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  1. TacoManStan

    Tau Grand Exchange Script

    I can clarify this situation for everyone. As some people know, I have been suffering from several severe mental health issues over the last 2-3 years. I won't go into it because the specifics aren't really relevant, but what is relevant is the impact those mental health issues have had on my ability to handle my position as a Premium Scripter on TRiBot. As @Netami pointed out, this isn't the first time this has happened. He knows better than most, as he used to be on my support team, and used to use Tau GE. Yes, the script does, in fact, work exceptionally well for most. From an administrative perspective, this is not acceptable. As TRiLeZ recently pointed out to me in a discussion, TRiBot needs to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible, just like any business. If a script is broken for 5% of users, 5% of users will be dissatisfied. That is 5% dissatisfaction before the script is even started, which when you think about it, makes perfect sense to avoid. I have had a long time to ensure the script works for all users, yet for reasons I explained above, I failed to deliver. I openly and regrettably admit this. The last thing I am going to address is the future. Most of the aforementioned problems have been taken care of, and I had planned on getting back into the thick of things starting at the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately, this lined up exactly with when the script was disabled and my demotion from Premium Scripter. Nevertheless, I am still resuming my activity, both on the forums and scripting. The reason I bring this up is to clarify that I am NOT becoming active again to get my rank back or anything like that; I have to wait 6 months before reapplying anyway. I know I am going to be accused of this, and I wanted to out of the gate clarify that this is not the case. If anyone has any additional questions for me, please feel free to shoot me a PM, and I'll be happy to reply. @NinjadGuy
  2. TacoManStan

    need java help

    You can run 32bit programs (including Java) on a 64bit operating system.
  3. TacoManStan

    need java help

    It looks like you downloaded the jdk as a zip folder. You can do this, but it is much easier to download the .exe. Use this link. Make sure you download the .exe:
  4. TacoManStan

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    Seems like you already have this in mind, but I will say it anyway: I strongly recommend doing what my GE bot did, and never offer undercutting as an option. I had that in my script for no less than a week, and the damage to the RS economy just from that was visible, especially on commonly traded items. That aside, the script looks great! Good work!
  5. TacoManStan

    need java help

    That looks like the folder that is created when you install Java. I'm not sure why it isn't in one of your Program Files directories, as it should have been put there automatically.
  6. Script has been fixed as of 2 days ago. Incredibly sorry for the delay.
  7. i have the same problem

  8. What do do when I type a item in the offer slot and then it says no results, which leads to me being unable to add the buy limit.. please help me out here.


  9. Announcement I've been working on fixing the idle bug for the last 4-5 hours or so. It doesn't happen very often (obviously often enough to be a problem, though), so it's proving to be difficult to find the root of the problem. Chances are I will have to get some sleep and then get back at it tomorrow. Rest assured that the issue is being addressed as my number one priority. Important: Anyone who has screenshots, stack traces, GIFs, or any other pieces of information that could potentially prove useful in identifying the cause of the bug, please post them in my Discord Bug Reports Channel.
  10. TacoManStan

    Request for Refund on OSRS Dax Hunter

    TRiBot definitely isn't outdated, don't worry! Some scripts have been updated more recently than others, but just because a script is old doesn't mean the script doesn't work well and isn't kept up to date.
  11. This won't be an issue, don't worry. Announcement I ask all current and prospect Tau script users to please join the Tau Discord Server to get top quality, fast support, help from other Tau GE users, and just hang out and talk. If you want to get in contact with me personally (I would highly recommend going through one of my support agents — such as @Butta, for example — before contacting me due to my incredibly busy schedule, but if you absolutely must get in contact with me, Discord is almost always going to be your best bet. First, try mentioning me in a message via the Tau Discord Server. Oftentimes you won't even need to wait for me, because one of my support agents or another Tau GE user will be able to help you out. Sometimes my notifications can get drowned out, so if after 48 weekday hours you have not yet received a reply, feel free to shoot me a Discord PM. Important: Please do not send me a PM on Discord unless you have tried all of the above-mentioned suggestions. At this time, I receive a small enough quantity of PMs to be able to answer all of them without too much trouble, but if PMs containing questions that can be easily answered elsewhere start popping up, it will negate what is currently the only way for users who have important questions/comments to contact me directly and receive a prompt response. So please be courteous of that, thank you.
  12. Several years ago, I adopted a simple yet fundamental principle I now write all new code by: "If there are multiple ways to do something, implement all of them, and let the user choose which one to use." When it makes sense to do so, I will always implement all viable methods of completing a task (such as price-checking an item, for example). That being said, I must emphasize "When it makes sense to do so"; there are only so many hours in a day, after all. As such, to me, a project is never"complete". No matter what the project is — even an incredibly polished, well-designed, bug-free, and feature-packed project such as FL Studio and Adobe Photoshop — improvements can always be made. As for Tau Grand Exchange, updates have obviously been stale for quite some time now. Unfortunately, as many of you know already, I have been completely out of commission for a very long time, due to a variety of annoying and/or debilitating series of events. My devotion, attention, and insistence on high-quality work is soon going to once again apply not only to Tau Grand Exchange, but all Tau scripts. Anyways, my point is this: If I announce the development of a new feature, it is implicit that the feature will never be forced upon you. With very, very few exceptions (none of which I can think of at the moment), you will always be able to choose to run the script exactly as it was before the update.
  13. Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I am mostly known for Tau Grand Exchange, my GE money making bot. However, I am looking to branch out and make something new. Below I have made a list of the types of things I would like my new script to be: Creative. I want to make something creative, innovative, or just plain fun! Perhaps the script already exists, but is no longer being updated, or doesn't have all the features you would like it to have. In that case, I would consider looking into it. Non-Combat. This isn't a set-in-stone rule, but in general, I would prefer to avoid making a combat script. If the script has some combat in it that is fine, but I don't want to make, say, a Green Dragon Killer. No Quests. If a small quest is involved in the script then so be it, but otherwise, I will not make a questing script. No High Level Requirements. I do not currently have a high level account, nor do I wish to create a script that requires a high level. Maybe sometime in the future, but not now. Dynamic. This isn't absolutely necessary, but it would be nice if the script contained some sort of dynamic goal, and/or perhaps a script with multiple steps involved, and/or a script that has aspects that can be done in a variety of different ways. A Thinker. I always like a challenge. If there is a script that seems like it would be complicated/difficult to create, I would love to give it a try. Note that that does not mean tedious. An example of something tedious would be a questing script. Not Too Niche. I want to make a public script, not a private script. I will only make something that would be useful to a decently large number of players. Well, that's pretty much it. I have a couple of ideas in mind already, but I'd like to hear what the TRiBot community has to say. Feel free to post below or PM me. Thank you all in advance! ~ Taco ~ Note to Tau GE Customers: Before anyone brings up "Hey, why aren't you working on Tau GE V2?", I want to say... that I am! Don't worry, getting Tau GE V2 released is still my priority, but I would like to have another project to work on as well.