructions Before doing anything else, read the Upgrade Rules listed above. Send me a PM requesting your upgrade. No formal instructions here; just be polite and descriptive. Immediately after sending it, add the head of my support team, @Butta, to the PM. Wait for either myself or @Butta to approve your upgrade request. Once your upgrade request has been approved, you have 48 hours to purchase your upgraded plan before your upgrade approval expires. Respond back to your original PM indicating that you have purchased your desired upgraded plan. Although most refunds are issued within a couple hours, please allow up to 48 hours for your original plan to be refunded. Note that weekend requests typically take longer. Important Information Tau Grand Exchange does NOT support Mac OS at this time. If you intend on running Tau Grand Exchange on a Apple computer, it is highly recommended that you install a Windows/Linux VM, or use a VPS. Update: As for 12/24/2017 mac support development has begun. There is currently no ETA, but the update is in active progress. The "Buy High -> Sell Low" price checking feature is no longer supported. Do NOT enable price-checking until Tau Grand Exchange 2.0 has been released, or an announcement has been made that the feature has been fixed (unlikely). All scripts always have a chance of getting you banned, including Tau Grand Exchange. Due to the fundamental nature of Tau Grand Exchange, its ban rate will always be much lower than other scripts. Ban rate subject to TRiBot ban rate and current Jagex anti-bot levels. Applies only to items that have been entered into your list. Does not apply to all items in the game. Contrary to what may seem intuitive, frequently logging in and out disrupts Jagex's anti-bot data collection, therefore lowering your chances of getting banned. For the safety of your account, the option to disable/change logout times has been permanently removed. This was achieved during a booming market with lots of prior merching experience. I am in no way guaranteeing this level of return on investment; I am merely indicating that it is possible.
  10. TacoManStan

    [TUTORIAL] How To Delete Hooks.dat

    Hello everyone! As you might have guessed, TRiLeZ is constantly working on updates. Unfortunately, sometimes these updates — although it's usually a RuneScape update that is to blame — cause a particular file, to become corrupted: hooks.dat. This corrupted hooks.dat file can cause your bot to get stuck, appear to endlessly run north, or sometimes even crash scripts completely. You may also see an error that is similar to the error shown below, although this is not always the case; it is also possible for hooks.dat to be corrupt without any error being displayed. java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to [I How To Remove hooks.dat Open TRiBot's Settings folder. You can do this by following these steps: Open a TRiBot client (if you don't already have one open). Select the File menu. Select the View Local Scripts Folder option. Wait for the scripts folder to open. This will happen automatically. From the scripts folder, go back a couple of times until you are in the .tribot folder. From the .tribot folder, open the Settings folder. Leave the Settings folder open, and go to step #2. Close all TRiBot clients. Locate a file called "hooks.dat". This will be inside of the Settings folder that you opened in step #1. Delete the hooks.dat file. Restart your client. Start botting again! If this doesn't fix your issue, you can try sending the author of the script a PM to check if your problem is script related. Make sure you try the above steps first though!
