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  1. You are probably beyond this if you know Visual Basic, but you can check out my beginner's tutorials:
  2. There was a private script released somewhat recently that uses the abomination that is undercutting to make a profit. My theory is that Jagex leaves GE scripts alone for the most part, unless they are damaging the market, which this private script clearly is. Unfortunately yes, I have literally been that busy. That is why I hired my support team to answer questions and handle issues. If you are having issues with the script, talk to them. If you are having issues with my support team, talk to me
  3. @Rohm There are 2 projects that must be completed before I start work on Tau Bot Farm Manager 2.0: The gargantuan, "secret" project I have been working on since December of last year, and then when that is finally done, Tau Grand Exchange 2.0. On the subject of the project that has been occupying my time for so long, I am pleased to announce that the project is finally nearly completion. I still hesitate to publicly announce an ETA, but the project should at minimum be announced by the end of the year. That being said, I am hoping/aiming to announce the project far sooner than that (sometime in October maybe?)
  4. This is a question for the Logic Pro thread; you will have much better luck getting a relevant reply by posting there.
  5. @iFluffee
  6. Updates that add new content such as that always disrupt the market to some degree, even if the new content is seemingly unrelated to the item you are merching. It usually takes 1-5 days for the market to stabilize again (usually closer to 1-2 days).
  7. ~ Tau Grand Exchange End of Summer Sale ~


  8. Oh, I see what you mean. I thought you were talking about botting skills instead of idling. I have something in mind for that called the "Hybrid Mode" option. I won't go into detail on Hybrid Mode right now, but trust that it will accomplish what you are requesting.
  9. I have considered doing this in the past; however, adding such an option would drastically increase the ban rate of the script in addition to sucking up a lot of development time. That being said, I do in fact have plans to introduce this as a feature in Tau GE V2, at least to some degree (chances are you will be able to run Tau GE in the background of another script of your choosing).
  10. @vman044 Welcome to TRiBot! Please make sure you know and understand TRiBot's rules on private script sales: Only Premium Scripters are allowed to accept private script requests. The use of TRiBot repository credits is the only permitted form of payment when purchasing a private script. You might want to consider modifying your thread to ensure your request stays within those rules (such as the quote below). Best of luck!
  11. Can vouch for this; seems to be the most regularly-maintained and reliable OSRS Item ID database currently available.
  12. You only need VIP-E; however, I would strongly encourage you to complete the data collection 22 times and then submitting your results to @TRiLeZ, as that will greatly improve the dynamicity of the data. This will in turn improve the human mouse's effectiveness.
  13. This is incredibly subjective. Not all local scripts are created equal, and that concept propagates to Premium Scripts as well. It really depends on what the script does and of what quality the premium script is. A high-quality premium script will almost always have a lower ban rate (and just be better in general) than a local script coded by someone who does not have a lot of experience with Java and/or the TRiBot API. If you are not confident in your scripting abilities in relation to both functionality and antiban, I would recommend sticking to Premium Scripts for scripts that you are actually using, but then continue to write your own local scripts "on the side" to refine your skills.
  14. Mini Announcement I don't want to get anyone too overly excited because this isn't going to be released any time soon (at least a month, likely longer), but I'm going to be working on a "list assistant" that you can purchase as an add-on for Tau Grand Exchange. It will essentially help you choose items for your list based on a set of criteria that you enter into it. I have not yet determined a price for it, so do not ask. Also, before anyone asks, the answer is no, it will not automatically build item lists for you. As I have said countless times before on this thread, I will never (publicly) release any features that would attribute to a wide-scale market crash.
  15. I've decided that if I do make a high score list, it is going to be exclusively integrated into the script so any random person cannot just go online and view it. Also, just like with dynamic signatures, you will have an option to opt-out of the high scores list, if it is in fact implemented. Yes, it is working. It is possible you denied the firewall connection. My support team will be able to help you further once they are online and available.