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  1. I agree with you entirely. There is no reason for the TRiBot servers to cost more than $300/month. @TRiLeZ, you need to stop throwing your money away. Have you forgotten that TRiBot once ran on a cheaper service, and that using this cheaper service resulted in no complications? That was of course rhetoric, as it is apparent you have indeed forgotten. Please allow me to refresh you (or in some cases teach you) some pertinent information: The previous, cheaper server service never even came close to reaching its maximum computation output allotment, much less surpassing it. The previous service was never slowed, much less shut down, by a DoS attack. There isn't, never was, and never will be anyone who would benefit from using a DoS attack on TRiBot anyways. Consequently, even had the previous service been incapable of averting a DoS attack, which it easily could, it wouldn't have mattered. Even if TRiBot had been slowed or shut down by a DoS attack (which, by the way, never happened ever) when using the previous service, it wouldn't have mattered. This is undoubtedly in direct consequence of the kind, understanding, mature, and patient nature of every TRiBot user; they certainly wouldn't have minded, much less gotten upset and/or complained about, a slowdown or some downtime. TRiBot's servers are used exclusively for powering the forums, repository, and a couple of incredibly non-intensive client functions. All TRiBot users (kingboonz, for example), have both access to and a complete understanding of TRiBot's server backend, not to mention all other aspects of TRiBot's internals. Kind Regards, The TRiBot Taco Disclaimer: This post is not satirical, nor is this sentence sarcastic.
  2. The majority of TRiBot's source code is obfuscated. That is done by TRiLeZ; by "default", decompiled code is generally easy to read.
  3. Ya, this seems to be a fairly consistent-ish pattern. I think Jagex occasionally turns their manual bot-busting focus to the GE for a bit, most likely when the economy is taking a hit. I know when someone started using a private script that supports undercutting, less than a week later their was a Tau GE "ban wave" for about a week, then it went back to normal. Just from my own observations, I'd say these "ban waves" seem to happen every 1-2 months or so. Anyways, I know at this point Tau GE v2 seems like a fairy tale, but I can promise you 100% that Tau GE v2 will most definitely be released, and that it will have a significantly higher chance of avoiding the "manual ban waves" I mentioned above (and the automated bot-banning system as well). And before anyone asks, no, there is unfortunately no ETA for the release of Tau GE v2.
  4. I haven't posted an update to the script in months. Is anything about the script behaving differently than before?
  5. @Butta Thank you for notifying me of the situation. User has been PM'd and the issue is being addressed.
  6. You are probably beyond this if you know Visual Basic, but you can check out my beginner's tutorials:
  7. There was a private script released somewhat recently that uses the abomination that is undercutting to make a profit. My theory is that Jagex leaves GE scripts alone for the most part, unless they are damaging the market, which this private script clearly is. Unfortunately yes, I have literally been that busy. That is why I hired my support team to answer questions and handle issues. If you are having issues with the script, talk to them. If you are having issues with my support team, talk to me
  8. @Rohm There are 2 projects that must be completed before I start work on Tau Bot Farm Manager 2.0: The gargantuan, "secret" project I have been working on since December of last year, and then when that is finally done, Tau Grand Exchange 2.0. On the subject of the project that has been occupying my time for so long, I am pleased to announce that the project is finally nearly completion. I still hesitate to publicly announce an ETA, but the project should at minimum be announced by the end of the year. That being said, I am hoping/aiming to announce the project far sooner than that (sometime in October maybe?)
  9. This is a question for the Logic Pro thread; you will have much better luck getting a relevant reply by posting there.
  10. @iFluffee
  11. Updates that add new content such as that always disrupt the market to some degree, even if the new content is seemingly unrelated to the item you are merching. It usually takes 1-5 days for the market to stabilize again (usually closer to 1-2 days).
  12. ~ Tau Grand Exchange End of Summer Sale ~


  13. Oh, I see what you mean. I thought you were talking about botting skills instead of idling. I have something in mind for that called the "Hybrid Mode" option. I won't go into detail on Hybrid Mode right now, but trust that it will accomplish what you are requesting.
  14. I have considered doing this in the past; however, adding such an option would drastically increase the ban rate of the script in addition to sucking up a lot of development time. That being said, I do in fact have plans to introduce this as a feature in Tau GE V2, at least to some degree (chances are you will be able to run Tau GE in the background of another script of your choosing).
  15. @vman044 Welcome to TRiBot! Please make sure you know and understand TRiBot's rules on private script sales: Only Premium Scripters are allowed to accept private script requests. The use of TRiBot repository credits is the only permitted form of payment when purchasing a private script. You might want to consider modifying your thread to ensure your request stays within those rules (such as the quote below). Best of luck!