  11. Script has been fixed as of 2 days ago. Incredibly sorry for the delay.
  12. How to Avoid Getting Scammed and/or Hacked I see it time and time again; Someone posts on the forums in a frantic state of mind because their account has hacked, or they were scammed. This guide is designed to help you understand just how hackers and scammers try to get access to your account, and what you can do to avoid it. How to Avoid Getting Hacked Click Here for additional information on how to avoid getting hacked. It is much easier than you think for you to be tricked into giving someone your account information. There are several ways in which you might be tricked into giving away your account information. Phishing What is phishing? Phishing is the act of creating a website or service that has the intention of tricking users into revealing their account information in some way. The most common way that someone will try to phish your account is by creating a fake RuneScape login site. For example, take a look at the following images: (Image 1 Image 2) Those are images of the RuneScape homepage and login screen, right? Wrong. Those are two pages from a phishing website I was able to find a link to (for obvious reasons I won't be revealing the link). They look pretty convincing, don't they? Heck, the login page even knows that I had recently failed to login to my account, and is asking me for a captcha! From that fake login screen, the phishing website could read the information you type in and then do whatever it wants with it. You don't even need to click Login. The website can track your keystrokes, and steal your information without you ever even pressing Login. So, how do you avoid this? Always check the URL. That is the one aspect of the website that phishers cannot copy perfectly. However, they will still try. Here is the normal RuneScape login URL: https://secure.runescape.com/m=weblogin/loginform.ws?mod=www&ssl=0&dest=communityHere is an example of a potential phishing URL: https://secure.runescape.rune.com/m=weblogin/loginform.ws?mod=www&ssl=0&dest=communityYikes! They look pretty similar, don't they? To determine if a link is legitimate, look for "runescape.com/..." somewhere in the URL. If you don't find that exact text somewhere in the URL, it isn't the real RuneScape website. One of the most common misconceptions is if you know what phishing is, you will be able to spot it. This is false. The truth is, if you aren't paying attention, anyone could click on a phishing link without realizing it. The only way to truly prevent being phished is by following the instructions listed above every time you type in your login information. Downloading a Virus This is much, much less common than some people make it out to be, but it does still occasionally happen. There are the things you need to remember when downloading anything RuneScape related. You might download an "unwanted passenger". How does this work? Let's say for example that you find a link to OSBuddy on Yahoo! Answers. You click the link, and OSBuddy downloads and installs correctly. Everything is good because you are running OSBuddy without any problems, right? Wrong. At the same time OSBuddy was being downloaded, so was an unwanted passenger: a virus! You would have no idea the virus was downloaded at the same as OSBuddy. Soon enough you're complaining about how TRiBot must have hacked you because it's the "only thing you've downloaded". There is no such thing as a "hacked" TRiBot client. It isn't even possible to make a hacked TRiBot client, and if it were, why would the hackers allow you to download it for free? The only way you should ever download TRiBot is from the TRiBot website. People are greedy. No one, not a SINGLE person, is going to give away a gold generator, dupe/hack guide, or any other way for you to make money. The primary reason for this is because they don't exist, but even if they did, they would not be released at all to the public, much less for free. Moral of the story: Stay away from free money! Giving Your Account to a Worker While most of the workers here on TRiBot are honest people, we can't regulate every member that joins the community. Unfortunately, we do have the occasional dishonest account leveler, quester, etc, that are only trying to steal your account information. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it can be devastating. The solution to this problem is simple; When you are paying someone to do anything with your account, be certain that you are giving your account information to someone who is trustworthy. Read the following section for information on how to find trustworthy members. Remember that it is almost always better to go with the trustworthy option rather than the cheap option. How to Find Trustworthy Members Finding trustworthy members can be a difficult task. The best way to go about it is thinking in terms of that everyone could be a scammer. The only people you can trust 100% on this website are @TRiLeZ and @Usa. No one else is 100% trustworthy, so don't treat them as such. However, that doesn't mean that you should do business! Considering neither Usa nor TRiLeZ deal in the black market of TRiBot, you are going to need to learn how to gauge if someone can be trusted or not, which seems much more complicated than it is. Don't worry, the vast majority of users Post Count A user's post count on TRiBot is usually a good indicator of the user's trustworthiness. As a user gets more involved with the community, it will be more and more important to them to remain part of the community. While a user with 5 posts might scam a user for 20m without thinking twice about it, a user with 500 posts will be far less likely to scam you for 20m because of the permanent ban they will then receive. As a general rule of thumb, if a user has less than 50 quality posts (see below), the user should never be trusted. Post Quality Post count isn't everything. If a user has 100 posts, but all (or most) of those posts are short posts that don't contribute anything to the community, that user is likely to not care about their account, and is more likely to scam you. The more the user seems to care about the community (posting to help users, etc), the higher chance that