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  1. Tau Grand Exchange || Clicking the button above will NOT charge your TRiBot account. What is Tau Grand Exchange? Tau Grand Exchange is a money-making script that uses the Grand Exchange to buy items at a low price and then resell them at a higher price to make a profit. This process is called "flipping" or "merching". One of the great things about flipping is the more GP you start with in your inventory, the higher your income rate is going to be. This means that as the script runs, your GP/hr goes up! To make money with Tau Grand Exchange, the only thing you need to do1 is tell Tau Grand Exchange which items you want it to flip for you. Tau Grand Exchange's advanced AI (artificial intelligence) will handle the pricing, offering, cancelling, item choosing, and everything else for you automatically. Why Use Tau Grand Exchange? > Low Ban Rate 1 < > No Account Requirements < > Scaling Income Rate (More GP = Higher GP/Hour) < > Incredibly Easy To Use < > In Addition to Merching, Tau GE Can Also Sell Items For a Higher Profit From Standard Goldfarms < > Active, Friendly, and Helpful Support Team - Paid directly by me, TacoManStan, to ensure you get the best botting experience possible < Core Features > Automatic buying/selling (flipping) of items < > Trade unlimited items at once < > Automatic Item ID searching < > "Aggressiveness" modifier, which allows you to change how fast the AI trades items < > Automatically adjusts to market prices and price changes < > Optimal gold/item management and distribution < > Intelligently chooses the most lucrative items 2 < > Artificial Intelligence (See Below) < > and much more! < Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tau Grand Exchange comes equipped with a powerful AI that controls most aspects of the script for you. Below you can see a list of some of the things that the AI does/controls for you: > Logout times 3 < > Item prices, based on current market < > Item trade timing < > Item trade quantity < > Offer abort timing < > Loss mitigation < > Crashing and/or unstable item evasion & management < > Optimized item offer selecting 2 < > Dynamic Anti-ban < The AI uses a plethora of variables and formulas to try and find the absolute best way to trade each and every one of the items that you add to the script. The AI is constantly being improved and adjusted so that you have to do as little work as possible when using Tau Grand Exchange. GUI Preview Starting Tau GE Without the GUI You can start Tau Grand Exchange by using TRiBot's integrated script argument system instead of using the setup GUI. All you need to do is use the GUI once to create an options profile, and then you can load that profile via script arguments instead of having to use the GUI every time you start the script. List of Available Script Arguments: i_prof: The name of the item options profile you want to load. This value is required and cannot be omitted. ez_start: Type true if you want to start the script using all AI options. Type false otherwise. If omitted, this value is true. rec_sig_data: Type true if you want to record signature data. Type false if you do not. If omitted, this value is true. low_cpu_mode: Type true if you want low CPU mode to be enabled. Type false if you do not. If omitted, this value is true. Enter script arguments using the following format: key1=value1 : key2=value2 : key3=value3 Example script argument usage: i_prof=low prices : rec_sig_data=false : ez_start=true Dynamic Signature What is a Dynamic Signature? A Dynamic Signature is an image that will automatically update to display information related to your usage of a particular script, in this case, Tau Grand Exchange. You can put this image into your TRiBot forum signature to show off your progress to other users! Getting Your Own Personalized Dynamic Signature Copy and paste the following into your signature. Replace "Your_Username" with your TRiBot username: [img=http://www.sigmatribotserver.com/users/Your_Username.png] If you are VIP or VIP-E, use the following link instead: [url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48580-up-to-1mhr-abc2-level-10-tau-grand-exchange/][img=http://www.sigmatribotserver.com/users/Your_Username.png][/url] Capital letters will be shown in the image (IE, "users/Your_Username.png" will display differently than "users/your_username.png") Progress Reports Current Best Progress Report More Progress Reports Account Requirements There are virtually no requirements to use Tau Grand Exchange. The script will attempt to walk you to the grand exchange from anywhere in Runescape using webwalking, and then will start merching the items that you have listed. For the safety of your account, it is now required that you manually walk to the Grand Exchange. It is recommended that you start with at least 3m-5m when using Tau Grand Exchange. That said, any amount will allow you to make some amount of money. For example, I managed to make 50k/hr with only 100k as my starting cash stack! 