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  1. It is also worth noting that if a Scripter says their private script will contain said revolutionary antiban, they are almost certainly either A, grossly exaggerating, or B, flat out lying. The antiban in premium scripts already have variances from account to account, but the script's logic is still being used by multiple hundreds of people. Instead of asking for a private script to be written from scratch, you might want to consider messaging the author of the existing premium script to see if they might add additional antiban into the script that only applies to you. You would of course still be charged a significant fee, but it would be substantially cheaper than getting someone to code the script from scratch.
  2. It happens. As I see from your signature, you know what you're doing.
  3. I see you've sent me another PM regardless, but for everyone's future reference: If it has been more than 2 weeks and I have not responded to your PM, that means I for some reason missed your PM, even if it is marked as read. If that happens, reply to the original PM so I receive a new notification.
  4. Update has been posted. Made a mistake with the upload. Fixing now.
  5. Working on fix; update should be live by end of the day.
  6. Trial duration has been increased from 1.5 hrs to 7 hrs.
  7. @SomMC I see that @contemporary has already answered your last 2 questions, so I'll just answer your first. It is not possible in the sense that I cannot manually add additional time to your trial, or reset it. That said, I think that the trial is a bit short. It can take 1.5 hours just to setup the GUI if you want to really get your hands dirty and mess with the more advanced settings and features. So with that being said, I am going to increase the trial time from 1.5 to 4 hours. @leoshiro Yes, indeed they did. I can only imagine that most users look at Tau Grand Exchange v2 as a myth or legend, given the amount of time since its initial announcement. However, I assure you that Tau Grand Exchange v2 will be released, and while I cannot give an ETA, I can say that I have begun dusting off my old notes on the subject. If all goes as planned, the ban rate of Tau Grand Exchange v2 will be that of the good ol' days when users could run Tau Grand Exchange for weeks straight without getting banned.
  8. Script arguments have been fixed (v1.3.29). More information in Change Log.
  9. It should be, yes. If it's not let me know and I will look into why it isn't loading properly.
  10. @jangan I believe this is an issue with the current release of the client. However, I have uploaded a new version of the script that allows you to ignore error checking. This may cause the script to function less effectively, pause for an extended period of time, or any other unpredictable behavior. More information will be posted on the OP shortly. The script also does not directly support Looking Glass. I highly recommend running the script using TRiBot normally for the best performance and reliability. @Rickm I have a tutorial that shows you how exactly how to go through the process of deleting hooks.dat. Link. It takes some time to get accustomed to the script. You will get the hang of it. @tobyjones3006 Try reloading the item data. There is an option for this in one of the script's menus.
  11. I encourage everyone to read through the thread linked above before submitting a comment to this thread.
  12. Agreed; I will do my best to correct this as soon as possible. Yes. When TRiLeZ announced the existence of a secret, massive-scale project (which I will refer to as Project X), he also mentioned that he has already expanded the development team. This comment was, as you may have now guessed, referring to me. I have been working tirelessly alongside TRiLeZ for almost a year now. I will not reveal any details on Project X; that is on TRiLeZ. However, I will say that I have spent countless hours working specifically to ensure that scripts will be far more efficient, free of client-related bugs, smoother, more user-friendly, and on top of all of that, will take a fraction of the time to develop. I have a document that contains all of the ideas I have had for Tau Grand Exchange v2. In this document, I have also included a note of every single suggestion that has been made by a user. This by no means guarantees that your suggestions will be implemented. It does, however, guarantee three things: If you presented a solution to a problem, your solution will be thoughtfully and carefully considered. If I decide not to implement your proposed solution to a problem, an alternate solution will always be implemented instead. In other words, every problem that is brought to my attention will be solved. If you presented an idea of a new feature, an update to an existing feature, a new option, or any other idea to improve the quality of the script, your idea will be thoughtfully and carefully considered. Once your idea has been considered, it will be placed into my "To Do" list. In other words, all ideas that are presented to me will be implemented eventually. The only exception is if I deem your idea to be detrimental to the script, in which case either I or a member of my support team will contact you with an explanation as to why your idea will not be implemented. I will compile the contents of that document into a presentable format, and then post it here. Unfortunately, there are certain bugs that are rooted deep within the AI logic. Unfortunately, to fix these bugs, the entire AI would need to be rewritten. Fortunately, I have already conceptualized the structure of a new, far more powerful AI. This AI will be the core of Tau GE v2. Note: AI logic bugs typically manifest as anomalistic item prices. I assure you that your contributions, suggestions, and comments have not been ignored. This is true for all of my users. I have been put in an incredibly difficult situation. The project I am working on with TRiLeZ is at the core of Tau Grand Exchange v2's design, so I can't begin development until the other project has been completed. However, Tau Grand Exchange v1 has several issues that undeniably need to be addressed, but would also be a waste of time to address now given the impending release of Project X. I very much appreciate this. Thank you. It seems to me that for whatever reason, people assume that the absence of public progress updates means the absence of progress itself. On the contrary, it is the exact opposite. Writing thoughtful, informative, worthwhile posts takes both time and energy. Therefore, the absence of progress updates means the time and energy that would have gone into writing the progress update is instead being allocated to actual progress. Simply put, just because progress is not being announced does not mean progress is not being made. I apologize to everyone for my apparent absence, and also because after this post, I will unfortunately have to disappear again for at least a little while. I will leave you all with this: I am spending practically every waking moment working, whether it be directly or indirectly, towards the release of Tau Grand Exchange v2.
  13. I agree with you entirely. There is no reason for the TRiBot servers to cost more than $300/month. @TRiLeZ, you need to stop throwing your money away. Have you forgotten that TRiBot once ran on a cheaper service, and that using this cheaper service resulted in no complications? That was of course rhetoric, as it is apparent you have indeed forgotten. Please allow me to refresh you (or in some cases teach you) some pertinent information: The previous, cheaper server service never even came close to reaching its maximum computation output allotment, much less surpassing it. The previous service was never slowed, much less shut down, by a DoS attack. There isn't, never was, and never will be anyone who would benefit from using a DoS attack on TRiBot anyways. Consequently, even had the previous service been incapable of averting a DoS attack, which it easily could, it wouldn't have mattered. Even if TRiBot had been slowed or shut down by a DoS attack (which, by the way, never happened ever) when using the previous service, it wouldn't have mattered. This is undoubtedly in direct consequence of the kind, understanding, mature, and patient nature of every TRiBot user; they certainly wouldn't have minded, much less gotten upset and/or complained about, a slowdown or some downtime. TRiBot's servers are used exclusively for powering the forums, repository, and a couple of incredibly non-intensive client functions. All TRiBot users (kingboonz, for example), have both access to and a complete understanding of TRiBot's server backend, not to mention all other aspects of TRiBot's internals. Kind Regards, The TRiBot Taco Disclaimer: This post is not satirical, nor is this sentence sarcastic.
  14. The majority of TRiBot's source code is obfuscated. That is done by TRiLeZ; by "default", decompiled code is generally easy to read.