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  1. Purchased this yesterday. Im not saying this script is bad but Im getting like 29k xp/h @Seers and its not very human like. Well we`ll see how long it takes to get banned
  2. Hi. I just downloaded Tribot and it just doesn`t open when i double click .jar file. I have JDK8 installed and newest java I think. What could be the problem? Im using Windows 10.
  3. @Assume Script gives this error while trying to bank https://imgur.com/a/mimjGnK
  4. Got looting working but when bot runs out of food, it just starts standing and does nothing.
  5. https://imgur.com/a/UnmHg3P Here, and whats LG? And does this even bank @slayer tower abbys
  6. Bought this script and well.. Script isnt picking items, it doesnt bank, it doesnt track how many npcs it have killed and list goes on.
  7. Hi. I haven't done any botting for a while and things have changed I got this one problem. When I download Tribot, it doesnt show any .jar files on .rar?
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