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  1. Tau GE has been updated and should once again be fully functional. If anyone continues to experience any problems, please let me know ASAP, preferably via Discord. Thank you all for your patience! As promised, an extension will be given as compensation for the downtime. As previously stated, the extension will only be applied to users with active Tau GE subscriptions. As such, all users have until (at least) Monday night to re-purchase Tau GE, at which point the extension will be applied.
  2. Announcements The above information is largely a personal Thank You to my customers, and some explaining on my end. To those who have no interest in reading such information, know that the script will be fixed by the end of the day, and I thank you all for waiting. While most of you are simply customers, there are dozens of you who have been with me from the beginning; since the glory days of Sigma Merch. It is somewhat unusual for people to display signs of personal weakness when in business, but it is my belief that it is my obligation to be transparent with all of you rather than leaving you to wonder why (and therefore oftentimes assume the worst). Below I am going to be sharing quite a bit about myself and my personal life, so I once again warn those who have no interest or find that awkward, know that the script will be fixed by the end of the day. But I digress. I have been going through personal turmoil for many months now. This illness has certainly not helped the matter, so once I again I apologize for the horrendous timing of this incident, as well as my lack of public presence on the forums for the last 8-12 months. I will not go into detail as details are irrelevant to the vast majority of you, but know that if I could have been active, I would have been. To those who are familiar with the three most common mental health disorders — i.e., ADD/ADHD, Anxiety/Panic, and Depression — , you already know how difficult just one of the three can be to overcome, much less all three at once. Throw one of the worst cases of Perfectionism you can imagine into the mix and you've got a pretty good view into my head. (By the way, if you want an example of how even the best of us can fall, watch Iron Man 3. It's fiction, but it depicts PTSD-triggered Panic Disorder perfectly. But once again, I digress). I am not going to go into any more detail than I have above, but know that those are the conditions that I have been battling with (as well as getting my insurance to help pay for the help I need, but once more I digress). What I really want to say is thank you. Thank you to my customers who have been more than patient and understanding, but most of all, thank you to my support team for holding down the fort while I went through my crucible. I say this because I want everyone to know that I am taking no one for granted, I am ignoring no one, and I appreciate all of you. Well, that was fun, now wasn't it? Lots of feelings and what-not? Probably feels kinda strange for all of you reading this; but hey, it needed to be said. As the nice fancy italicized text says at the top of this post, Tau GE will be fixed by the end of the day, and the extension will then be given as soon as TRiLeZ has the time to apply it. If anyone has any further questions or would like to talk to me personally, please contact me via the Tau Support Discord Chat (link in signature), or shoot me a PM (via Discord). Ciao!
  3. I am incredibly sorry about the longer-than-expected downtime. I have been largely bedridden for almost a week now, but have recovered enough to post this. As pointed out above, this shouldn't take me long once I have recovered enough to get to work. I am optimistic that this will be by the end of the today, but I will make no promises due to the unpredictability of illnesses. That said, my personal circumstances are no excuse for the extended downtime. As such, once the script is fixed, I will be providing all users with an extension as compensation for the downtime. However, note that due to current technical restrictions of TRiBot, only active users will receive the extension, so be sure you have an active subscription when the extension is given.
  4. Working on a fix. Should be posted within 36 hours (optimistically within 12).
  5. Hi TacoManStan,

    I've just bought the 199 unlimited authorization bundle because your bot had lots of great reviews, but ive not used it before. Im having trouble getting it started. I watched the video. Ive ticked all the ai boxes, and selected auto. I ticked buying and selling and selected a buying limit for adamant ore for 4500. Ive also ticked all the ai boxes in the other tabs - auto pricing, and margin checking, and ive clicked auto and enabled in the margin checking tab . But theres still the big red triangles that wont let me start the script. Can you help me with getting it working please?



    1. kenshin


      i got it working

  6. Question regarding 'private' scripts

    It is also worth noting that if a Scripter says their private script will contain said revolutionary antiban, they are almost certainly either A, grossly exaggerating, or B, flat out lying. The antiban in premium scripts already have variances from account to account, but the script's logic is still being used by multiple hundreds of people. Instead of asking for a private script to be written from scratch, you might want to consider messaging the author of the existing premium script to see if they might add additional antiban into the script that only applies to you. You would of course still be charged a significant fee, but it would be substantially cheaper than getting someone to code the script from scratch.
  7. It happens. As I see from your signature, you know what you're doing.
  8. I see you've sent me another PM regardless, but for everyone's future reference: If it has been more than 2 weeks and I have not responded to your PM, that means I for some reason missed your PM, even if it is marked as read. If that happens, reply to the original PM so I receive a new notification.
  9. Update has been posted. Made a mistake with the upload. Fixing now.
  10. Working on fix; update should be live by end of the day.
  11. Trial duration has been increased from 1.5 hrs to 7 hrs.
  12. @SomMC I see that @contemporary has already answered your last 2 questions, so I'll just answer your first. It is not possible in the sense that I cannot manually add additional time to your trial, or reset it. That said, I think that the trial is a bit short. It can take 1.5 hours just to setup the GUI if you want to really get your hands dirty and mess with the more advanced settings and features. So with that being said, I am going to increase the trial time from 1.5 to 4 hours. @leoshiro Yes, indeed they did. I can only imagine that most users look at Tau Grand Exchange v2 as a myth or legend, given the amount of time since its initial announcement. However, I assure you that Tau Grand Exchange v2 will be released, and while I cannot give an ETA, I can say that I have begun dusting off my old notes on the subject. If all goes as planned, the ban rate of Tau Grand Exchange v2 will be that of the good ol' days when users could run Tau Grand Exchange for weeks straight without getting banned.
  13. Script arguments have been fixed (v1.3.29). More information in Change Log.
  14. It should be, yes. If it's not let me know and I will look into why it isn't loading properly.