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  1. Yeah I get the same issue as Samkent. I keep getting the 'No RuneScape client was found' message. I used both "Java SE Development Kit 8u151" and "Java SE Development Kit 8u152" on the 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions. I tried these with both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit OS Buddy clients. I even tried it on the official Old School Runescape client but still getting the same message. I'm running a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit operating system. My web browser is Google Chrome Version 63.0.3239.108 (Official Build) (64 Bit). I download and installed Jarfix 2.1.0 but that hasn't helped either. If someone has a solution to this, can they please respond? Cheers
  2. Hi, - I didn't set my mouse's reporting rate to the maximum - I didn't set the client delay to the lowest Xmouse_data-74336-1421991571199.dat
  3. Hey Arckos, The flax spinner in Lumbridge seems to not input a numerical value for the spinning wheel to commence spinning the flax. The script seems to just stand there (in front of the spinning wheel) and wait. It would be cool if you had a look
  4. Hey USA, Have you managed to take a look at the script? It would be super cool if you could update this awesome script so that I can finally get my 70 crafting
  5. Oh sorry guys. It seems everyone is pretty upset with me I've refunded 2 Ridiculous his money. It was just that he offered me money for it and I didn't know of a way to sell. I didn't know of the rule that non-scripters couldn't distribute a private script. I feel bad for not asking Erickho123 regarding proper distribution. I did however at one time make it free just for the good of the community and still it backfired on me. I am going to read over the rules and from this point onwards act accordingly. Also I made an announcement here regarding that the free bot wasn't going to exist after a few complaints: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28375-chompy-bot/ Once again I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience, I just wanted it to benefit everyone the same way it did for me
  6. Welcome to Tribot. Hope you like it
  7. Although it was a good idea to make this free from this point on, recent Skype messages of those who equally paid for the bot on the release day should not go unnoticed. To make this a level playing field, Erickho123 was willing to give his time and reverse the damage. In all fairness to those who bought it, it will return to what it was like before. You can contact me via Skype (Onur Aktop) for further information. To repeat, there is NO free script. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. No, I don't believe it does. However, even though rarely at times funny things do happen, the bot is pretty flawless. Yesterday I ran it for 8 hours straight.
  9. Ah crap I never knew you needed the diseased trees until just yesterday. I had two of mine diseased and are dead now. I was waiting for you to be online
  10. Can't wait for Fruit Trees Ericko123 is right, these trees take an eternity to grow. Currently farming apple tree saplings (manually) and willow tree saplings (bot). I'm not sure what kind of teleportation route would work for a combined wood and fruit tree run. Ericko123 I have made this route as a suggestion for the route the bot could take when attempting a full wood and fruit tree run. One quick/cost effective way I think would be to start at Lumbridge bank with 5 wood tree saplings, 4 fruit tree saplings, 9 compost/supercompost, teleportation tabs (Lumbridge, Falador, Varrock, Camelot) or corresponding runes for teleporting, a rake, a spade, any hatchet, about 5000 coins and an elf teleport crystal (optional for the Lletya fruit tree patch) in your inventory. The equipment could be set to anything you like, but I would suggest weight reducing clothing like boots of lightness, spotted/spottier cape and graceful clothing. In addition, I would use the magic secateurs or regular secateurs for the possible diseased trees along the way and a ring of charos (optional for cheaper routes maybe). Due to the awesome web tracker for the patches set by the bot, I think the amulet of nature is not needed. However, there is no harm in equipping one and setting it on a patch of your choice. The web tracker also bypasses the need for you to pay the farmer with fruits/vegetables for the protection of your trees. Since we have started at Lumbridge bank, it would seem easiest to just run to the wood tree patch behind the Lumbridge castle. After the farming process I would simply hit a Falador teleport tab and farm at the wood tree patch within Falador park. From here, I would simply run to the wood tree patch in Taverly and farm there too. The next place to go would be Varrock. Using a Varrock teleport tab and running north would place you near the wood tree patch in the Varrock palace courtyard. A simple run north west would allow you to take the shortcut under the wall and in the vicinity of the spirit tree which will instantaneously teleport you to the Tree Gnome Village. Using the spirit tree at the Tree Gnome Village will give you the option to go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Once at the Tree Gnome Stronghold running south west would place you near a wood tree patch. After farming the wood tree patch, you can run back to the fruit tree patch near the spirit tree you teleported to before. After farming the fruit tree, a quick use of the spirit tree could take you back to the Tree Gnome Village. Here you can head west and squeeze through the railings. Using the follow option on Elkoy, you can easily bypass the maze placing you just outside of the maze entrance. Heading a bit south yields another fruit tree you can farm. After farming this tree, a Camelot teleport tab would allow you to teleport to the Camelot castle entrance. Following the road south east would place you in Catherby whereby a fruit tree lies to the east. After farming on the fruit tree, you can simply pay 480 coins to charter a ship from the Catherby docks to Brimhaven. Heading south from the docks of Brimhaven will place you right next to another fruit tree patch. After farming this tree patch, the user can decide whether or not he/she wants to farm the fruit tree patch in Lletya. If so, an elf teleport crystal could now be used to teleport close to the fruit tree patch in Lletya. I know quite a few quests must be done for this route, but I think it is a good balance between speed and cost.
  11. I am sure all the stuff are there except seeds. However, I've made all my seeds to saplings already. Does it still need seeds there? I already made the required seeds to saplings. Currently only doing wood tree runes on willow
  12. Hey Guys, Is anyone else getting the script to open the bank, get the rake, spade, seed dibber, watering can (with full water), the necessary teleport tabs and just sit there? I am currently doing a wood tree run with no other forms of farming. The bot client should have updated by now. Cheers
  13. Amount of gold to Buy/Sell: I'm buying 50m RS07 Gold. Payment method: Paypal. Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: I have PM'ed you my Skype name. Have you added me already: Yes. Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: Yes.
  14. Hi, I am buying 50m RS07 Gold for $2.7/m. I'm okay with most payment options but my preference is Paypal. I will definitely vouch for you if needed. If interested, message me through Tribot so that we can meet on Skype. Cheers
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