4 However, generally speaking, you should aim for around 0.75-1.5% of your gp stack per hour. So for example, if you are using 10m, you should aim for 75k-150k/hr. If you have 20m, you should aim for 150k-300k/hr, and so on. You can make less than that with a poor list, and much more than that with a good list! If you aren't in that range, keep refining your list and you'll be there in no time! How to Make Money with Tau Grand Exchange Making money with Tau Grand Exchange is easy! Since its release, the AI has improved dramatically to the point where it can make decent money with even sub-par item lists, and amazing money with good item lists! All you need to do is add items, enter the correct buying limit, and press Ez Start! That's all there is to it! Note that various settings might increase your income rates further if you know what you're doing. However, I always recommend using Ez Start for new users. ---> Change Log <--- Upgrade Policy & Instructions Unfortunately, TRiBot does not currently provide an easy way for Premium Scripters to allow their users to upgrade their payment plan (for example, Monthly Auth -> Monthly Unlimited Auths). As a workaround, I have devised the following upgrade policy. Read it carefully before requesting your upgrade. Rules, Terms, and Conditions You must have purchased the script within the last 10 days for monthly plans, or 5 days for bi-weekly plans. Before your original purchase is refunded, you must first purchase the plan you are upgrading to. Each user is allowed 1 upgrade every 6 months. Upgrades cannot be used to take advantage of sales. In other words, if a sale was not active during your original purchase, your upgrade will not be eligible for the sale either. Failure to follow the upgrade instructions properly may result in your original payment not being refunded. Instructions Before doing anything else, read the Upgrade Rules listed above. Send me a PM requesting your upgrade. No formal instructions here; just be polite and descriptive. Immediately after sending it, add the head of my support team, @Pwningcows, to the PM. Wait for either myself or @Pwningcows to approve your upgrade request. Once your upgrade request has been approved, you have 48 hours to purchase your upgraded plan before your upgrade approval expires. Respond back to your original PM indicating that you have purchased your desired upgraded plan. Although most refunds are issued within a couple hours, please allow up to 48 hours for your original plan to be refunded. Note that weekend requests typically take longer. Important Information At this time, Tau Grand Exchange does NOT support Mac OS. If you intend on running Tau Grand Exchange on a mac, it is highly recommended that you install a Windows/Linux VM, or use a VPS. The "Buy High -> Sell Low" price checking feature is no longer supported. Do NOT enable price-checking until Tau Grand Exchange 2.0 is released. All scripts always have a chance of getting you banned, including Tau Grand Exchange. Due to the fundamental nature of Tau Grand Exchange, its ban rate will always be much lower than other scripts. Ban rate subject to TRiBot ban rate and current Jagex anti-bot levels. Applies only to items that have been entered into your list. Does not apply to all items in the game. Contrary to what may seem intuitive, frequently logging in and out disrupts Jagex's anti-bot data collection, therefore lowering your chances of getting banned. For the safety of your account, the option to disable/change logout times has been permanently removed. This was achieved during a booming market with lots of prior merching experience. I am in no way guaranteeing this level of return on investment; I am merely indicating that it is possible.
  2. I agree with you entirely. There is no reason for the TRiBot servers to cost more than $300/month. @TRiLeZ, you need to stop throwing your money away. Have you forgotten that TRiBot once ran on a cheaper service, and that using this cheaper service resulted in no complications? That was of course rhetoric, as it is apparent you have indeed forgotten. Please allow me to refresh you (or in some cases teach you) some pertinent information: The previous, cheaper server service never even came close to reaching its maximum computation output allotment, much less surpassing it. The previous service was never slowed, much less shut down, by a DoS attack. There isn't, never was, and never will be anyone who would benefit from using a DoS attack on TRiBot anyways. Consequently, even had the previous service been incapable of averting a DoS attack, which it easily could, it wouldn't have mattered. Even if TRiBot had been slowed or shut down by a DoS attack (which, by the way, never happened ever) when using the previous service, it wouldn't have mattered. This is undoubtedly in direct consequence of the kind, understanding, mature, and patient nature of every TRiBot user; they certainly wouldn't have minded, much less gotten upset and/or complained about, a slowdown or some downtime. TRiBot's servers are used exclusively for powering the forums, repository, and a couple of incredibly non-intensive client functions. All TRiBot users (kingboonz, for example), have both access to and a complete understanding of TRiBot's server backend, not to mention all other aspects of TRiBot's internals. Kind Regards, The TRiBot Taco Disclaimer: This post is not satirical, nor is this sentence sarcastic.
