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  1. @Tri I see that you have added support for Brutal black dragons - have you considered adding support for brutal blues/reds? They are the exact same mechanics, just in a different location. Profit is a little lower, but they dont have the 77 slayer req. Would be a very nice spot to have.
  2. sevant

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 after todays update it doesn’t detect how many it has sold to the shop. For instance, I had it set to sell 10 of an item to the shop and it sold the entire stack. I restarted the client twice and all that fun stuff.
  3. @Tri Script is not recognizing extended antifire potions in the inventory. Additionally, could you add superior antifire, as well as superior extended antifire support?
  4. @TScripts As others have said, it gets stuck spamming 3
  5. @Tri Spin flax could be sped up considerably. The spell can be cast well before the spell animation is finished. It can be cast at the same speed as the make leather spell (which is casting at the correct speed last time I checked). I am currently getting ~800 casts per hour on a regular client. Ideally, it should be around 1200 casts per hour.
  6. @YoHoJo I can never get it to detect the official client. It will run perfectly using the osbuddy client, but I always get the no client found message when trying to load it up using a normal client. Any advice?
  7. blowpipe is one of the more expensive ways to train. I do not think that you will break even, unless your range is very high and you are using like iron darts. From the wiki, each shot costs 83 gp from scales alone, so you arent going to be breaking even I think.
  8. @erickho123 Seconding the above suggestion about autocasting. FIre wave is like 75k exp/hr at nmz.... its a viable method to train. I can provide an account for testing if you need it.
  9. @daxmagex does this support the upper levels of the Canifis slayer tower? I can provide an account for testing if you need one.
  10. sevant

    Skilling after a while

    It is just so much easier to buy the gold than it is to try to learn how to farm it effectively. Top f2p methods make 150k/hr/account. Top P2P methods make 1m/hr/account. Working minimum wage will get you 7m an hour if you just buy it. Believe me, you will spend more time trying to learn how to farm the money yourself than if you just worked and bought the gold. The people who are farming 150m are the guys with private scripts and automated farms. Not you.
  11. sevant

    Skilling after a while

    If you are just trying to build up a 50-70m bank, dont bother trying to bot for the gold. By the time you buy membership, VIP so you can run the bots, premium and premium scripts so you dont get instabanned you can easily be up to $25-$30 before you have made any gold at all. Since you are new, there will definitely be HOURS of trial and error trying to find a good method, setting up your farm, etc. Believe me, unless you are just completely poor, it is SO much easier to just buy the gold. Its going for like $1/million right now. If you spent the money on gold rather than the scripts you would need to buy you are halfway to your goal already.
  12. What is the PKer situation like? I used to farm Lava Dragons for elite clues awhile ago and it seemed like I couldnt go 10 minutes without getting attacked.
  13. sevant

    How long do your bots last?

    Regular or Looking Glass clients?
  14. sevant

    Highest / lowest ban rate?

    Its been a very long time since I have received or heard of someone getting a ban from ExNMZ. If you are trying to get a ban run a free runecrafting or hunter script overnight on a non-LG client.
  15. Working as of today if anyone is wondering.