the user is going to be trustworthy. (This doesn't necessarily apply to bigger businesses. Refer to "Big Businesses" below for details). Mods or Mod-Partnered Shops There's a reason why some black market shops advertise themselves as "mod partnered". All of the moderators on TRiBot can be trusted to not scam you. However, you still need to be careful! Many TRiBot mods do not know TRiLeZ personally, so you still need to avoid being careless when proceeding with a sale. Feedback Look at not only the amount of feedback, but the quality of the feedback. Obviously a user with more feedback is going to be more trustworthy, but only if that feedback is positive, but more importantly legitimate. Instead of only reading the feedback, also look at the users who left the feedback. Are these users who have 1 post, and haven't been online since they created their account? Are these users who are generally active? Sometimes people create fake accounts and give themselves feedback to give the illusion of being trusted when they aren't. Always be on the lookout for this! Large and Confirmed Transactions Sometimes scammers will carry out a number of small, legitimate transactions before, especially when buying/selling gold. After a couple of weeks or sometimes even more, once they've built up enough "Sold 5m, highly recommended!" or similar feedback, they will start looking far larger sales. The first large sale they get, they will scam. Always make sure that the user you are trading with has completed sales of around the same value as your sale. If you notice that the person you are trading with has only done smaller transactions, ask them why. If they say it's because they are a new shop, say that's fine, but insist on using a middle-man. Big Businesses There are several incredibly large black market businesses that advertise on TRiBot. These businesses consist of multiple employees, so you won't always be trading the same person when you make a trade. Generally speaking, these businesses can be trusted, because their reputation is worth more to them than your 20m sale. However, it is important to remember that when you trade with one of these businesses, a lot of the time you will be trading with an employee. If you're dealing on Skype, make sure you ask which employee you are talking to. Think About the Downside of the User Scamming You It's not uncommon for users to think "this is just a game, so it's not like I'm actually stealing anything". Scammers usually don't think of themselves as doing anything truly wrong. They think of it as just another way to make money with RuneScape. What that means is that you cannot rely on a user's morals to prevent them from scamming. What else, besides what is listed above, is going to prevent a user from scamming you? Would getting banned hurt their business? How much time have they invested into TRiBot? If you can't think of any reason why a user wouldn't be negatively affected by scamming you, don't do business with them. How to Avoid Getting Scammed Getting scammed is something that everyone is afraid of when doing business using TRiBot's Black Market. There are scammers everywhere, and sometimes they are hard to avoid. Some people don't use the black market just because they are afraid of being scammed. However, I will illustrate below several ways to help ensure that you do not get scammed. Only Trade Trustworthy Members Even though this one seems obvious, many users still tend to ignore it. That great deal that someone with only 3 posts is offering is just too good to pass up. It is never worth the risk. If it's a small deal, then the money you save doesn't matter. If it's a larger deal, it isn't worth the risk that the deal falls through, and that you get scammed. Either way, only trade trusted members. Use a Middle-Man Using a middle-man is probably the best way to avoid getting scammed. You can visit the Middle-Man Forum if you wan to find a middle-man. Middle-Men have to go through an application process in order to be allowed to be a middle-man, so make sure that you only use a middle-man that you find on the middle-man forum. Ask For a PM Once you find a trusted member on TRiBot, you might continue the transaction on Skype or some other non-TRiBot form of communication. This is normal, and I have no reason to recommend against it. However, if you decide to do this, make sure that you ask for PM confirmation that you are talking to the person you think you are talking to. There are many impostors of commonly traded black market vendors on Skype and other forms of communication. When asking for a PM, make sure you ask for them to copy/paste the Skype conversation you are having into the PM. When you get the PM, actually read the conversation. If the conversation isn't exactly the same, then the impostor may have requested a PM form the legitimate vendor pretending to be you! Rename Your Skype Contacts If you decide to continue your transaction through Skype, be sure that you immediately rename the contact of the person you are trying to contact. For example, I recently partook in a deal with @Crimson. This is how his Skype contact appears for me: You should nickname your contacts something unique so you will always know if an impostor tries to trick you. Oftentimes an impostor will add you as a fake person, wait a week or 2, change their name to look like the person they are impersonating, and then message you again. It's very easy to spot if you nickname your contacts! Be Suspicious if a Vendor "Gets a New Account" Whether it be a new TRiBot account, a new Skype account, or any other account, never accept needless change. Some companies will in fact change their Skype or TRiBot name legitimately to better suit their business, but when they do, they make a HUGE deal about it so customers know. If anyone ever claims that something about their business has changed, make sure you visit their shop's thread for confirmation. Avoid Using PayPal When You Can It's very easy to chargeback a payment with PayPal. If it is possible, try to use Stripe, Google Wallet, or any other form of more secure payment. If the vendor is uneasy with that, or insists on using PayPal, don't trade with them; There is a large chance they are trying to scam you.