  3. AIO TRiBot Support Thread If you found this thread helpful, please don't forget to like it! Table of Contents Useful Links Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How Much is One Credit Worth? What is Looking Glass? Why Can't I See Any of My Local Scripts? Help Guide A Solution to 99% of All Problems Opening the .tribot Folder TRiBot Won't Let Me Start My Script Upgrading From VIP to VIP-E How to Purchase TRiBot Credits Access to My Premium Script Has Disappeared! The Script I'm Trying to Use Isn't Working Properly Looking Glass Isn't Displaying Properly I Can't Open the TRiBot Loader Common TRiBot Error Messages java.text.ParseException: Unparseable Date Client-Side Error. Could not perform login. (Null Result) java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError java.lang.ClassCastException Instructions for if You Still Can't Solve Your Problem Useful Links Below you will find links to a number of existing guides that will help you with a variety of problems. If you know of any guide that isn't included in the list below, please send me a PM or comment below and I will add it! Fixing TRiBot Errors How to Fix TRiBot (Deleting hooks.dat) How to Resolve Mac-Related Problems How to Fix the "AccessDeniedException: java.policy" Error How to Ensure TRiBot is Using the Correct Java Version How to Submit a Bug Report How to Reduce Memory/CPU Usage How to Analyze CPU Usage How to Solve Many Common TRiBot Problems How to Revert to a Previous Java Version How to Open the TRiBot Loader Improving Your Botting Experience How to Bot Safely and Avoid Bans How to Bot Safely and Avoid Bans (2) How to Use the Break Handler How to Use the Client Starter How to Add Accounts to TRiBot How to Setup TRiBot With Proxies How to Setup TRiBot With TOR How to Change Your IP Address How to Avoid Getting Scammed and/or Hacked Rules/Guidelines TRiBot Rules and Regulations TRiBot Forum Rules TRiBot FAQ Black Market Rules Middleman Overview & Guide Threads by TRiLeZ (Owner and Founder of TRiBot) TRiLeZ's Scripting Tutorial Common TRiBot Loader Problems Ensuring TRiBot Uses the Right Java Guide to Implementing Anti-Ban Compliance (ABC) (Outdated) Guide to Implementing Anti Ban Compliance 2 (ABC2) Human Mouse Implementation Human Mouse Project [Data Collection] Reaction Timing and Other Playing Data [Data Collection] Looking Glass Introducing Looking Glass Looking Glass Information Looking Glass Progress Reports Other List of TRiBot Ranks and Titles How to Setup TRiBot With Eclipse API Documentation TRiBot Change Logs The Ban Discussion Thread Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Below is a list of questions that are frequently asked on the forums. Q: How Much is 1 Credit Worth? One credit is worth $1 when purchased from TRiBot. However, there are various credit resellers that charge a slight premium for offering various benefits. Some of the benefits of purchasing from a credit reseller (such as quickrsgp.com): You can purchase less than 5 credits. You can use additional methods of payment (including RSGP and PayPal). The credits typically arrive faster because you don't need to go through TRiBot's anti-fraud system. Q: What is Looking Glass? Looking glass is a TRiBot exclusive feature that allows you to use TRiBot through OSBuddy or a web browser. To use Looking Glass, you must have an active subscription to VIP Extended. To learn more about looking glass, go to the top of this thread until you find the Useful Links section. One of the categories there will be Looking Glass. There you will find links to threads related to looking glass. Q: Why Can't I See Any of My Local Scripts? To use local scripts you must have an active VIP or VIP Extended. If you are looking for a guide on how to setup and write local scripts, refer to this guide. Help Guide Below you will find answers to the majority of questions you might have about TRiBot. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please let me know! 1. A Solution to 99% of All TRiBot Problems 2. Opening the .tribot Folder 3. TRiBot Won't Let Me Start My Script 4. Upgrading From VIP to VIP-E 5. How to Purchase TRiBot Credits 6. Access to My Premium Script has Disappeared! 7. The Script I'm Trying to Use Isn't Working Properly 8. Looking Glass Isn't Working Properly 9. I Can't Open the TRiBot Loader 10. Common TRiBot Error Messages Still Can't Solve Your Problem? Fill out the form below, and someone will help you out as soon as possible. Describe the problem: Operating system (Mac OSX, Windows 7, etc): Was it working at an earlier time? (Yes/No): If yes: Approximately when was it working last?: What changed?: What steps can be taken to replicate the issue?: Screenshots (if relevant): Bot/Client debug (if relevant): What steps have been taken by you/others in an attempt to solve the problem?: Additional information (Provide as much as you can):
  4. The majority of TRiBot's source code is obfuscated. That is done by TRiLeZ; by "default", decompiled code is generally easy to read.
  5. Ya, this seems to be a fairly consistent-ish pattern. I think Jagex occasionally turns their manual bot-busting focus to the GE for a bit, most likely when the economy is taking a hit. I know when someone started using a private script that supports undercutting, less than a week later their was a Tau GE "ban wave" for about a week, then it went back to normal. Just from my own observations, I'd say these "ban waves" seem to happen every 1-2 months or so. Anyways, I know at this point Tau GE v2 seems like a fairy tale, but I can promise you 100% that Tau GE v2 will most definitely be released, and that it will have a significantly higher chance of avoiding the "manual ban waves" I mentioned above (and the automated bot-banning system as well). And before anyone asks, no, there is unfortunately no ETA for the release of Tau GE v2.
  6. I haven't posted an update to the script in months. Is anything about the script behaving differently than before?
  7. @Butta Thank you for notifying me of the situation. User has been PM'd and the issue is being addressed.
