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  1. mullensk

    Avoiding Bans (feat . It's just business?)

    well it's always nice to get a reply/pm so that I feel less like a useless dickhead taking up forum space. Thanks guys. Cheers to each of our individual future endeavors and best of luck to you all. I hope to continue to seek to better myself to the point of self-learning programming and script writing. I want to out do my friend whose in a University for scripting want to demonstrate the power of self-learned
  2. mullensk

    Avoiding Bans (feat . It's just business?)

    fixed. the idea was that it'd be easier if I separated different idea points into colored sections Noted that it doesn't rly work
  3. mullensk

    Avoiding Bans (feat . It's just business?)

    figured as much. I'm more trying to tackle this from a mutually beneficial tactic. there's no point in sharing key points of ban avoidance because it's self destructive, Jagex sees it, other botters reduce your own value.. etc. I'm going to go based on PMs and other direct messaging so I can share/receive information of equal value so we can both benefit. Starting to see more and more how it's imperative to develop one's own scripts to even succeed at anything feasible.
  4. Firstly, let me introduce myself without wasting too much of your time. I'm from the US, my preferred botting is Woodcutting, I have four computers capable of running 28-30 bots simultaneously, depending on how many browser tabs I have open, YT, etc.. I'm sure there's been some of the more trial-and-error minded individuals who learn the hard way, and those who simply understand the mechanics of it who have come to find their own way of properly creating and running accounts.. accounts that would be viewed as 'suicide accounts' to one individual that would actually be long-term bots by another because they simply don't get banned that often because they're able to avoid chain bans. All of what was previously stated has been tested within some margin of error. What are your opinions on sharing crucial information for the bot community? I'm sure Jagex has their own people who regularly check and see what's the latest and greatest in the botting world. Is is bad for business to share all the ins and outs of one's own hypotheses? Would it be better off left unsaid so Jagex doesn't tweak their BotWatch to detect certain things now that they know we know? I'm interested in engaging in conversation via Message, Skype, TS, Discord, whatever on sharing information of what you've found and what I've found. ~I've searched pretty far and wide to figure out if this info is already posted both on this forum and others and it appears some of the things that I'd like to share are not only difficult to find, but seems they simply don't exist. When I see people asking why they got chain-banned asking if their IP is flagged for botting, it's almost frustrating not just because I was in that position, but also because I know how to solve that. hmm... Anyway, I'd like to start an active discussion on basic botting i.e. best way to prevent cross-contamination of mules, bots, and mains throughout your systems and ISPs i.e. phone tethering, etc.. Not going to bother discussing the basics of VPNs, creating accounts on TOR, ABC2, or x-fering, but more along the lines of how to stay safe and how to transfer the gp successfully even from an account that's flagged for bot farming. Oh shit, that took long to post lol. (edited for color fix lol)
  5. mullensk

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    that's one of the most useful pieces of info I've ever seen on this subject. thank you I run 25 bots at the same time with regular rotation, I pretty much expect them to get banned, but I'd rather they not lol I'll refrain from asking more questions until I research more into how your PC may handle multiple proxies at once i.e. if you just type in the Proxy into Tribot and it just connects to it or if you need some sort of program on your PC in order to process these proxies. It's probably the first one, but it looks like I need to educate myself much more onto proxies. I'll probably use such a service once I find proper self-sustaining scripts that will pay for the proxies themselves. The reason why I value my accounts less are because they are all f2p... HOWEVER, that's an amazing site you showed me, I'll probably use it so I can train a main account simultaneous without cross contamination and chainban
  6. mullensk

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    I probably didn't state my question well enough. I don't doubt that the Tribot client can handle each different IP assigned by each different proxy. My concern and doubts stem from my understanding that: 1. when you pay for VPN service, they only give you 1 single IP address that you can use per service.. and whether or not you change that IP address/reset the VPN, you can only have one IP at a time, not 14 and my understanding is that even if you do pay for 14 individual VPNs (one for each bot), your modem can only handle 1 IP/VPN at a time, not multiple otherwise your connection will immensely suffer or it simply won't run at all/handle the connections _______________________________________________________________________________ BUT.. I could be completely wrong. What service are you using? HOW can your internet even handle 25 different VPN/proxy IPs at once? AFAIK, the only private proxies I've seen simply cost around 5-10 dollars a month and give you one IP that you can change... one ip, nothing more
  7. mullensk

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    can your modem ACTUALLY run like 14 different proxies for 28 bots simultaneously? or is that not even possible. As far as I'm aware, standard residential internet providers can't even handle more than one efficient outgoing/incoming proxy connection let along 14 proxies with different public IPs
  8. mullensk

