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  1. Of course not I would never do something like that When it comes to being completely forthright with my information I am 100% innocent and have turned over all my e-mails and servers. I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
  2. I would like to submit a request to an Admin/who ever has authority to change my Username. I wish to eventually get into script writing and would rather not have a crappy username. I was not able to a find a way to achieve this in the settings. Thanks
  3. well it's always nice to get a reply/pm so that I feel less like a useless dickhead taking up forum space. Thanks guys. Cheers to each of our individual future endeavors and best of luck to you all. I hope to continue to seek to better myself to the point of self-learning programming and script writing. I want to out do my friend whose in a University for scripting want to demonstrate the power of self-learned
  4. fixed. the idea was that it'd be easier if I separated different idea points into colored sections Noted that it doesn't rly work
  5. figured as much. I'm more trying to tackle this from a mutually beneficial tactic. there's no point in sharing key points of ban avoidance because it's self destructive, Jagex sees it, other botters reduce your own value.. etc. I'm going to go based on PMs and other direct messaging so I can share/receive information of equal value so we can both benefit. Starting to see more and more how it's imperative to develop one's own scripts to even succeed at anything feasible.
  6. Firstly, let me introduce myself without wasting too much of your time. I'm from the US, my preferred botting is Woodcutting, I have four computers capable of running 28-30 bots simultaneously, depending on how many browser tabs I have open, YT, etc.. I'm sure there's been some of the more trial-and-error minded individuals who learn the hard way, and those who simply understand the mechanics of it who have come to find their own way of properly creating and running accounts.. accounts that would be viewed as 'suicide accounts' to one individual that would actually be long-term bots by another because they simply don't get banned that often because they're able to avoid chain bans. All of what was previously stated has been tested within some margin of error. What are your opinions on sharing crucial information for the bot community? I'm sure Jagex has their own people who regularly check and see what's the latest and greatest in the botting world. Is is bad for business to share all the ins and outs of one's own hypotheses? Would it be better off left unsaid so Jagex doesn't tweak their BotWatch to detect certain things now that they know we know? I'm interested in engaging in conversation via Message, Skype, TS, Discord, whatever on sharing information of what you've found and what I've found. ~I've searched pretty far and wide to figure out if this info is already posted both on this forum and others and it appears some of the things that I'd like to share are not only difficult to find, but seems they simply don't exist. When I see people asking why they got chain-banned asking if their IP is flagged for botting, it's almost frustrating not just because I was in that position, but also because I know how to solve that. hmm... Anyway, I'd like to start an active discussion on basic botting i.e. best way to prevent cross-contamination of mules, bots, and mains throughout your systems and ISPs i.e. phone tethering, etc.. Not going to bother discussing the basics of VPNs, creating accounts on TOR, ABC2, or x-fering, but more along the lines of how to stay safe and how to transfer the gp successfully even from an account that's flagged for bot farming. Oh shit, that took long to post lol. (edited for color fix lol)
  7. Yes, I encourage any of you to seek my assistance.. I run an untraceable company out of India that provides 'legitimate' tech support and barely speak english XD
  8. That sounds pretty simple lol, not going to charge anyone for advice/solution to a simple problem. Can you PM me some more details just to avoid filling this thread with a conversation. I'll send you a PM just so it's easy to reply to.
  9. that's one of the most useful pieces of info I've ever seen on this subject. thank you I run 25 bots at the same time with regular rotation, I pretty much expect them to get banned, but I'd rather they not lol I'll refrain from asking more questions until I research more into how your PC may handle multiple proxies at once i.e. if you just type in the Proxy into Tribot and it just connects to it or if you need some sort of program on your PC in order to process these proxies. It's probably the first one, but it looks like I need to educate myself much more onto proxies. I'll probably use such a service once I find proper self-sustaining scripts that will pay for the proxies themselves. The reason why I value my accounts less are because they are all f2p... HOWEVER, that's an amazing site you showed me, I'll probably use it so I can train a main account simultaneous without cross contamination and chainban
  10. I realize I didn't put much info about me. Without literally doxing myself on a public forum, I'm 21 to 23 years old, I'm ex-military (never saw combat), I do indeed enjoy anime (profile picture ), I have my own car/transportation, and am just seeing if I can get enough of a following in this business to make myself a name.. like stated above, I'm probably offering too many services and ripping myself off, but whatever lol, I enjoy building computers and I have enough experience to where I know I can offer this service to others) That's about it. The way to go about this (if interested) >post you're interested here> I'll private message you > then Skype video chat (I don't want to deal with any sketchy people and we'll discuss prices) then that's about it. Pretty simple and straightforward. Thanks for your interest or simply for reading anyway.