  8. What Supplements Do You Take? I'm very curious to hear which supplements everyone is taking. I personally take an absurd amount of them (I spend approximately $200/month on supplements alone). I'm also not just talking about body building supplements, but supplements such as multivitamins, melatonin, etc. So, which supplements do you take? (If you're interested, you can check out the list of supplements that I take below). Daily Supplements Morning Fish Oil x3 If you don't already know the benefits of fish oil, I would highly recommend reading up on it. Fish oil is a supplement that many nutritionists agree should be taken by everyone, unless you have an allergy or some other medical reason not to take them. It gives you a feeling of natural "alertness", as well as energy and a plethora of health benefits. I would highly recommend it (unless you eat fish on a daily basis). Legion Phoenix x4 (Fat Burner) - Taken w/ Caffeine 300mg Has a bunch of stuff that helps burn extra calories and target fat. I have no idea how effective this stuff is, but I do know that at least 2 of the ingredients are legitimate (something from green tea and something from peppers; can't remember the name of either). This is one of those things that probably doesn't do all that much, but I take anyways on the off chance that it does. Legion Triumph x4 (Multivitamin) After looking through a bunch of different multivitamins, this is the one I landed on. It contains virtually everything I might need, plus a single dose is 8 pills so I can limit the amount I take if I need to (mainly heavy metals, specifically zinc). Legion Fortify x2 Fortify is a "natural remedy" that is designed to help with joint pain, and potentially help prevent arthritis as you get older. Both of these things sound pretty good to me, and after doing some research, it seems like there is some real science behind these claims. I don't know exactly how effective this supplement is (if at all), but it is cheap enough that it is worth taking on the off chance that it will provide the benefits that it claims it will. Legion Genesis This stuff is... well... how do I put this.......... absolutely disgustingly vile. It is one of the worst things that I have ever tasted, and if you look it up and take a look at the ingredients, you will understand why. Genesis is a "greens supplement"; it contains a bunch of vegetables that have been pulverized into a fine powder that can be easily dissolved into pretty much any liquid in the same way you would with protein powder. It contains, broccoli, kale, spinach, some sort of root, and a bunch of other vegetables in 1 single revolting scoop of pure hell. That said, I do not like the taste of vegetables, nor am I fond of the time it takes to prepare them properly, so I suffer through a scoop of Genesis every morning to lower the amount of vegetables I need to eat each day (I still eat vegetables, just not as many). One last note is that like many Legion Athletics products like this one, Genesis contains Stevia (a supposedly-not-bad-for-you sugar substitute), and I am not a big fan. It's not like the Stevia makes it any more tolerable anyways, so I wish Legion would just remove it entirely. That is really my only complaint here, other than the putrid taste. Adderall XR 30mg This is obviously not a supplement, but I included it here anyways because a lot of the other supplements I take revolve around it. I have horrendously bad ADHD, and 30mg is barely enough. That said, Adderall is something I learned the hard way to be careful with, so I have tried to lower my dose as much as possible to a point at which it is still effective. Afternoon Fish Oil x1 Legion Triumph x4 Early Evening Legion Phoenix x4 - Taken w/ Caffeine 300mg Adderall XR 20mg OR Adderal IR 10mg-15mg Late Evening Magnesium 200mg Magnesium supposedly helps combat Adderall tolerance, which is something I sorely need to avoid. Bed Melatonin 12mg zzzzzz... L-Theanine 500mg L-Theanine is an amino acid that helps relax your brain and calm you down. My brain tends to think a lot, so this helps me not stay up all night thinking about random things. Doxylamine 12.5mg An antihistamine that helps make you drowsy. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is another popular sleep-aid that I used to take, but there have been studies linking it to decreased cognitive ability over time, so I no longer take it. ZMA x3 Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, more commonly known as ZMA, assists in recovery while concurrently functioning as a form of sleep-aid. ZMA enhances REM sleep, which can cause some really wacky dreams. This is a supplement that I was quite pleasantly surprised works very well at both of its supposed functions, and I now take it every night at the following ratios per capsule: 10.5mg Vitamin B6, 450mg Magnesium, and 30mg Zinc. Situational Supplements Non-Fitness Related 5-HTP 5-HTP is known to produce seratonin when metabolized (unproven). Adderall can mess with natural seratonin production, so if I ever feel depressed when coming down from Adderall, I take 5-HTP. It seems to work. L-Tyrosine I take L-Tyrosine for the same reason I take 5-HTP. Rather than seratonin, L-Tyrosine is known to produce dopamine when metabolized. If I am ever feeling depressed when coming down from Adderall, I take L-Tyrosine. Like 5-HTP, it seems to work. Tums Antacids increase the potency of Adderall, as well as shorten its duration. Unlike many who abuse the drug, I actually take Tums for the latter effect if I need to take Adderall later in the day, but need it to wear off early enough so I can fall asleep. Fitness Related BCAA and L-Glutamine I take BCAAs and Glutamine both in capsule form. Contrary to what some believe, if you take these supplements in the form of capsules, you will get the same benefits that you would from dissolving powder into a drink. On another note, I have only noticed a difference when taking BCAAs (L-Glutamine didn't have a noticeable effect the several times I took it alone as an experiment), but I take L-Glutamine anyway because both BCAA and L-Glutamine are some