  13. Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I am mostly known for Tau Grand Exchange, my GE money making bot. However, I am looking to branch out and make something new. Below I have made a list of the types of things I would like my new script to be: Creative. I want to make something creative, innovative, or just plain fun! Perhaps the script already exists, but is no longer being updated, or doesn't have all the features you would like it to have. In that case, I would consider looking into it. Non-Combat. This isn't a set-in-stone rule, but in general, I would prefer to avoid making a combat script. If the script has some combat in it that is fine, but I don't want to make, say, a Green Dragon Killer. No Quests. If a small quest is involved in the script then so be it, but otherwise, I will not make a questing script. No High Level Requirements. I do not currently have a high level account, nor do I wish to create a script that requires a high level. Maybe sometime in the future, but not now. Dynamic. This isn't absolutely necessary, but it would be nice if the script contained some sort of dynamic goal, and/or perhaps a script with multiple steps involved, and/or a script that has aspects that can be done in a variety of different ways. A Thinker. I always like a challenge. If there is a script that seems like it would be complicated/difficult to create, I would love to give it a try. Note that that does not mean tedious. An example of something tedious would be a questing script. Not Too Niche. I want to make a public script, not a private script. I will only make something that would be useful to a decently large number of players. Well, that's pretty much it. I have a couple of ideas in mind already, but I'd like to hear what the TRiBot community has to say. Feel free to post below or PM me. Thank you all in advance! ~ Taco ~ Note to Tau GE Customers: Before anyone brings up "Hey, why aren't you working on Tau GE V2?", I want to say... that I am! Don't worry, getting Tau GE V2 released is still my priority, but I would like to have another project to work on as well.
  14. Announcement I've been working on fixing the idle bug for the last 4-5 hours or so. It doesn't happen very often (obviously often enough to be a problem, though), so it's proving to be difficult to find the root of the problem. Chances are I will have to get some sleep and then get back at it tomorrow. Rest assured that the issue is being addressed as my number one priority. Important: Anyone who has screenshots, stack traces, GIFs, or any other pieces of information that could potentially prove useful in identifying the cause of the bug, please post them in my Discord Bug Reports Channel.
  15. TacoManStan

    Request for Refund on OSRS Dax Hunter

    TRiBot definitely isn't outdated, don't worry! Some scripts have been updated more recently than others, but just because a script is old doesn't mean the script doesn't work well and isn't kept up to date.
  16. This won't be an issue, don't worry. Announcement I ask all current and prospect Tau script users to please join the Tau Discord Server to get top quality, fast support, help from other Tau GE users, and just hang out and talk. If you want to get in contact with me personally (I would highly recommend going through one of my support agents — such as @Butta, for example — before contacting me due to my incredibly busy schedule, but if you absolutely must get in contact with me, Discord is almost always going to be your best bet. First, try mentioning me in a message via the Tau Discord Server. Oftentimes you won't even need to wait for me, because one of my support agents or another Tau GE user will be able to help you out. Sometimes my notifications can get drowned out, so if after 48 weekday hours you have not yet received a reply, feel free to shoot me a Discord PM. Important: Please do not send me a PM on Discord unless you have tried all of the above-mentioned suggestions. At this time, I receive a small enough quantity of PMs to be able to answer all of them without too much trouble, but if PMs containing questions that can be easily answered elsewhere start popping up, it will negate what is currently the only way for users who have important questions/comments to contact me directly and receive a prompt response. So please be courteous of that, thank you.