  11. This might be something different in this section, but for people in my Area I'd be willing to not only build someone's computer for them, but also show them how it's done as it's happening and how to do it themselves. I've spent more time than I'd like to admit reading/watching all sorts of reviews, guides, and finally with real life experience. I run four computers simultaneously (one Skylake-based computer) and one AMD(am3+ older computer) for my bot farms and am looking to expand what I'm doing with my time. I may upload a tutorial video simply to further show my capabilities or just a guide for whoever wants it... My description of PC building is: it's easy if you've done it before and if you have the patience for trial and error. Some people simply don't have the time for that and I don't personally blame them. I'm only building PCs for people who live in Arizona, USA and must video chat/skype people who are serious. Pricing is extremely competitive as building may be a hassle for others but it fun for me and is not even close to my main source of income, so I can price cheaply. Why trust someone like me? 1. Will download necessary benchmarking software (both AIDA64 and Prime95 (yes, I'm aware prime95 CAN get processors pretty hot, but only under heavy-overclocking situations)) 2. Will benchmark in front of you to prove the computer is stable. 3. Will get parts working as soon as possible with full anti-static protection to show that the parts are in working order. From then on after confirming all the parts are working, anything broken WILL BE COVERED BY ME. (this is just a failsafe, I've never broken or even come close to breaking a part whether by mechanical, static, etc.), on the contrary, I've fixed a broken (bricked) GPU that some would consider almost impossible to fix via a GPU BIOS flash 4. I'm very good with diagnostics and don't give up on a project. I have above average on-the-spot researching skills if there just so happens to be a problem of which I'm unfamiliar with, as well as I have my own tools, power supplies and jumpers to test parts, as well as I have good recommendations of in-computer one-shot cleaning softwares to defrag HDDs, clean/fix registry, etc.. I still have a 9 year old laptop that runs excellently with only software tweaks/no hardware. ((I'm aware this is a botting forum. I also come with trial and error information and experience on how to avoid chain-bans and reset your detection from Jagex if you just so happen to be flagged (yes, flagging exists), also, can show you how to use a second computer (YES, that's right , I did say SECOND COMPUTER, as a second monitor.) <<<THAT MEANS, IF YOU HAVE A SECOND COMPUTER, LAPTOP, ANYTHING LYING AROUND, YOU CAN USE ONE KEYBOARD AND ONE MOUSE TO OPERATE BOTH COMPUTERS) <this is how I easily run bot farms on both my desktop computers #because one processor isn't enough again, super cheap prices, probably ripping myself off, but eh, I like doing this so whatever, and I'll probably repost this again after I have many more posts on this forum and actually become known. ONLY IN THE ARIZONA AREA. not willing to travel anywhere else unless you're literally paying hundreds for travels.. which is a terrible idea and investment lol
  12. I probably didn't state my question well enough. I don't doubt that the Tribot client can handle each different IP assigned by each different proxy. My concern and doubts stem from my understanding that: 1. when you pay for VPN service, they only give you 1 single IP address that you can use per service.. and whether or not you change that IP address/reset the VPN, you can only have one IP at a time, not 14 and my understanding is that even if you do pay for 14 individual VPNs (one for each bot), your modem can only handle 1 IP/VPN at a time, not multiple otherwise your connection will immensely suffer or it simply won't run at all/handle the connections _______________________________________________________________________________ BUT.. I could be completely wrong. What service are you using? HOW can your internet even handle 25 different VPN/proxy IPs at once? AFAIK, the only private proxies I've seen simply cost around 5-10 dollars a month and give you one IP that you can change... one ip, nothing more
  13. can your modem ACTUALLY run like 14 different proxies for 28 bots simultaneously? or is that not even possible. As far as I'm aware, standard residential internet providers can't even handle more than one efficient outgoing/incoming proxy connection let along 14 proxies with different public IPs
  14. can't say something on this forum. Check your PMs and I'll tell you about those proxies
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