of the cheapest fitness supplements available. Legion Pulse This stuff (powder) is absolutely insane. When I take it, I feel like Iron Man. It gives me a huge, clean burst of energy that lasts for roughly 60-75 minutes depending on the dose. The inclusion of L-Theanine in the formula allows for a smooth rush of caffeine energy on top of the Caffeine and Beta Alanine (which makes my skin tingle, starting with my face). The individual supplements that make up the composition of Pulse can be purchased separately, but only needing to take a single scoop rather than mixing a bunch of things together makes the process a whole lot easier. If you don't want to spend the money on Pulse, or if Legion Athletics isn't available in your country, I would at least recommend taking Beta Alanine, Caffeine, and L-Theanine pre-workout. The smooth energy rush you will get will change your workout entirely. Legion Forge This stuff is... weird. I take it 15 minutes before a workout, and it supposedly helps with fat loss. The primary ingredient in Forge is called Yohimbine HCL; it is definitely the strangest and most exotic supplement I take, but it does have some insane benefits: It mobilizes stubborn adipose fat so it can be more easily used as energy, therefore making it far easier for you to get rid of it. Nice, huh? You can read all about its supposed various effects on Legion Athletic's website, but know that I take it just as that extra "boost" that can only be doing good. However, Forge has 2 major side effects: First, it gives me a horrible upset stomach. As I've gotten used to it this has improved slightly, but it is still incredibly unpleasant. Second, it makes everything taste like f*cking metal. If you don't know what metal tastes like, trust me when I say that it tastes like shit. While the metallic taste is active (starts about 2 hours after I take Forge, ends about 2-3 hours after that), there is absolutely nothing in the world that is edible. So... Yeah. That also indirectly helps with weight loss I guess...? Update (06/14/16): After doing additional research and building up my tolerance to the Yohimbine HCL, I have discovered that the main cause of the horrible side effects listed above is a high heart rate; specifically when you do any anaerobic exercise (sprinting, lifting weights, etc). This causes blood to be taken away from your organs to help fuel your muscles, and then as soon as you stop the anaerobic exercise, it rushes straight back to your organs. One of the effects of Yohimbine HCL is bringing blood to this area, so this effect is magnified significantly, which actually caused me to immediately vomit after finishing an all-out sprint when taking Forge last week. Needless to say, having learned my lesson, I now exclusively exercise via MISS when taking any form of Yohimbine HCL (i.e., Forge). Whey Protein Powder I am running out of time here, so I'll make this quick: To those who don't know, whey is a fast protein. This means it takes approximately 20 minutes to be converted into amino acids, and that amino acid level spike it causes is quite large. Consequently, the spike doesn't last as long. This is why whey is an excellent post-workout and post-meal choice, which is exactly when I drink it. I also drink 1 scoop for breakfast to get my amino acid levels up after the overnight fast. Casein Protein Powder Casein is whey's less-popular counterpart. It is a slow protein, which means that it takes 3-6 hours to be converted into amino acids. This results in a much smaller spike, but a much more sustainable level. This is great for minimizing protein breakdown over a long period of time, which is why I would highly recommend drinking a casein shake right before you go to bed. An excellent (although far more expensive) food source of casein protein is cottage cheese. Ever heard the phrase "PB & CC"? Well, it stands for "Peanut Butter and Cottage Cheese". Fat (peanut butter) slows down the breakdown of all protein into amino acids, and casein protein (cottage cheese) is already a slow protein, so the combination of the two results in an incredibly slow, all night release of amino acids into your bloodstream! It is an excellent way to retain muscle (and no, you won't gain weight from eating right before bed). Oh and by the way, taking casein with whey turns whey into a slow protein as well, so unless that's what you want, don't mix the two together! Creatine I take creatine in 2 different ways depending on the day. On my off days, I take 2.5g in the morning and 2.5g in the afternoon. On training days, I take 2.5g before my workout, and 5g afterwards in the form of Legion Recharge. As many of you probably know, creatine turns you into a fish. My water intake is close to 2 gallons each day, which makes me need to supplement electrolytes with either Gatorade or electrolyte enhanced water. Creatine can also be very harsh on your kidneys if you don't get enough dextrose and water to help move it into your muscles, so its something that I would recommend reading up on if you are new to it. Overall my experience with creatine has been very positive. I noticed a surprisingly large increase in muscle mass (mostly water) and ability to push out extra reps when I would have otherwise been done. Update (06/14/16): Over a month later, and my water intake has dropped back to normal. My regiment with creatine is still roughly the same as when I started, although I take Recharge on off days now as well as on training days. Disclaimer Everything I have written above is my opinion entirely. I am not affiliated with Mike Matthews, the owner of Legion Athletics, in any way (other than following him on YouTube and I think maybe Twitter); nor am I affiliated with any other supplement company, nor do I have any ulterior motive for making this topic (other than world domination, but that doesn't really apply here). I am not a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or anyone who is even remotely qualified to be giving you any medical advise whatsoever. I do it anyways, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm actually qualified to do so.