  17. Several years ago, I adopted a simple yet fundamental principle I now write all new code by: "If there are multiple ways to do something, implement all of them, and let the user choose which one to use." When it makes sense to do so, I will always implement all viable methods of completing a task (such as price-checking an item, for example). That being said, I must emphasize "When it makes sense to do so"; there are only so many hours in a day, after all. As such, to me, a project is never"complete". No matter what the project is — even an incredibly polished, well-designed, bug-free, and feature-packed project such as FL Studio and Adobe Photoshop — improvements can always be made. As for Tau Grand Exchange, updates have obviously been stale for quite some time now. Unfortunately, as many of you know already, I have been completely out of commission for a very long time, due to a variety of annoying and/or debilitating series of events. My devotion, attention, and insistence on high-quality work is soon going to once again apply not only to Tau Grand Exchange, but all Tau scripts. Anyways, my point is this: If I announce the development of a new feature, it is implicit that the feature will never be forced upon you. With very, very few exceptions (none of which I can think of at the moment), you will always be able to choose to run the script exactly as it was before the update.
  18. Hello Everyone! First and foremost, I want to apologize for my extended absence. As some of you know, I have been going through a very hard time for a while now, which has been more debilitating than I could have possibly imagined. That said, although I am not out of the tunnel yet, I do see the light at the end of it. I am making no promises given my current unstable/unreliable state, but I will say that I believe I will finally be able to get back to work, starting sometime in the next couple of days. I am not even going to make an attempt at an ETA on any updates, but I or a member of my customer support team will continue to keep you posted on any news pertaining to Tau GE development. I plan on implementing a hybrid of manual price checking items in tandem to the RSBuddy prices. This should improve the script's accuracy by a significant amount, although I don't know how long it will take to implement. Otherwise, know that the script does still work well. The only problem is that the RSBuddy servers aren't always reliable, which causes problems. I also have several other updates in mind, but I don't know if I will be implementing them now or just implementing them into Tau GE V2. We will just have to wait and see how things go. In conclusion, I want to once again thank everyone for being so patient. I look forward to once again being active in the TRiBot community! ~ Taco ~
  19. Tau Bot Manager Elite has been discontinued. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Tau Bot Manager Elite v3 Want to purchase Tau Bot Manager Elite with 07 gp? You can buy repository credits from @YoHoJo with 07 gp HERE |Tau Slave| |Tau Mule| |Hub exe or Hub jar| Check out THIS TUTORIAL THREAD. It is slightly outdated in some areas, but still helpful! Features Overview and Video Fast, Polished, and Reliable CPU efficient Lowers your ban rate Easy and intuitive Automatic walking to slave Proxy, VPS, and VPN support Condition based trading Custom bot overview Change options while running Unlimited slave and mule support Cross-computer compatible Live status updates on all slaves Deposit Box Support Integrated tutorial island solver Searchable FAQ help menu What is Tau Bot Manager Elite? Tau Bot Manager Elite allows you to automate your mule in whatever way you want. A mule is an account that collects or gives items to/from other accounts that you are part of your farm (called slaves). Link your accounts together so you never have to worry about what is stored on each account. You will never have to manually collect from or supply your accounts ever again for as low as $12/month unlimited access! Lower Your Ban Rates! Tau Slave interacts directly with, and takes over for the script that is running in the foreground. This completely throws Jagex off course, and makes it far more difficult for them to detect you botting. Just make sure not to overwork a single mule! With using Tau Bot Manager Elite, I have managed to run a woodcutting farm for 51 hours straight before any of the accounts got banned (accomplished January 3rd, 2015). Getting Started Setup Instructions 1. Download the Tau Hub You can find a link to the mediafire download for both the jar and exe versions of the hub. It doesn't matter which you use. 2. Start the Tau Hub This is as simple as running the file you just downloaded. That's all you need to do! 3. Purchase Tau Bot Manager Elite If you haven't already, of course. 