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  1. Yeah I didn't call you evil or anything, i'm just saying that it works a lot better for you if botters fail.
  2. Ratz, whilst I completely share your sentiments, just take one look at YoHoJo's sig. Look at all those services offered and designed to rip off botters. Gold sellers/buyers, proxy sellers, bond sellers etc. inherently need botters to fail (to some extent). Its the only way they can ensure they'll keep coming back to buy their overpriced crap/sell whatever they've made for the scraps these hucksters are willing to offer. Its quite appropriate that YoHoJo is a moderator, and perpetuates this system. Especially apt was his description of the consequences of his script as part of the "botting experience", as it were some far away cosmic force, no-one could influence (except for the fact he just made a script to help people do it). Its part of his role, and those like him to atomise botters and encourage all the vicious, greedy "its every man for himself" shit as part of the "botting experience". Nothing personal, just systemic. Just have a look at these forums man, we're all guilty of it and we all play our roles.
  3. I am unsure if some of the puzzles have been updated/modified on RS, but basically the script seems to get 'stuck' on some puzzles. I would be happy to replicate what I am referring to. Please let me know if that would be helpfl Wussup
  4. Could you find out for me, exactly which sandboxie version he is using? is it the most recent/32-bit/64-bit or what? It happens in every scenario i've tested, even when i'm not running any other clients, just one instance, in rs3 tribot in sandboxie. Its, (as far as i can tell) nothing to do with my computer, I've replicated exactly the same thing on all of my team's computers. Edit: sandboxie works fine, on everything else, including tribot OSRS. Its only the RS3 client with which i'm having the issue
  5. Could I please have some feedback about this, from anyone, with any information about what is going to be done/what can be done/what isn't going to be done. If tribot RS3 can't run more than 4 accounts per computer, its going to be useless to me. Fine. But i'd at least like to hear either way.
  6. As I/we said, normal Tribot works completely fine, the only issue is when you sandbox it. The PATH is set correctly, correct versions of java etc.
  7. None let me try again just now, to check for sure Edit: Nope, definitely no error message, just shuts off sandboxie
  8. The rs3 client is having problems being run in sandboxie. It reaches a certain point in the loading cycle (of the game) and then crashes. Both the OSRS client and the actual rs3 game, run in multiple instances on the same computer are unaffected. Please could someone advise
  9. He's fixing the banking issue at the moment. I don't know whether your error was down to the maintenance work or not, but I'd wait a while to be definitively sure
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