  9. Tau Motherlode Miner || Clicking the button above will NOT charge your TRiBot account. What is the Motherlode Mine? At the motherlode mine you mine pay-dirt which you clean to get random ores from coal to runite depending on your mining level. It's great xp, profit, and you get to buy the prospector equipment which increases your mining experience gained by 2.5% with the full set. You can also purchase soft clay packs, a coal bag, and a gem bag. To purchase the above items, you'll need golden nuggets which are a random reward from mining pay-dirt just like the regular ores. You can read more about the motherlode mine here. Features > Supports the bottom and top floors of the motherlode mine < > Uses dragon pickaxe special before collecting clean ores for maximum profit < > Gathers hammer and repairs broken struts if needed < > Automatic walking to the motherlode mine < > Uses all of the ore veins in the motherlode mine < > Tracks all loot from pay-dirt including golden nuggets, gems, and other mining rewards < > Custom pathfinding method that is easily able to traverse the entire mine < > Disables random events < > ABCL 10 to keep your accounts safe < Smart Pathfinding Tau Motherlode Miner sorts through objects with speed and accuracy. A custom pathfinding method is used to filter out ore veins that do not need their distance calculated and to filter out ore veins that have shorter direct paths but have rockfalls in the way. 1-30 Mining Trainer A 1-30 mining trainer is included with Tau Motherlode Miner Premium If your mining level is less than 30, the script will train your mining level to 30 at the Lumbridge east mine, and then walk to the Motherlode Mine for you. Requirements To mine ore at the Motherlode Mine, your mining level needs to be at least 30. To start using the 1-30 mining trainer, simply start the script near Lumbridge with any pickaxe you can use (it can be equipped or in your inventory). Dynamic Signature To get your own personalized dynamic signature, replace "your_username" with your TRiBot username in the following URL: [img=http://www.erickscripting.com/sigmamotherload/users/your_username.png] If done correctly, your Dynamic Signature will look something like this: Payment Options 1 Month $3.99 - Monthly subscription for 1 account $14.99 - Monthly subscription for unlimited accounts 6 Months Save 50%-65%! $11.99 - 6 month subscription for 1 account (Save 50%) $27.99 - 6 month subscription for unlimited accounts (Save 65%) Progress Reports Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund Policy If you are not satisfied with Tau Motherlode Miner, I will refund your purchase in full! Conditions: You must submit your refund request within... Three days of purchasing a single auth plan, OR Two days of purchasing an unlimited auth plan. Your TRiBot account must be at least 4 months old. You must submit your refund request via PM. You must send your refund request to either @Pwningcows or myself (preferably both). You must specify the reason for your refund request. You must not have requested a refund within the last 6 months. Details & Terms: The timeframe is gauged based on when you submitted the request, not when I respond to it, so don't worry about not getting a response in time. Your refund request will never be denied based on the reason you give for wanting one. This is only for my own personal records, so I can improve Tau Motherlode Miner in the future based on your feedback. Your refund will be issued in the form of TRiBot credits. There is no exception to this rule under any circumstances, so do not even ask. Refund requests are processed on Wednesdays. If your refund request is approved, it will be issued by the end of the week (Friday, 11:59PM CT). There are no exceptions to the conditions listed above, regardless of the circumstances; this refund policy is a courtesy, not a right. Announcements [3/28/2016] -> Tau Motherlode Miner Free has been removed from the repository. -> A new return policy has been put into place for Tau Motherlode Miner. More information can be found under the Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund Policy section above. Change Logs
  10. You are probably beyond this if you know Visual Basic, but you can check out my beginner's tutorials:
  11. There was a private script released somewhat recently that uses the abomination that is undercutting to make a profit. My theory is that Jagex leaves GE scripts alone for the most part, unless they are damaging the market, which this private script clearly is. Unfortunately yes, I have literally been that busy. That is why I hired my support team to answer questions and handle issues. If you are having issues with the script, talk to them. If you are having issues with my support team, talk to me
  12. Tau Bot Manager Elite v3 Want to purchase Tau Bot Manager Elite with 07 gp? You can buy repository credits from @YoHoJo with 07 gp HERE |Tau Slave| |Tau Mule| |Hub exe or Hub jar| Check out THIS TUTORIAL THREAD. It is slightly outdated in some areas, but still helpful! Features Overview and Video Fast, Polished, and Reliable CPU efficient Lowers your ban rate Easy and intuitive Automatic walking to slave Proxy, VPS, and VPN support Condition based trading Custom bot overview Change options while running Unlimited slave and mule support Cross-computer compatible Live status updates on all slaves Deposit Box Support Integrated tutorial island solver Searchable FAQ help menu What is Tau Bot Manager Elite? Tau Bot Manager Elite allows you to automate your mule in whatever way you want. A mule is an account that collects or gives items to/from other accounts that you are part of your farm (called slaves). Link your accounts together so you never have to worry about what is stored on each account. You will never have to manually collect from or supply your accounts ever again for as low as $12/month unlimited access! Lower Your Ban Rates! Tau Slave interacts directly with, and takes over for the script that is running in the foreground. This completely throws Jagex off course, and makes it far more difficult for them to detect you botting. Just make sure not to overwork a single mule! With using Tau Bot Manager Elite, I have managed to run a woodcutting farm for 51 hours straight before any of the accounts got banned (accomplished January 3rd, 2015). Getting Started Setup Instructions 1. Download the Tau Hub You can find a link to the mediafire download for both the jar and exe versions of the hub. It doesn't matter which you use. 2. Start the Tau Hub This is as simple as running the file you just downloaded. That's all you need to do! 3. Purchase Tau Bot Manager Elite If you haven't already, of course. 4. Add Tau Slave Elite from the Repository Don't worry, it's free! Script Argument Options Manager (Mule) host: The IP address or URL that you want to connect to. Slave host: The IP address or URL that you want to connect to. profile: The profile that you want to load for the slave. preload_cache: True if you want to pre-load the walking cache. Set to false if you don't know what this is. save_cache: True if you want to save the walking cache. Set to false if you don't know what this is. How to Enter Arguments key1=value1 : key2=value2 : key3=value3Example host= : profile=woodcutter1 : preload_cache=false : save_cache=false Is My Farm Supported? Tau Bot Farm Manager currently does not support the following: Scripts that always have a full inventory when leaving the bank. IE fletching, blast furnace, etc. Waiting/banking at a specific bank. Change Log Most recent logs are at the top.