4. Add Tau Slave Elite from the Repository Don't worry, it's free! Script Argument Options Manager (Mule) host: The IP address or URL that you want to connect to. Slave host: The IP address or URL that you want to connect to. profile: The profile that you want to load for the slave. preload_cache: True if you want to pre-load the walking cache. Set to false if you don't know what this is. save_cache: True if you want to save the walking cache. Set to false if you don't know what this is. How to Enter Arguments key1=value1 : key2=value2 : key3=value3 Example host= : profile=woodcutter1 : preload_cache=false : save_cache=false Is My Farm Supported? Tau Bot Farm Manager currently does not support the following: Scripts that always have a full inventory when leaving the bank. IE fletching, blast furnace, etc. Waiting/banking at a specific bank. Change Log Most recent logs are at the top.
  20. Announcement I encourage all customers — as well as my support team, of course — to take advantage of the Tau Support Discord Chat as much as possible. For over a year, my support team has been using Discord to provide excellent customer service. Discord is also the place in which you are most likely to get a reply from me. The TRiBot Forums PM system is clunky and slow to navigate, so PMs will oftentimes go unanswered for weeks. Not only that, but Discord allows messages to be pinned, which means no more copy pasta and important messages being smothered by new ones. Discord messages are typically answered within 24 hours, although I encourage users to contact my support team before contacting me. They are all very knowledgeable, and are quite frankly more familiar with the script than I am at this point. Keep in mind that any time I spend answering a PM is time that I am not spending working on improving Tau GE. On that note, my support team has been instructed to tack a link to the Tau Support Discord Chat at the end of every support-related they post on this thread. I hope all of you will take advantage of it. I have even recently added a channel just for talking and having fun! Thank you all, Your Friendly Neighborhood Taco
  21. Important Announcement

    I am pleased to inform you all that Tau Grand Exchange V2 development has been officially continued. Don't expect the script to be released any time soon; however, given the majority of the GUI work has been completed as well as a fair amount of the new "brain" (AI logic), you can expect at least a teaser by the holidays.

    As for the RSBuddy servers, it appears that they are working hard on a fix, and that they are for the most part fully functional. That being said, I don't want to rely entirely on RSBuddy to retrieve data, so I have decided to come up with an alternative to the RSBuddy API regardless of what winds up happening with their servers. Unless RSBuddy servers continue to refuse to cooperate, you can expect this update with the released of Tau Grand Exchange V2.

    If  you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. The best way to do this is through my Discord Support Chat, which you can find a link to in my signature.

    Thank you all for being such great customers!

  22. Important Announcement I am pleased to inform you all that Tau Grand Exchange V2 development has been officially continued. Don't expect the script to be released any time soon; however, given the majority of the GUI work has been completed as well as a fair amount of the new "brain" (AI logic), you can expect at least a teaser by the holidays. As for the RSBuddy servers, it appears that they are working hard on a fix, and that they are for the most part fully functional. That being said, I don't want to rely entirely on RSBuddy to retrieve data, so I have decided to come up with an alternative to the RSBuddy API regardless of what winds up happening with their servers. Unless RSBuddy servers continue to refuse to cooperate, you can expect this update with the released of Tau Grand Exchange V2. Note that there is a chance Tau Ge V1 and Tau GE v2 will be separate scripts. This will depend on a lot of things and it may even remain a single script, but we shall see. I say this just as a heads up so nobody is surprised. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. The best way to do this is through my Discord Support Chat, which you can find a link to in my signature. Thank you all for being such great customers!