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  1. Is there a full item list? Im playing on a ironman and cant use GE.
  2. How safe is the scrips to use with 70hp and sharks?
  3. Fails with the conversation when repairing pouches. Maybe it can use keyboard insted of clicking?
  4. Im an Ironman, is there way to get to barrows without a Barrows tab, and if so, how do I set it up? Happy botting.
  5. Ive got a problem when killing Gargoyles, when I select loot coins it will pick up all coins, even if its 1gp. Is there way so the bot only picks up the 10k drops? Example if I can choose to loot "coin 10000" or something, it will only pick up coins if its exactly 10000 gp. Ive tried to use loot over X, but that doesnt really work for me as i want to choose exactly what i want to loot. Thanks.
  6. Why does the scrips stop after 15 sec? It ports to varrock and goes to bank, after that script ends.
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