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  1. brandontrann

    Delta Cooker

    @TRiLeZ, after awhile of using the script it says We have ran out of food. Stopping script. It happens because it fails to deposit the 14 wines it just made, and withdraws 14 water jugs on top of it. Once that happens, the client reads as unable to make food, although supplies are in the bank. So the invent looks like 14 wines then 14 jugs of water.
  2. Great script, but found that when its cannoning rock crabs + training strength, it only replaces cannon about 5 times. Then the cannon eventually decays, and the app just continues to run around getting rock crabs for nothing or just completely freezing standing still. @Tri https://gyazo.com/3cefd2a937cc48ef7ee874a80a1f69dd I have on these settings: https://gyazo.com/934d86b043194cebb35a7575c6a9bfc0
  3. Same problem, it tends to pick the high school worlds like 1750 skill level required worlds, and gets jammed. Also, world hoppings a tad fast, can it use quick world hop in the log out button screen instead of logging out and re-entering credentials? @Tri
  4. It seems to be working fine with everything in Ardougne. Thieve in this order mates: -Lvl 1: Lumbridge Men [suicide thieving] -Lvl 10: Varrock Tea Stall-Lvl 25: Warrior Woman-Lvl 38: Draynor Master Farmer-Lvl 38: Marvin the Master Gardener-Lvl 38: Ardougne Master Farmer-Lvl 40: Ardougne Guards-Lvl 55: Knight of Ardougne-Lvl 55: Safe Cracking [Rogue's Den]-Lvl 65: Yanille Watchman-Lvl 70: Ardougne Paladin-Lvl 80: Ardougne Hero
  5. Name of Script: Motherlode Miner Script Version: 4.1.3_0 TRiBot Version: 9.230_0 Java Version: 1.8.0_51 Operating System: Mac OSX Using Looking Glass (y/n): n Using VPS (y/n): n Using Tabs (y/n): n Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY): Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY): Stack Traces (Do at least 4 times, Pastebin ONLY): GUI Setup Screenshots (Only if relevant, Imgur ONLY): Other Screenshots (Only if relevant, Imgur ONLY): https://gyazo.com/51d309a51dab0bef7cfc9064fb10c829 https://gyazo.com/046010dcbe45bfa057e7779672d05eb6 It keeps getting stuck here, and at the same point north of it on the opposite side of the rock. Says walking to ore vein. Labeled the two locations on it. I restarted it 5x it kept getting stuck. Just bought the script, was first time using it. Same problem as @CodyC3
  6. Some of these guys can't play without bots.
  7. I noticed when cut or stringing individually, it logs off when supplies are inefficient. However, when doing both at the same time, it doesn't log when out of 1 supply. @jason3460
  8. brandontrann

    Delta Cooker

    @TRiLeZ, how come it gets stuck using sharks on fire at rogue's den here and there? I watched it do it 10x over O_o Congrats on 99 cooking and fishing! How often did you bot fishing, if I may ask and @ITryNotToTroll thank you so much for the post,
  9. @Encoded, the script is a bit blurry at the bottom when displaying strength xp barbarian fishing. https://gyazo.com/0a644ebfcb54461fd8110ee6d2990f71
  10. brandontrann

    Delta Cooker

    @TRiLeZ, after update today, script does not load properly. It spams client debug as well, and when started ends immediately. https://gyazo.com/627ac76ac687df5ae12c3e4c7addf258
  11. Script ends instantly after running when using Cut & String for Magic longbows. It only works if I do each one individually. @Druid https://gyazo.com/917b493c2c7030b6851b2c8d93263821 proof here I was at edge bank when I started the script. @simplyamazing, it's not the scripts fault you got banned. Got 99 fletching on over 3 different accounts with this script, and no problems. Did you use proxy when playing 2 different accounts? Did you use break handler? Did you play a reasonable amount each day like 5-6k bows a day instead of 10-15k?
  12. What should my stats look like to run nats in the abyss efficiently. I'm currently 70/66/70, 73 hp 50 agility and 40 mining, but i continue to die over and over again. Just wondering what you guy's setups are looking like
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