  13. Live updates for Tau Script Maker have been temporarily suspended. Development will continue behind the scenes, but these development updates will not be posted to the repository. You can expect these updates to be posted sometime in February. Until that time, the current version of Tau Script Maker will remain free on the repository for those who wish to use it. Tau Script Maker BETA Click Here to join the Tau Script Maker development chat! Important Those who are interested in actively contributing to the beta test can send me a PM, and depending on your level of contributions, will receive a discount when the script is released. If the script that you are working on requires a feature that you can't find, please ask for it! What is Tau Script Maker? Tau Script Maker allows you to easily make your own scripts. All you have to do is pick from the constantly growing selection of blocks and drag them onto your script. It's that easy! Here's a quick example of how you can easily make the script click a tree: Click Here For Image This might seem complicated, but it's not! Below you can see a preview of an entire, fully functional woodcutting script with banking! Click Here For Image Demo Video Features Clean, high quality modern GUI Easy to use drag-and-drop interface Simple but powerful blocks Customizable in every way Automatic antiban built into blocks Custom and unique antiban blocks Make incredibly advanced premium quality scripts easily yourself Never have to pay for a private script again! Features in Development Fully customizable paint The highest quality antiban available (see below) Script repository Tons of new customization options And much more! Blocks in Development Combat Magic Chartering Teleporting Camera Even more advanced antiban (see below) And much, much more! Antiban All blocks have antiban features automatically coded into them. You don't have to do a thing to have antiban that goes above and beyond ABCL 10, and I'm constantly adding more features to the antiban to blocks. All you need to do is look at the change logs to see all of the antiban that is being added! That's only the tip of the iceberg. You can add your own, custom antiban in a bunch of different ways. One example of this (there are many more) is antiban blocks. These blocks allow you to place antiban actions into your script, ensuring that your script is as human-like as possible. Are you running a farm? No problem! Antiban blocks change based on the account that is running them, so you can rest assured that all of your accounts will be unique. Change Log Most recent changes are at the top.
  14. @Rohm There are 2 projects that must be completed before I start work on Tau Bot Farm Manager 2.0: The gargantuan, "secret" project I have been working on since December of last year, and then when that is finally done, Tau Grand Exchange 2.0. On the subject of the project that has been occupying my time for so long, I am pleased to announce that the project is finally nearly completion. I still hesitate to publicly announce an ETA, but the project should at minimum be announced by the end of the year. That being said, I am hoping/aiming to announce the project far sooner than that (sometime in October maybe?)
  15. This is a question for the Logic Pro thread; you will have much better luck getting a relevant reply by posting there.
  16. @iFluffee
  17. Updates that add new content such as that always disrupt the market to some degree, even if the new content is seemingly unrelated to the item you are merching. It usually takes 1-5 days for the market to stabilize again (usually closer to 1-2 days).
  18. ~ Tau Grand Exchange End of Summer Sale ~


  19. Oh, I see what you mean. I thought you were talking about botting skills instead of idling. I have something in mind for that called the "Hybrid Mode" option. I won't go into detail on Hybrid Mode right now, but trust that it will accomplish what you are requesting.
  20. I have considered doing this in the past; however, adding such an option would drastically increase the ban rate of the script in addition to sucking up a lot of development time. That being said, I do in fact have plans to introduce this as a feature in Tau GE V2, at least to some degree (chances are you will be able to run Tau GE in the background of another script of your choosing).
  21. @vman044 Welcome to TRiBot! Please make sure you know and understand TRiBot's rules on private script sales: Only Premium Scripters are allowed to accept private script requests. The use of TRiBot repository credits is the only permitted form of payment when purchasing a private script. You might want to consider modifying your thread to ensure your request stays within those rules (such as the quote below). Best of luck!
  22. Can vouch for this; seems to be the most regularly-maintained and reliable OSRS Item ID database currently available.