    Banned for the first time :D

    can't say something on this forum. Check your PMs and I'll tell you about those proxies
  9. mullensk

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    what is a VPN/ proxy going to do for me besides provide me an easier way to reset my IP? Can you not only use one IP address per connection?? OR CAN YOU ASSIGN INDIVIDUAL IPs TO EACH ACCOUNT? AFAIK, your internet connection/ports can only handle one connection via your modem, therefore Jagex can just chain-ban whatever your VPN ip is
  10. mullensk

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    sorry about that. In the past two months I've roughly gotten around ~400-450 accounts banned.. made roughly 400m.. lost roughly 300m in a main ban and bot around 25 accounts at once on two computers
  11. mullensk

    Banned for the first time :D

    I don't want to share any information too revealing, but I believe I've collected enough information via trial and error to assist you in not getting your accounts chain-banned.. which I can promise you has a high likelyhood of happening if you don't take steps to prevent it. I've taken the past week completely off from botting to run tests for the sole purpose of avoiding multiple bans. I don't encourage you to release any information (especially Skype where others can pull IPs) but if you have a Teamspeak/Discord or another form of communication I'd be willing to give you help. I'd rather not post my findings to a public forum. Here's why. Most of what I've found out isn't new.. isn't groundbreaking, and isn't special.. but some steps to be taken to completely avoid bans would not be fun if Jagex knew people were being informed left and right and made drastic changes to their systems. Approximate number of accounts I've had banned in the past two months are ranging around ~400. Most w/ same password and in chronological order. For some immediate help right now, you CAN trade to your main... BUT BUT BUT. it will get banned if you ALREADY are flagged for botting. If you are not flagged for botting, there's a good chance that you can trade safely; however, this is one of the parts I'm still testing. The only thing I'm unsure about is how long the hangtime might be for say Runescape records an account, then bans it later. Listen, if you really want to go the extra mile, transfer the money through like 2 different accounts, AND THEN through a friend (if you have to give him commission that's fine), then to your main. At that point in time, Jagex really doesn't have much of a case at all. Good luck. I'm very sorry I can't simplify what I'm trying to say in text. I just found some exciting ways to avoid detection and am fairly intoxicated right now so I want to help others. lol, that opinion may change later when 'business becomes business,' but I completely understand your situation. Final word of advice: don't bot on your mains. don't bot on your pures once you reach a certain level. IF you MUST, just create a new account and bot to maxed stats, then train whatever else yourself, sell the account, or make it a staker/main. Don't waste hard work you yourself have put into an account.. and btw, getting banned isn't the end of the world for your RS career... but it CAN be if you're flagged. Good luck
  12. mullensk

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    I have DHCP, but I reset my router daily anyway. I don't have a VPN or proxy to use anyway. I can use multiple VMs on my computer if need be, but it will be at the sacrifice of a lot of processing power. At my peak, I was able to run 18 bots on one computer and 6 on the other at one time. ... hmm, this one is tricky and yeh, I'm not a VIP E because I'm still in the testing phase to see that TriBot uses low enough resources and has a good enough script that I would be a constant user to invest the money into TriBot. Maybe if I can solve this problem.
  13. I previously asked a question as to what I'm doing wrong. My bots went from extremely successful one minute to banned right after tutorial island. Is Jagex Cache really ONLY where they store files? AFAIK the cache is located under the user in your SSD/HDD named as 3 files: jagexcache, random.dat (for multilogging accounts), as well as one more file. What else could be the issue? I've realistically ran enough bots to be flagged for a mass-gold farm, but am now facing resetting EVERYTHING just to get off their hit-list. Are there any programmers here that actually know how to 'reset' your system without actually reinstalling everything? (Yes, I have ran VMs, yes, I've reset my IP every day, and as far as I know VPNs don't matter in the slightest unless you don't have control over your IP (like on a public network). It's definitely not fun logging in and finding out you've just lost 400+mill in a single ban sweep, but I'm trying to use this as a learning experience. I wish to not sound redundant or repeat myself, but people keep recommending virtual machines or VPNs, the only thing that's thus far worked for me is a hard reset of everything. There has to be a more efficient way. I understand business is business and everyone wants their cut of the market and it might not even be financially beneficial for them to provide legitimate assistance in this matter, but as a paying member and fan of the TriBot community, this issue is beyond me at this moment and I need a savior. Thank you all. Yes, I've read many guides on how to safely bot. They don't say what to do after Jagex has you flagged.
  14. mullensk

    Chain Ban - The Dreaded transfer-time

    edited comment, thanks for all your answers
  15. edited comment. thanks for all your answers