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  1. @Tri I am having a banking issue using a LG client. Basically it thinks that I am out of untanned dragonhides when I have plenty in the bank and ends the script. Is this related to LG being outdated like you were saying above?
  2. I have done it with multiple accounts with just about every skill. If you have any specific questions I would be happy to share my methods via PM.
  3. @Tri I have two requests and can provide an account for both of them if you need it. 1. Would you be able to add a custom path to deviant spectres located in the cataombs of kourend? The path from the bank is pretty short. 2. Would you be able to add herb sack support? If you are unfamiliar, the herb sack is an item purchased from slayer masters. It can hold 40 or so of each herb and takes up one inventory space. To use it, all you have to do is loot a few herbs then click on the sack. All grimy herbs in the inventory will move into the sack if there is space available.
  4. The account was created 4 months ago.
  5. I have a 100% botted account with over 100m from goldfarming. Hit 1650 total level today. Git gud scrubs
  6. I do cows until 30/30/30, frogs until 50/50/50, then hill giants until 60/60/60. Just do it on like 10 accounts at once and plan on losing half of them. I have had more success when doing the following: - Using LG clients -Botting when Jagex offices are closed -Botting less than 10 hours a day
  7. I would pay for something to tell me which prayer to use on jad.
  8. You are borderline retarded if you think that Jagex bought all the premium scripts and subsequently studied them enough in one day to begin a ban wave the very next day.
  9. @erickho123 I have a suggestion to improve your script. As you may or may not know, certain bosses give bonus experience for killing them. As near as I can tell, the 4 best for melee are Dad, Arrg, Ice troll king, and moss giant. When selecting these bosses, the average exp/hr increases by around 12%. The only problem is that some of these bosses use ranged/magic attacks. From a damage standpoint, if you are 1hp dharoking with absorbtions it doesnt really matter. The real problem is where the script tries to stand. For instance, if I select the southwest corner option, it tries to stand on a particular tile. As the monsters stack up, you get hit with ranged attacks from a monster a few tiles away. When your character aggros to the monster that is ranging you, it moves away from the corner. So what ends up happening is that it hits the monster once then runs to stand back in the corner repeatedly. If you made it to where it would kill the monster it is attacking before returning to the corner I believe it would improve the exp/hr dramatically. I will try to grab a pic of what I am talking about next time I see it happen.
  10. powerbot also has an account selling section
  11. Trilez has stated that tribot's client shows up as the regular runescape client.
  12. When running a LG client, often times the script will incorrectly detect that an item is not in the bank. For instance, if I am botting runecrafting it will think that I am out of pure essence and end the script, when I actually have thousands left. I am wondering if this is something on my end or a client issue because I have had this happen with multiple scripts. A few of the recent ones I have had this issue with are Tri's firemaker, qqqFiremaker, ExRunecraft, Tri's combat AIO script, Sigma Fletcher, and basically any bankstanding script. I cant get any of them to last more than an hour when running a LG client. This happened both before and after the recent update. I have restarted the client multiple times, deleted hooks.dat, reinstalled the client multiple times, and restarted my PC multiple times. Nothing ever fixes it permanently. If anyone has any insight into what I can do to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. If by that do you mean that you can pick and choose which bosses, yes. The first time you do it, you manually select the bosses. After that the script will select the previous dream option.
  14. Three times I have taken accounts past 1500 total with LG. Three times I have switched to the regular client after becoming complacent. Every account received a ban within a week of switching back to the regular client. There is a very vocal group of members on tribot who say that LG is useless. It has helped me.
  15. I think that encoded was working on it but his test account got banned. Last I heard he gave up on the project.