  23. Leaning Java with TRiBot - Variables Click Here for a List of All Tutorials If anyone would like to provide any advice or feedback on the tutorial, please message me on Skype. If you have questions about the tutorial, please feel free to comment on the thread, and I will do my best to answer your questions! Introduction As always, be sure that you read every line of this tutorial carefully. If you don't, you are going to find yourself very lost. When I tell you to stop and think about something, I'd definitely recommend that you listen! By now you should have read, and hopefully loosely understand, my 3rd tutorial. If you haven't, I would highly recommend doing so before reading this. Recap If you recall, a Java program consists of classes. The classes create objects, which are then controlled by methods. If this doesn't make any sense to you, you should review my previous tutorials. By now the above concepts should make at least some sense to you. If not, as always, feel free to message me on Skype (tacomanstan), or even better, post on the thread so others can benefit from your questions! What is a Variable? If you've taken any level of algebra at any time in your life, you probably already know what a variable is; x, y, z, a, b, c, etc. Those are some of the more commonly used variables in algebra, and they can be really annoying to keep track of. Luckily for us, Java isn't algebra! Yay! Variables in Java Right now you're feeling pretty confident, and you should! You've learned a lot in these last 3 tutorials. However, if you are like me, at this point you have something nagging at the back of your head: "How do I actually tell the program what an object is?" If you didn't understand what I meant by that question, that's okay. I'll explain to you the problem: When you want to make an object, you can visualize it in your head. You know what the object is, what it does, how it does it, what its purpose is, etc. How can you write code that will make the computer understand that object in the same way that you do? "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Instances Let's pretend for a moment that we've made a Car class (recall that classes are in charge of making objects). We then use our Car class to create 5 cars. Each of those cars is called an instance. A good way to understand the concept of an instance is to look at World of Warcraft. In World of Warcraft, many dungeons are called "instance dungeons", or just "instances". When you enter these dungeons, you are entering a new instance of the dungeon. The only people in that dungeon are you and your party members. Let's look at a RuneScape related example: Worlds. Each world is an instance of RuneScape. You know how that works. You hop to a different world and almost everything is the same as the world that you just hopped from. Almost. There are obviously going to be differences between each world (number of players, for example), and those differences are what make understanding instances so important. Now let's go back to our car example. The most important thing to understand is that even though each car instance was created by the same class, each car might (and probably will) be completely different. Just like how each world in RuneScape has different things going on, the same applies to our cars: One car might be yellow, one might be blue. One might have a Michelin tires, one might have Good Year tires. One might be longer than the rest. One might 2 doors, another might have 4. The list goes on and on! Objects with Variables In Java, a variable that is part of an object is called an instance variable. Instance variables define the properties of an object. Just like how methods are in charge of doing something with an object, instance variables are in charge of defining what an object is. Think about a car. Think about all of the different parts of a car. Think about the characteristics of a car. You can also look at the picture above for some inspiration. Here's what I came up with as some examples: Steering wheel Wheels Color Engine Doors These are just a couple of things that make up a car. A car is incredibly complex, so there are many, many other things that you could have come up with. That list, as you probably guessed, is a list of instance variables. Instance variables can be anything that defines the object that they are part of. Notice how "color" and "wheels" are both on the list? While at first it might seem like those are completely different things, they really aren't. Think about it; a car has wheels, and a car has a color. One of those characteristics is more detailed than the other, but they are both characteristics of a car. Here you can see a modified Car class from my second tutorial: Variables in Methods Instance variables aren't the only types of variables in Java. Sometimes you need to use a variable in the same way that you would in algebra. For example, let's say you have a class called Rectangle. We have made 2 instance variables: width and height (remember these variables help define the rectangle). We have also made a method: getArea(). If you haven't already, try and think for a moment as to why I chose not to make an instance variable for the area of the rectangle. Actually think. Are you thinking? Stop reading. Stop it. Think! Alright well if you've made it this far you've either already thought, or you're just ignoring me. That's okay, let's just move on (you didn't hurt my feelings or anything). Hopefully that gave you enough time to at least try to think that through. If you couldn't think of anything, that's completely okay; most people couldn't think of anything either. As I'm sure you guessed, area is another variable! But wait, hold on a minute... It's not where width and height are. That's because area isn't an instance variable! Instead of being created as an instance variable, area was created as what is called a local variable inside of the getArea method. Local variables get their name because they are created inside of a specific method. A local variable is local to a certain method. So you're probably noticing how I still haven't answered the most important question: "Why isn't area an instance variable?" Look at the width and the height of a rectangle. Those are pretty obvious characteristics, right? In fact, they are the only two characteristics of a rectangle. You're probably thinking "What...? Then what is the area if it's not a characteristic?" To answer that, think about what you need to make a rectangle. All you need the width and the height. That's it. One you have the width and height, the width and height are then used to calculate the area of the rectangle. This makes the area of the rectangle a calculation instead of an instance variable. Useful Tip: If you are ever finding yourself wondering if something should be an instance variable or a calculation, think about it this way: If you set all of the instance variables in a class to a random value, would the resulting object still make sense? If the answer to that question is no, at least one of the instance variables you've chosen should be changed to be a calculation. For example, let's make area an instance variable, and try with a rectangle. I'll set each to a random value between 1 and 20. Here's what I got: width = 5 height = 17 area = 2 You should be able to see pretty quickly what the problem with that is. The area of a rectangle with a width of 5 and a height of 17 can never be 2. Making area an instance variable caused the rectangle to fail the "random value" test, so you know that area must be a calculation. Conclusion This is the end of the fourth installment of my Learning Java with TRiBot tutorial series. This session was all about learning what variables are, and the basics of how they are used in a program. At this point, we have gone through all of the aspects of a basic program. Congratulations! This is the last tutorial before you get to start writing code, and write your first program! If there is anything listed above that you would like a graphical representation of so you can visualize it better, please let me know and I will do my best to include it. If there is anything you don't understand, please let me know! If you didn't understand it, chances are someone else didn't either.
  24. You only need VIP-E; however, I would strongly encourage you to complete the data collection 22 times and then submitting your results to @TRiLeZ, as that will greatly improve the dynamicity of the data. This will in turn improve the human mouse's effectiveness.
  25. This is incredibly subjective. Not all local scripts are created equal, and that concept propagates to Premium Scripts as well. It really depends on what the script does and of what quality the premium script is. A high-quality premium script will almost always have a lower ban rate (and just be better in general) than a local script coded by someone who does not have a lot of experience with Java and/or the TRiBot API. If you are not confident in your scripting abilities in relation to both functionality and antiban, I would recommend sticking to Premium Scripts for scripts that you are actually using, but then continue to write your own local scripts "on the side" to refine your skills.